Content is King (ReadyTalk Webinar Series)


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In this webinar, you will learn the importance of content in your online marketing program.

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Content is King (ReadyTalk Webinar Series)

  1. 1. Content is King:Developing a Content StrategyMap it, create it, distribute it, optimize it!
  2. 2. Housekeeping … to Get the Slides1 Request a 1-on-1 lab online Follow the BusinessOnLine Social Media team on Twitter at: @BOLSocial if Tweeting about this session,2 Recorded presentation & slides will please use this hashtag: be sent via email following the event #contentmarketing3 Become a Fan of BusinessOnLine at: #contentmarketing @bolsocial
  3. 3. Who is Michael Weisfeld? Dir. of Social Media & Senior Web Strategist for BusinessOnLine Building Websites & Strategies since 2002 Areas of Web Expertise: Strategy Social Media Search Engine Marketing Usability Business Analyst @mrweisfeld Background in “Big 5” Management Consulting #contentmarketing @bolsocial
  4. 4. Poll:Do you have a content strategy? #contentmarketing @bolsocial
  5. 5. For everyone whoanswered yes, Ihope this is notwhat your contentlibrary looks like. #contentmarketing @bolsocial
  6. 6. Agenda: Developing a Content Marketing Strategy Review: stats & trends Define: what is content Present: QUESTIONS ??? please Map It submit questions during the Create It webinar. We will attempt to Distribute It answer or address at the end Optimize It ... there will be time. Conclusion #contentmarketing @bolsocial
  7. 7. Stats Behind the ProverbWHY IS CONTENT KING ANYWAY?
  8. 8. Information Super Subway #contentmarketing @bolsocial
  9. 9. Lots of people Image of people transitioning to crowd over same area… 1Billion Internet users worldwide with Source: Cone, Inc. 16.2% of the users from the United States #contentmarketing @bolsocial
  10. 10. State of the Internet 2009 Your target audience is online Source: #contentmarketing @bolsocial
  11. 11. of a typical US adult’s timespent on all media is spentonline (TV, radio, newspapers,% magazines, online) Source: eMarketer
  12. 12. 93% of Americans expect Source: Cone, Inc. companies to have a presence in Social Media#contentmarketing @bolsocial
  13. 13. Law of Supply & Demand Applies Micro Economies of Attention Micro Economies of Search Three Demand Curve for Content Demand Curve for Queries #contentmarketing @bolsocial
  14. 14. Learnings From a Famous PsychophysicistDEVELOPING A STRATEGY
  15. 15. Pasta Sauce Strategy Decades Ago #contentmarketing @bolsocial
  16. 16. Psychophysics Applied to Prego?Howard Moskowitz is Presidentand CEO of Moskowitz Jacobs Inc. well-known experimental psychologist in the field of psychophysics and an inventor of world-class market research technology. #contentmarketing @bolsocial
  17. 17. Pasta Sauce Strategy Now Marketing Insight: It turns out that peoples preferences fell into one of three broad groups: Plain Spicy Extra-chunky #contentmarketing @bolsocial
  18. 18. Food Industry Revolution? 70 60 50 40 30 20“Prego spaghetti sauces 10eventually become thenumber one best selling 0new dry grocery product 85 90 95 00 05 08of the decade” 19 19 19 20 20 20 Prego Not actual data (dramatization purposes only)
  19. 19. Marketing Success!
  20. 20. Lessons LearnedConsider the “Situational Interest” How ready to buy is this person? What role does this person play compared to his/her colleagues? How interested is this person? What type of message best resonates with this person? What information about this person would be useful to obtain? Resource: /articles/are-you-staring-at-this-title- youre-interested-want-to-know-why #contentmarketing @bolsocial
  21. 21. Concept + Medium = ContentWHAT IS CONTENT?
  22. 22. The Concept Meaning Message Idea Perspective Facts Emotion Experience Fiction #contentmarketing @bolsocial
  23. 23. The Format Text Picture Video Table Chart Facts #contentmarketing @bolsocial
  24. 24. So, What is Content? The packaging of a concept in a format that is intended to reach and be valued by a target audience. #contentmarketing @bolsocial
  25. 25. Examples of Content • Photos Tip: try various types of content • Videos Interactive • Games and measure fan interaction • Animation • Music • Forms Transactional • Online Applications • Contests • Reward Programs • Facts • Figures • Testimonials Informative • Data Personal • Stories • Knowledge • Comments • Statistics • Questions • Widgets • Badges #contentmarketing @bolsocial
  26. 26. POLL#contentmarketing @bolsocial
  27. 27. In Just 14 Years, We’ve Created…150 billion web pagesarchived since 1996Source: #contentmarketing @bolsocial
  28. 28. User Generated Content (UGC)…5 million tweetsThe average number of Tweets per day on aloneSource: MarketingProfs, LLC1 billion postsNumber of content (web links, news stories, blog posts, notes,photos, etc.) shared each week on FacebookDigital Buzz Blog, Social Media Has Grown Up: Stats One Year On, 8.03.0913 hours every minuteHours of video is uploaded to YouTubeSource: #contentmarketing @bolsocial
  29. 29. Digital RepresentationWHAT DOES CONTENT DO?
  30. 30. Content Supports MarketingMarketing Objectives • Drive Traffic • Build Product Awareness • Newsletters • Create Interest & Demand • Special Events • Reinforce Brand Loyalty • Sponsorships • Provide Information • Promotions & Contests Marketing Tactics • Drive Leads • Employee Relations • Increase Revenue • Community Philanthropy • Media Relations • Media Tours Strategies • Traditional Media • Speaking Engagements #contentmarketing @bolsocial
  31. 31. Content Drive the Flow of Information Interaction and facilitation of three-way conversations: Consumers 1 company to consumers Social Media 2 consumers to consumers 3 consumers to company Consumers Company #contentmarketing @bolsocial
  32. 32. #contentmarketing @bolsocial
  33. 33. Understanding Online User Needs, Behaviors, & PatternsMAP IT
  34. 34. AIDAEA Model for Online Marketing Phase Goals a Search Engine Marketing, Advertising, Off-line i Campaigns, Word-of- Mouth Visit Website and Browsee.g. 80% Beyond 2 min, Returning e.g. 40% d Visitor Call to Action, Engagement e.g. 30% a Interaction, Visit Blog, On- Site Search e.g. 20% e Login, Purchase, Contact, Chat, Watch, Comment, Submit Form, e.g. 10% a Other Activities Promote, Publish, Bookmark, Post, 34 #contentmarketing @bolsocial
  35. 35. Types of Purchases Low Risk / High Volume High Risk / Low Volume Risk Repeat Repeat Modified Blank Slate Purchases These are the These are purchases that These are the riskiest things you buy all are made repeatedly over purchase scenarios. Risk the time, where time, but due to the increases when you changes in what changing nature of the purchase something andDefinition you’re purchasing product or service, periodic have no are minimal. evaluations are required to prior experience in the make sure the preferred product or service alternative is still best category. matched to the need.Example Brand new technologies, major capital Computers, software, phone systems and Supplies and raw materials expenditures (buildings or equipment) s other technology purchases are fall into this category. or a new service specific to one examples. circumstance #contentmarketing @bolsocial
  36. 36. Types of Conversions Low Risk / High Volume High Risk / Low Volume Value Repeat Purchases Repeat Modified Blank Slate These are products The products represent These are the HIGHEST purchased in mass by an UPGRADE or value products for the the install-base enhancement to an business. Users who customers. The value install-base customer. engage based on interestDefinition to the business from Additionally, products in in this category represent these products is this category include a high lifetime-value realized by selling SERVICE customer. LARGE QUANTITIES. AGREEMENTS.Example Brand new technologies, major capital Computers, software, phone Supplies and raw materials fall expenditures (buildings or equipment) s systems and other technology into this category. or a new service specific to one purchases are examples. circumstance #contentmarketing @bolsocial
  37. 37. Identify Target Personas Source: Molecular #contentmarketing @bolsocial
  38. 38. Messaging and Tone Michael Susan BillMessaging Quality Knowledgeable Financing Support, support, Quality Value support Components & Comparison Long term value parts Comfort Relaxation Full-ServiceTone Her best friend A professor who is An assistant who who is holding her an expert & helps him make hand credible better decisions #contentmarketing @bolsocial
  39. 39. Capture “Situational Interest”First Visit / Anonymous User Activity Repeat Visit / Authenticated User 1 Activity 3 Authenticated Customer Activity Activity Activity 5 Activity 6 2 4 #contentmarketing @bolsocial
  40. 40. Determine the User Path SEO Land on video URL to about the product eCommerce store Link to read PDF Completes Search for widget about product purchaseSocial Media Watch Video on Watch Embedded Things to do near Video on Blog the factory Link to related video Completes See New Blog Post on YouTube internship on Facebook Feed channel application #contentmarketing @bolsocial
  41. 41. AIDA Model for Web pages Map content to the appropriate area of the web page based on the user mindset and learned conventions. #contentmarketing @bolsocial
  42. 42. POLL#contentmarketing @bolsocial
  43. 43. Online Content Marketing ProcessCREATE IT
  44. 44. Online Content Marketing Process Discovery & Logistics Creation Execution Maintenance Strategy Maintain Content based onBaseline buzz & analytics to Secure internal resources Create content Launch Content Industry and Technological fuel content ideation Trends Build digital asset charts for Keyword research Develop content rollout timeline Promote Content Follow-up Promotions each piece of contentAlign content with marketingmix, marketing calendar, and Purchase the necessary media content hosts Keep in mind your target personas Consider your resources and budget Establish an editorial calendar #contentmarketing @bolsocial
  45. 45. Producers of Content Employee Brand User / Earned Crowd #contentmarketing @bolsocial
  46. 46. Producers & Publishers of ContentBrand Content that is produced by the brand that is intended to convey information to the target audience.Employee Content that is published to individuals social media profiles. This is sometimes at the request of the brand. However, is also produced without brand oversight or approval.User / Crowd Content that is produced by the public. This is sometimes at the request of the brand. However, is also produced without brand oversight or approval.Earned Generated by an user activity which triggers a piece of content to be published. #contentmarketing @bolsocial
  47. 47. Tenants of Good Content Marketing Efficient and effective delivery Measureable and tied to key-performance metrics Targeted and/or personalized messaging Clear and consistent messaging strategy Scalable structure and organization Allows for optimization Efficiency in production Generates Quality Leads #contentmarketing @bolsocial
  48. 48. Keep It Simple… Launch Get feedback Adjust Stick to a schedule Enhance media sharing #contentmarketing @bolsocial
  49. 49. How to Post and Promote Using SMDISTRIBUTE IT
  50. 50. Post & Promote ProcessHigh-level process for publishing content onto the Internet: Step 1 Strategy & Planning Step 2 Post Step 3 Ongoing Promotion Self-fueling Promotion Step 4 Monitoring & ReactingStart Time #contentmarketing @bolsocial
  51. 51. Create Digital Asset Charts #contentmarketing @bolsocial
  52. 52. Distribution and Syndication… Content syndication and distribution involves extending content to targeted channels in an attempt to improve the reach and frequency at which the content is consumed. #contentmarketing @bolsocial
  53. 53. Content Amplification Distribute targeted Social Content content across relevant Media environments with targeted personas. Social Media Channels Increase Reach,  Communities Awareness,  Blog and Engagement Targeted Destinations Partner Websites #contentmarketing @bolsocial
  54. 54. Reach & Frequency Post & Promote and measure the effectiveness of your efforts. #contentmarketing @bolsocial
  55. 55. Performance MonitoringOPTIMIZE IT
  56. 56. SEO & SMO Search Engine Optimization Social Media Optimization #contentmarketing @bolsocial
  57. 57. Content Optimization Search - Measure the impact of content, social media, PR and video on driving brand and non-branded related search activity. Social Media – Measure the impact of social conversations across all traffic channels. Online PR – Measure the impact of online PR and news coverage across all traffic channels. Bookmarks – Measure what portion of the bookmark traffic was affected by social media, PR and video. Competitive Analysis – Measures the percent of your website visitors who also visited a competitor’s website. #contentmarketing @bolsocial
  58. 58. Finding the Sweet Spot Strong Social • High Traffic Value • Quality Audience • High Participation • High Authority • High Number of Inbound Links • Valuable Content Strong • Feature Rich PlatformPoor SEO • Analytics tracking Value SEO Value • Low Maintenance Poor Social Value #contentmarketing @bolsocial
  59. 59. Measuring SuccessEfforts can be held to “These will befamiliar KPI’s: cumulative events Frequency and interactions that will build loyalty for Reach the companies that pay attention to Impact them.”ROI = BENEFITS – (COSTS + RISKS) COSTS + RISKS Scott Monty, Ford Peter Kim, Social Media Predictions 2009, 12/15/2008 #contentmarketing @bolsocial
  60. 60. Achieve ROI with Earned Media Paid MediaEarned MediaROI =News feed impressions (#) x Cost of Ad ($) – Cost of Implementation ($) 60 #contentmarketing @bolsocial
  61. 61. Conversions Attribution Analytics The science of determining performance of each marketing and/or advertising initiative. KPI: conversion Lead Request Purchase Call / Inquiry #contentmarketing @bolsocial
  62. 62. Conversations Buzz Monitoring The science of determining the mentions occurring on the social web. KPI: conversations Sentiment Topic Trends Volume #contentmarketing @bolsocial
  63. 63. Content Measurement Brand Manager, Corporate Communications Online Marketer Customer Stage Awareness Influence ActionMeasurement Output Outtake Outcome What What are they saying about What does it mean to your Who’s talking about you? you? business? Sample Brand association, message Share of voice, advertising, # Site visits, registrations, Metrics awareness, qualitative of mentions, # of views conversions, ROI assessment Popular Google, Visible Technologies, BuzzLogic, BuzzMetrics, Tools Radian6, TrackUr, BuzzMetrics, Techrigy, Cymfony, