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Video is quickly becoming an essential element of search engine marketing (SEM), and as technology continues to progress, the method for obtaining search rankings will evolve. Video has the potential to drive traffic and increase brand awareness—but marketers must first develop a clear understanding of how to optimize videos for Search Engines.

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Not Just Video—VideoSEO

  1. 1. Benj ArriolaBusinessOnLine
  2. 2. AgendaIntroductionVideo CreationVideo HostingVideo SEO / SharingVideo Summary
  4. 4. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)Maximizing brandexposure across the mostpopular search engines.
  5. 5. Video Websites
  6. 6. Video Websites
  7. 7. Video Optimization BenefitsVideos are taking up a lot Video linksof real estate in search found inengine results search resultsVideo assets take upmany of the top spotsNot as competitive
  8. 8. POLL
  10. 10. Incorporate Branding Branding in the beginning of the video… …use of logos in the background… …and a call to action at the end of the video, including; links to your website, additional resources, etc..
  11. 11. Break Up VideosGreater opportunity tocreate optimized webpagesAdditional Analytics Start of Video 1 End of Video 1Can be used to : Create teaser for an educational call to action (upcoming seminar, educational training, etc.) Sell complete long version End of Video 2 End of Video 3
  12. 12. Control Video ThumbnailChoose a thumbnailthat will appeal toyour users: Context Clues BrandingTips: YouTube displays the exact middle frame as the thumbnail image of the video MetaCafe allows you to select from 3 different thumbnails Customized Thumbnail. Video was viewed 39,033 taken from your video times.
  13. 13. Video Meta DataWhen encoding yourvideo, add descriptive,keyword-rich Meta data This video has no Meta Data
  14. 14. Video Export SettingsIdeal CODECs, refresh rates, videodimension size, and more. Windows Movie Maker: moviemaker/create/saveforweb.mspx Mac iMovie: 9/41-compress-for-the-web-imovie/ Mac FinalCutPro and iMovie: 3/screencast-h264-ipod-compression-from- imovie-and-final-cut-pro/ Mac/Windows QuickTime Pro: 6/443/
  15. 15. Various Video Formats.flv (Flash Video) is themost widely used videoformat.Offer other file formatsfor search engines andalways give the option toview in .flv for humans.Guide on video formats:
  16. 16. Keyword-Rich File NamingVideo titles often appear on the page.If your users don’t know what the video is about,they probably won’t click on it.Example: Video1.avi search-engine-optimization-video-tips.avi
  17. 17. Invite to SubscribeIf you are building a seriesof videos, or will becreating on an ongoingbasis, invite viewers tosubscribe to your channel. Call to action to subscribe to their videos.
  18. 18. Invite User FeedbackAsk for user feedback,suggestions, comments, etc.Control comments byplacing in moderationRespond to comments andinteract with your usersConversations will fuelbetter placement
  20. 20. Video Hosting Options Hosting on Your Paid Video Hosting Free Video Hosting Own Site•Pay up-front for bandwidth •Pay-as-you-go bandwidth •Popular free video hosting consumption services allow you to reach a•Create your own embed wide audience:codes •Appears as if hosted on •YouTube, MetaCafe, your site Veoh, DailyMotion, Blink,•Increased Analytics Break, Google Video, etc… •Video Host Repository: •Converts video formats to •Additional Benefits: .flv •Automatic .flv conversion •Provides embed codes and bandwidth •Ex: EZS3 •Video Site Portals allow greater exposure within the video social network •Open to Public
  21. 21. Searching for Videos Internal Search Features Search EnginesInternal search features will only Video search engines index videosreturn videos for that particular site. available anywhere on the web and feature them in search results.Examples:• YouTube Examples:• MetaCafe • Google Video Search• Vimeo • Blinkx•And More! • Ask3D Search •And More!
  23. 23. Video Hub PageCreate a video hub page onyour website. Visitors are exposed to your other videos Search engine bots can crawl your other videos
  24. 24. Video Player Page: On-Page SEOOptimize the title tag, description, keywords, and contenton the Web page.If video exists on hosting server such as YouTube, makesure the description has a link to your website.Store your videos in one folder.
