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Robert Hanner - Closing Plenary


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Robert Hanner - Closing Plenary

  1. 1. Robert Hanner & Robert Ward 4th International Barcode of Life Conference, Adelaide 3 December 2011 FISH-BOL 1.0
  2. 2. FISH-BOL Inaugural Fish Barcode of Life Workshop, 5-8 June 2005
  3. 3. I. Regional Working Group (RWG) Chairs Meeting, Amsterdam, May 2006 II. Australian RWG Meeting, Hobart, August 2006 III. Indian RWG Meeting, Lucknow, November 2006 IV. Neotropical RWG Meeting, Buenos Aires (& CBOL South and Central American Regional Meeting, Campinas) March 2007 V. FISH-BOL Session, Taipei, September 2007 VI. European RWG Meeting, Palermo, April 2008 VII. Shark-BOL meeting, Los Banos, May 2008 VIII. ASIH Symposium, Montreal, July 2008 IX. Meso-American RWG meeting, Chetumal, June 2008 X. African RWG meeting, Addis Ababa, September 2008 XI. FISH-BOL Session, Mexico City, November 2009 XII. NE Asian RWG meeting, Seoul, June 2010 XIII. FISH-BOL Session, Adelaide, December 2011
  4. 4. Published Reviews
  5. 5. Regulatory Adoption of Barcoding Method
  6. 6. Fish barcodes from >100 countries, Specimens deposited in >120 institutions. FISH-BOL BOLD counts November 2011 Barcodes 104,100 Species 12,109
  7. 7. Barcode Index Numbers (BINs): - Algorithmically clustered - Interim taxonomic system Clusters show high concordance with species…
  8. 8. There are 10,192 BINs in the FISH-BOL campaign on BOLD BINS with conflicts: 1,068 BINS with no conflicts: 9,124 Singleton BINs (all data): 2,344 Singleton BINs (Fish-BOL): 2,612 How do we resolve conflict?
  9. 9. Community Annotation Framework -Supports rapid validation of barcode data -Community can decide on controlled annotation strategy - Comments - Structured tags -Integrated workflow
  10. 10. BOLD 3.0 Handbook
  11. 11. Fish Barcode of Life World Conference In collaboration with the Ichthyological Society of Korea : “The Living Ocean and Coast’ World Expo at Yeosu, South Korea June 12 - 14, 2012 Primary contact: Youn-Ho Lee (
  12. 12. 5 Years 5M Specimens 500K Species International Barcode of Life Project