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A Guide for United Methodist Church Ambassadors


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2013 marks the 125th anniversary of The Permanent Fund which was established to provide a permanent source of funding for the ministries of The United Methodist Church. With your help, we can ensure it will continue to grow into the future. Between 2004 and 2010, The Permanent Fund contributed more than $3 million to provide a permanent source of funding for the ministries of The United Methodist Church and for missions around the world.This Ambassador Guide is designed to give you easy steps to assist us in educating members of The United Methodist Church about the critical role of The Permanent Fund and how they can be involved.

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A Guide for United Methodist Church Ambassadors

  1. 1. My life. My legacy. My global impact. | 1
  2. 2. Dear UMC global impact ambassador,Thank you for making a global impact by empowering others to leave a legacy of life-change through giving toThe United Methodist Church – both today and in the future. The critical task before you is to encourage fellowUnited Methodists to make a global impact for generations to come by making a gift to The Permanent Fund forThe United Methodist Church. By helping those whom you love, lead, and serve plan for the future, you help themleave a legacy of lasting impact on their families, the Church and the world.This ambassador guide is designed to give you easy steps to assist us in educating members of The UnitedMethodist Church about the critical role of The Permanent Fund and how they can be involved. There are manyopportunities to give to The Permanent Fund, such as: • Gifts of cash • Stock • Property • Family heirlooms • Charitable remainder trusts • Annuities • Donor advised funds • Gifts through estate plansThe most popular method of giving to The Permanent Fund is through an estate plan. The process of estateplanning is simply deciding how, when, and to whom we will transfer the stewardship of what God has given to uswhen we are no longer able to serve as stewards ourselves. It’s important that everyone has a plan in place for thefuture. Statistics reveal, however, that as many as 70 percent of adults do not have a will.By using the suggestions in this guide as well as coming up with your own creative ideas, you can show others howthe time invested in will and estate planning will reap many benefits—both for the person’s family and the Church.In fact, the largest gifts your church will ever receive will likely come from someone’s estate plan. Additionallyestate plans that name The Permanent Fund will also help fund worldwide ministries that serve the poor andspread the love of Christ where it is needed most.Truly, one person can make a global impact for generations to come. As members of The United Methodist Churchconsider planning for the future, we hope you can help others consider The Permanent Fund as the best method tomake a lasting impact through the Church.Thank you for your support!Sincerely,Rhodes LoganDirector of Development, General Council on Finance and My life. My legacy. My global impact. | 2
  3. 3. The UMC global impact Story This year marks the 125th anniversary of The Permanent Fund which was established to provide a permanent source of funding for the ministries of The United Methodist Church. With your help, we can ensure it will continue to grow into the future. Between 2004 and 2010, The Permanent Fund contributed more than $3 million to provide a permanent source of funding for the ministries of The United Methodist Church and for missions around the world. Just as the Apostle Paul’s special collection provided needed money for the Gentile church in Jerusalem, The United Methodist Church offers believers a specific vehicle through which donations can benefit people in need around the world. A gift to The Permanent Fund truly does make a global impact. My life. My legacy. My global impact. | 3
  4. 4. Your Impact as an AmbassadorHow can a UMC global impact ambassador help foster giving to The Permanent Fund? Beloware suggestions for ways you can advocate for The Permanent Fund in your community, churchand personal life. In addition to practical steps to take, we have included information aboutreaching key audiences for the fund, Biblical support for donating to the fund and stories of itsimpact. Please remember that The United Methodist Church Foundation staff will be walkingwith you through this process and is here to support you as you work to grow the mission ofThe United Methodist Church.As we spread the word about The Permanent Fund and its impact, we will build a brightertomorrow through the love of Jesus Christ and The United Methodist Church.In Your Community 1. Host an event at your church or at a local restaurant to talk about the benefits of The Permanent Fund for The United Methodist Church around the world. 2. Invite a select group of couples to attend a smaller event in your home or the home of a friend to introduce The Permanent Fund in a non-threatening way. 3. Hold an estate-planning seminar at your church or in conjunction with another United Methodist Church in your area.In Your Church 1. Contact your pastor to explain the importance of planned giving and the impact of The Permanent Fund for The United Methodist Church. 2. If your church has a Planned Giving Committee, ask if they would assist you in promoting The Permanent Fund at your church. 3. Ask for a series of articles to be published in your church bulletin and the online newsletter. We will provide all the information directly to your church in a timely manner. 4. Request that a UMC global impact link to be added to your church’s website. 5. Encourage church members to sign up for the UMC global impact e-newsletter, Facebook page ( and Twitter feed ( My life. My legacy. My global impact. | 4