  25. 25. Video XML SitemapSearch engines accept videosite maps.Video XML sitemaps can setautoplay functions uponpage loading and cancontrol the thumbnail of thevideo.Instructions:
  26. 26. Video Player Page: Off-Page SEOLink to your videos from yourwebsite.Links tell search engineswhat the video is about.When using video hostingproviders, optimize the videodescriptions and profile. Link in YouTube description goingSEO value is not from direct to page where video is postedlinks; however…
  27. 27. Upload Your Video to Sites: ToolsTubeMogul ( )– Free ServiceSupports: Your Site,, Brightcove, Crackle, Daily Motion, Howcast, MetaCafe,MySpace, Revver, Sclipo, StupidVideos, Veoh, Yahoo Video, YouTube, ViddlerHeySpread ( )– Paid ServiceSupports: Blip, DailyMotion, Facebook, MetaCafe, MySpace, PhotoBucket, PutFile,Revver, Sclipo, Sevenload, Sumo, Veoh, Vimeo, VSocial, Yahoo, YouTubeTrafficGeyser ( )– Paid ServiceSupports: Adhysterua, BoFunk, eSnips, Guba, iViewTube, Kewego, LiveVideo, MegaVideo,MetaCafe, MotionBox, MySpace, PhotoBucket, Revver, Sharkle, Spike, u2upfly, YahooVideo, YouTube Also Supports PodCast Sites: Odeo, Plazoo,, PodcastAlley, PodcastBlaster, PodcastExcahgne, Podcastlikethat,, ThePodLounge, Yahoo Podcast. Also Supports Blogs: Also Supports Social Bookmarking: Backflip, Blinklist, Delicious, Furl, Getboo, Google Bookmarks, Netvouz, TechnoratiVideoUploadPro ( )– Paid SoftwareSupports: AtomFilms,, BoFunk, Bolt, ClipShack, EvideoShare, Flurl, Guba, JumpCut,LiveVideo, MySpace Video, PutFile, Sharkle, Veoh, Vimeo, Yahoo Video, YouTube
  28. 28. Upload Your Video to Sites: and CNET TV http://www.cnettv.comUpload video here: Live Video video here: video here:’ Stage 6 ( video here:
  29. 29. Video Search Engine Submissions Google Video Yahoo Video Search for Video Blinkx ClipBlast Pure Video Truveo AltaVista Video Search Grind TV AstraSearch
  30. 30. Video Business Directorieshttp://www.hotpluto.comhttp://www.viddler.comhttp://www.videosomething.comhttp://adavisiontv.comhttp://www.oneyellowspot.comhttp://www.localville.comAnd a lot more!
  31. 31. Offer Embed CodesInvite web publishers topromote your videos.If you run your ownplayers, include a link to Embed codeyour site. example on Embed code implemented on a site with links going back to MetaCafe
  32. 32. Media RSS FeedsMRSS was made by Yahoo and isnow supported by several videosearch engines and video hosts.Video hub pages should haveMRSS (Media RSS) feeds forpeople to subscribe.MRSS feeds are createdautomatically for videos hostedon professional video hostingservices.More details on the standardsare found here:
  33. 33. Video AnalyticsMetricsKPI’sAnalysis and TrendsPlatforms Provide VideoMeasurement Tools: Ex: TubeMogul
  34. 34. POLL
  36. 36. Content is Still King!Video can be a waste of A high quality video will:time if: Get people talking You offer poor quality Get reposted video or video without Get links valuable content Get rankings on its own You do not have a call to action You do not brand it You do not integrate with other campaigns
  37. 37. Thank You! Any Questions?Benj ArriolaBenj.Arriola@BusinessOL.comFollow BusinessOnLine’s SEO Team on Twitter: @SEOBusinessOLAdditional BusinessOnLine Resources: BusinessOnLine SEO Blog: Search Engine Marketing Webinars On-Demand: