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Capacity Building for Low Carbon Growth in Ukraine


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This presentation was delivered as part of the "Developing Building Blocks of a Global Mitigation Architecture" workshop series.

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Capacity Building for Low Carbon Growth in Ukraine

  1. 1. Workshop of the International Climate Initiative „Building Blocks of a Global Mitigation Architecture“ Vasyl Tolkachov (Ukraine) June 08, 2013 Bonn, Germany
  2. 2. The project goal is development the concept of a long-term strategy of low carbon growth of Ukraine that can be used by the Government of Ukraine. The project will: Develop new generation GHG models and comprehensive projections of GHG emissions; Prepare the concept of Ukraine's low carbon growth strategy by 2020 and 2050; Prepare enabling environment for the introduction of a domestic emissions trading scheme in Ukraine; Strengthen institutional capacity to implement climate change policies in Ukraine. Duration of the project : 2 years Budget – 3,410,641 USD (2,500,000 euro) Donor – Government of Germany
  3. 3. Thomson Reuters DIW-econ National subcontractors National executive agency – State Environmental Investment Agency of Ukraine
  4. 4. 1. Draft law on emission trading system. 2. Analysis of historic national GHG emission trends. 3. Identification of policies and measures for low carbon growth that can be implemented in Ukraine. 4. Analysis of GHG emissions forecasting.
  5. 5. 1. Regular meetings with subcontractors (including bi-weekly reporting). 2. Involvement of all interested stakeholders. 3. Coordination with other donor projects.
  6. 6. 1. Regular meetings with other donors and projects. 2. 4 workshops in 2013 on various topics of project implementation. 3. Sharing the results achieved so far between implementing partners, subcontractors and other projects.