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Dr Di Liu - BOLD Mirror Setup


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An installation guide on how to setup your own BOLD Mirror.

Published in: Education, Technology
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Dr Di Liu - BOLD Mirror Setup

  1. 1. How to setup a BOLD data mirror yourself? Dr. Di Liu Institute of Microbiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences @Informatics pre-conference workshop
  2. 2. What is BOLD Mirror?• BOLD Mirror is data mirror of BOLD• It is a project of iBOL WG3.2• It is developed by the Institute of Microbiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences• Everyone can setup BOLD mirror and use the data locally• It will help the global distribution and the use of BOLD data
  3. 3. What shall I do if I am interested in it?• Visit our website:• Contact us: – Dr. Juncai Ma, – Dr. Di Liu,
  4. 4. The environments for installation• Linux (we are using Ubuntu)• Apache• MySQL• PHP
  5. 5. Files within BOLDmirror v1.1
  6. 6. 1. README.doc, README2. Files to create the web site3. bold20111018.sql.gz: SQL files to create database4. Scripts for daily update.5. Scripts to collect the access logs6. Software/, software you need to install beforehand, including Apache, MySQL, …
  7. 7. Installation• Step 1. Create the database of boldmirror. – You can create the database with command or GUI tool• Then uncompress the SQL file, and run the sql file to create the tables and insert the data.• It will take several minutes, please wait.
  8. 8. Installation• Step 2. Setup the WEB.• Uncompress, and copy the boldmirror folder to your web server document root or create the link to the boldmirror by command – “sudo ln –s YOURBOLDMIRRORPATH YOURWEBSERVERDOCUMENTROOT”.• Make some configurations. – Modify file "boldmirror/system/application/config/database.php" according to your database configuration.
  9. 9. http://Your_APACHE_URL/
  10. 10. Installation• Step 3. Deploy the scripts for daily update – Uncompress – There are four folders in the barcode directory: conf ,data ,logs and parsefiles. – Please modify the file “conf/barcode.conf”.
  11. 11. Installation• Use crontab for daily update – “crontab –e” – “0 1 * * * cd YOURBARCODE_BASE_DIR/parsefiles && perl 2>&1”
  12. 12. Contact us at anytime when you meet problemTHANKS