  5. 5. 6. Utilize your church’s own social media accounts to spread the word. Rhodes Logan and his staff can provide weekly messages for your church’s website and Facebook page. 7. Ask your pastor to preach on the benefits of planning for the future of our gifts from God. a. Sermon topic suggestions are included in this guide. b. Testimonials in church are a tremendous way to tell the message and put a personal face on the mission of our Church. Rhodes Logan and his staff will work with you to connect to those who have benefited from the fund in your area. c. Short videos are available to be used in a church service or at events at your church. They tell the story of the impact and importance of giving to The Permanent Fund to maintain these ministries in perpetuity. 8. Host a UMC global impact Sunday at your church focused on sharing engaging stories and information about the impact of The Permanent Fund on the mission of The United Methodist Church.In Your Personal LifeThe success of The Permanent Fund in the futuredepends on making connections with individuals thathave interest in giving through their estate plan. 1. Make a list of the five most avid supporters of the mission and ministry of The United Methodist Church in your area and help Rhodes Logan and his staff make connections with these individ- uals. This will be done discreetly and your name will not be used if you wish to remain anonymous in this process. 2. Support The Permanent Fund yourself by considering an outright or estate gift. My life. My legacy. My global impact. | 5
  6. 6. Getting Started Visit and download the free Your Legacy: A Christian Guide to Planning Your Will and Trust (or complete it online). A copy can also be mailed to your home. Contact Rhodes Logan at or (615) 369-2382. As you are filling out the guide, remember that Rhodes Logan is available to assist in the process. Decide how you’d like to include The Permanent Fund for The United Methodist Church in your estate planning. This guide will save time and expense when visiting your attorney, since you have already recorded the decisions about your estate plan. If you would like assistance in recommending an attorney in your area, we can help with this as well. If you have an existing estate plan, it is very easy and inexpensive to add The Permanent Fund. Rhodes Logan can share details on adding an addendum to your current plan.How can I learn more about estate planning, financialstewardship, and The Permanent Fund for The UnitedMethodist Church? Rhodes Logan Director of Development General Council on Finance and Administration Phone: (615) 369-2382 My life. My legacy. My global impact. | 6
  7. 7. Understanding Your AudienceBaby Boomers and SeniorsThe Baby Boomer generation is reaching the age range to make larger gifts to The UnitedMethodist Church and will be a major focus of our efforts to build The Permanent Fund.As we educate Baby Boomers and Seniors about UMC global impact, it’s important tounderstand their demographics and motivations.What the Research Says Boomers value these four pillars of legacy: • Values and life lessons • Personal possessions of emotional value • Wishes and directions to be fulfilled • Financial assets/real estateNon-financial aspects such as ethics, morality, faith, and religion are 10 times more importantto both Baby Boomers and the Great Depression Generation than the financial aspects of alegacy transfer.Who will leave a gift in their will? The people who are not currently donating but who are most likely to consider naming a charity in their will are: • Baby Boomers • Educated (with at least a bachelor’s degree) • Motivated primarily by both “doing good” and “doing what is expected”Income level was NOT found to affect the likelihood that a donor would bequest acharitable gift in their will. My life. My legacy. My global impact. | 7
  8. 8. Biblical Support for UMC global impactBiblical backgroundThe Bible features more than 800 Scriptures on the topic of money. Obviously, the Holy Spiritknew humanity’s struggle with financial matters.In 2 Corinthians, Paul outlines a model of Christian stewardship. Just as modern-day ministersstruggle to educate, inform, and motivate generosity, fiscal responsibility, and thoughtfulstewardship among their congregations, Paul, too, faced many of the same challenges amonghis people.Paul spent almost 10 years soliciting funds from churches to help the Jerusalem believers who,as a result of a famine, were facing economic crisis. Scripture tells us Paul and Barnabasdelivered a monetary gift during an initial famine-relief visit to Jerusalem in A.D. 46 (Acts 11:29-30). Believers who followed Paul continued to give to the Judean church until the collectioneffort was successfully completed and funds delivered in A.D. 57.Commentaries offer some insight into Paul’s motives for undertaking such a fundraising effort.Modern-day Christians should likewise be motivated similarly: • The need was genuine. Paul understood the persistent food shortages and economic challenges. • The relief fund signified the importance of interdependence among believers worldwide. The Corinthians’ surplus supplied the needs of the Judean churches so that the Judean churches could, in turn, meet the needs of the Corinthians (2 Cor. 8:14). • The collected funds for the Gentile church was a tangible example of the inclusivity of the gospel. • Finally, Paul emphasized that generous giving only comes as God blesses and enables us to do so. Generous giving is an act of divine grace (8:1). My life. My legacy. My global impact. | 8
  9. 9. Guides for Sermons, Lessons, and Other Messages Topic: Giving Because God Gave First Scriptures: Psalm 116: 1-14 1 Corinthians 4:7 James 1:17 1 John 4:9-10 Topic: Giving Sacrificially to God Scriptures: Malachi 1 Proverbs 3:9 Luke 21:1-4 Topic: Being Responsible Stewards of God’s World Scriptures: Matthew 25:14-30 Romans 14:12 Psalm 24:1, 50:10 Topic: Faithful Giving: Trusting God to Provide So We May Give Scriptures: Genesis 4 Hebrews 11:2-4 1 Corinthians 16:2 2 Corinthians 9:7 My life. My legacy. My global impact. | 9
  10. 10. Stories of ImpactThe stories of the ways in which The Permanent Fund has impacted lives are countless. Thisendowment fund allows us to reach into communities and minister all around the world.Telling stories is one of the most powerful ways to connect potential donors to the true impactand legacy of their decision. Below are several stories of projects supported by The PermanentFund that you can use to illustrate the importance of maintaining this resource. Chicago Church Shows “The World Is My Neighborhood” Henri Giles, freelance writer and producer based in Nashville, Tenn. The Rev. Robert Biekman has a way of simplifying complex issues. He is even known as Pastor B. — just one example of his preference for keeping things simple and to the point. For five years, he has served as senior pastor of Chicago’s Southlawn United Methodist Church on the city’s South Side. In his ministry, Biekman has taken a hands-on approach to dealing with the many social issues endangering his church’s neighborhood. His dedication links directly to his theology. “John Wesley said that the world is my parish,” Biekman explained. “And if you think about the world as our parish, then we need to begin in the neighborhood.” Chicago has seen its share of violent crimes in 2012 and is desperately trying to reverse a recent 38 percent increase in murders since 2011. Some of the murder victims have lived in close proximity to Southlawn. It would be easy to focus on delivering a message on Sunday mornings and letting residents and parishioners solve the neighborhood’s problems, but that is not Pastor B.’s style. “I’m a firm believer that when God appoints a pastor or when our church is put in an area, it’s there to serve not just the needs of the members, but also the needs of that community,” he said. “We have to be a light in that community. We ought to be able to shout on Sunday morning and still be relevant from Monday through Saturday.” My life. My legacy. My global impact. | 10
  11. 11. Pastor B. chooses to be relevant by being active. Members collaborate with groups intheir Calumet Heights neighborhood, including the Chicago Police Department, localgovernment and businesses. This partnership resulted in the Neighborhood InternProject, which seeks to engage young people and allows them to determine how theircommunity could improve.“We saw it as an opportunity to be able to provide somepositive influence in the lives of young people,” saidPastor B. “But the part that really grabbed me was that IMPACTthey would take ownership and leadership in this YOURprogram, and the young people would connect witholder adults and seniors. It was a way to bridge that NEIGHBOR. The Permanent Fundgenerational gap in an effective way.” supports active outreach and development in localThanks to a $6,000 Ethnic Local Church grant (which funded by The Permanent Fund) from The UnitedMethodist Board of Church and Society, the programcan expand its community projects and have a greaterimpact in Calumet Heights. The goal of the grants is to strengthen the ethnic localchurch through education, advocacy, or leadership training and development ascongregations engage in social justice.When the Neighborhood Intern Project teams are working, it sends a powerful messageto other young people. “The others passing by will see our kids cleaning up, and they’llbecome interested,” said Pastor B.“It’s been a blessing because officers with the Chicago Police Department will come out andgrill hot dogs, and they’ll give us some special attention because we are in the inner city.”Participants wear blue t-shirts that read, “Neighborhood Intern Project.” “Instead ofidentifying with a gang, with a white or red or black t-shirt, they’re identifying with thispositive program,” Pastor B. said. My life. My legacy. My global impact. | 11
  12. 12. The Permanent Fund is the financial lifeline to a long list of Christian mission and ministry throughout the denomination. By supporting UMC global impact, congregations play a part in making sure God’s work in the world is done. Overcoming Chronic Child Malnutrition in the Democratic Republic of Congo Janet Kaiser and Dean Meyer, Pacific Northwest Annual Conference The New Mission had a dream: to make a significant difference in the Kapanga region (southwest area) of the Congo by establishing an ongoing, long-term presence for medical care and a self-sustaining nutrition program. In April 2010, a trial nutrition program for severely malnourished children was implemented by a New Mission team. That team brought a “Ready to Use Therapeutic Food” (RUTF) (known in some circles by the brand name of “Plumpy’nut”) to this small community. This product has been shown to be highly effective in treating malnourishment. It is an energy-dense paste made up of ground, roastedPhotograph courtesy of UMNS peanuts mixed with powdered milk, oil, sugar, and a highly specialized vitamins/minerals mix. It needs no water or refrigeration and can be eaten “as is” once produced. Plumpy’nut has been used extensively by Doctors Without Borders, a medical relief agency, calling it a “revolution in nutrition.” It is now endorsed and supported by other agencies such as UNICEF and World Vision. My life. My legacy. My global impact. | 12
