Enhanced Video Experience in SharePoint 2013


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Enhanced Video Experience in SharePoint 2013

  1. 1. Who Am I?
  2. 2. www.UAESharePoint.orgwww.facebook.com/UAESharePoint@UAESharePointwww.linkedin.com/groups/UAESharePoint-4759377
  3. 3. Enhanced Video Experience inSharePoint 2013A picture is worth a thousand words, but did you know that a video is worth a thousand pictures?
  4. 4. Agenda HTML 5 video player The new video player page Easy video upload Build-in thumbnail capture Digital content types Tagging, rating, view counts Video Renditions Supported video types Videos in search
  5. 5. HTML 5 Video PlayerA picture is worth a thousand words, but did youknow that a video is worth a thousand pictures?• Built-in HTML5 media player• Support exposing an embedcode• Video on the web withoutplugins• Now you can play videos onmobile devices such as iOSthat dont support Silverlight• If the format is not playableby the HTML5 player, then itwill use Silverlight
  6. 6. The new video playerpageSharePoint 2013 offers a video player page foreach video, which surfaces the video with itsmetadata…These include:• Name• Description• Owner• The people in video• Related documents• Download link• Created by & on• Rating• Number of views...etc
  7. 7. The new video player page
  8. 8. How are videos organized?
  9. 9. Easy video uploadUpload videos to a library that has the videocontent type enabledthe Asset Library: customized forstoring digital assets.Hey.. You can upload videos byDrag & Drop !Second way:• Upload video from my computer• Provide a link to a video• Provide code to embed a videofrom the web
  10. 10. Build-in thumbnailcaptureYou can use client-side thumbnail generator to setthose perfect moments as thumbnails for yourvideosThree types of thumbnailing:• Server-generatedOR• User-selectedOR• Use a picture from a web address.
  11. 11. Video thumbnailing
  12. 12. Digital content typesMS has introduced a new set of content typescalled “Digital Asset Content Types” for better useof Audio, Video, Images as Web content• Audio• Video• Images
  13. 13. Tagging, rating, viewcountsVideo tagging, rating, and view counts. All thesefeatures take you a step closer in personalizing yourvideo experience• Get to know the people inthat video• Let people rate your videos• You can know how popular isyour video
  14. 14. Video RenditionsThe video renditions feature lets you uploadmultiple renditions of a video-whether they are…• Different codecs/formats• Different bitrates• Switching renditions on-the-fly• By default, the video with thelowest bitrate is chosen, toconserve bandwidth• Manage Renditions page
  15. 15. Supported videotypes• Asf• Avi• Mpg• Mp3• Mp4• Ogg• Ogv• Webm• Wma• wmvSharePoint’s Media Web Part, does have specificfile formats it supports. For HTML5, it supports:
  16. 16. And YES … Videos are touch-friendly
  17. 17. Videos in searchFind videos easier and faster• The Everything vertical• Video intent group• Hover cards & callouts-a window
  18. 18. The Everything vertical
  19. 19. Video intent group
  20. 20. Hover cards & callouts-a window
  21. 21. No More Slides !
  22. 22. DEMOMake it happen !
  23. 23. QuestionsDon’t hesitate to ask any.
  24. 24. Reference• http://sharepoint.nauplius.net/2013/01/supported-file-formats-in-the-sharepoint-2013-media-web-part/• http://sharepointrelated.com/2012/07/30/maximum-file-size-per-extension-in-sharepoint-2013/• http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc262787.aspx
  25. 25. Thanks.Bye!