  13. 13. After a successful trial, the ministry wanted to bring this nutritional resourcepermanently to these communities. The challenge was that transport of a productoutside the local area is difficult and expensive. To solve this problem, in spring of 2012,we brought in manual large-volume mixing machinesand hand-grinding machines specifically for producingthis product in regions without electricity. These IMPACTmachines allow villagers in hard-to-reach locations suchas Kapanga to produce the product themselves while THEcreating jobs for the community. The local laborers grind WORLD.the peanuts to create the final product will earn a wage, The Permanent Fundallowing them to become productive members of their supports ministries that engage with the people livingsmall community, as well as generate income for local in poverty around the world.peanut farmers. Our hope is to assist the local health carestaff to physically set up the peanut grinder and mixer,work with them on purchase of local milk, sugar, and oil,bring in the highly specialized powdered vitamin/mineral mixture, reinforce trainingdone in 2010, work with them on the supply chain process, and set them free to beginthis program!The strength and beauty of this program is that it is designed to empower the localCongolese people to take and retain ownership of the program from the outset. Thismust remain their program as they maintain ownership and administration of theprogram. They will assess who qualifies for the program and then make enough of theproduct to meet the needs of the children they enroll in the program by hand crankingtheir own fortified peanut paste and distributing it to the qualifying residents. Whileit will become their program, we must walk beside them throughout the years to comebecause in Christ, they are members of our family. These are our sisters and brothers,our kids, our grandbabies. My life. My legacy. My global impact. | 13
  14. 14. New Church Development in Vietnam The Rev. Ut To, Country Director and Mission Superintendent of The United Methodist Vietnam Mission InitiativeTwenty years ago, God laid on our hearts a vision of bringing The United MethodistChurch to Vietnam. Having experienced Methodism in the United States, my wifeKaren and I wanted to take The United Methodist Church to the Vietnamese people inour homeland. So, in 2002, the year Karen and I were sent back to Vietnam as GlobalMinistries’ missionaries, The United Methodist Church in Vietnam was born.Our goal from 2002 to 2010 was to establish 39 churches—one for each of the 39provinces of Vietnam. But by 2008, the Lord had given us 57 new churches, exceedingour goal by more than 45 percent! Building on this model, we were able to establish 63new churches in 2009 and 85 new churches in 2010. Today, Vietnam has more than 200United Methodist churches. We refer to churches that have 25 to 75 members as smallchurches; 75 to 150 members, as medium churches; and more than 150 members as largechurches.In The United Methodist Churches thriving in Vietnam IMPACT, we call our Wesleyan class meetings “cellgroups.” Their main purpose is evangelism. A cell groupin Binh Thuy, Can Tho, heard that an impoverished The Permanent Fund supports new places ofwidow was living in the village without assistance. worship for unreachedThe group leader assigned four members to visit her people.and her family.The widow was unemployed and very lonely. The groupmembers talked with her and suggested ways that she could make a living. They loanedher some start-up money and helped her plant herbs and vegetables on the land aroundher house. This garden would give her food for herself and her family, along with extrafood to sell in the market. My life. My legacy. My global impact. | 14
  15. 15. The widow was touched by these acts of kindness. She asked: “Who are you? Why areyou helping me?” They answered: “We are members of The United Methodist Churchand we belong to a cell group near you. We would like to invite you to our next meeting.”From then on, she came to the cell-group meetings. Her business is doing well. Sheearns enough to feed her family and even has extra funds to help her relatives. Sheaccepted Christ at one of the cell-group meetings and helped bring her whole family andmany of her relatives to Christ. She is now a faithful member within that cell group—which, today, has grown into a brand new church in Ba Se, Can Tho. Photograph courtesy of UMNS My life. My legacy. My global impact. | 15
  16. 16. Thank you Thank you again for becoming a UMC global impact ambassador. If you have questions about UMC global impact please contact: Rhodes Logan, Director of Development General Council on Finance and Administration 615.369.2382 1 Music Circle North P.O. Box 340029Nashville, TN 37203-0029 My life. My legacy. My global impact. | 16
  17. 17. As a gift for becoming an Ambassador for UMC global impact, you will receive a free copy of the book Enough: Discovering Joy through Simplicity and Generosity [Special Edition] written by Adam Hamilton.Recommended books:The Spirituality of Fundraising, Henri Nouwen(Upper Room, ISBN 978-0835810449)Enough, Revised and Updated: Discovering Joy through Simplicity and Generosity, Adam Hamilton(Abingdon Press, 2012 [revised], ISBN 978-1426742071) My life. My legacy. My global impact. | 17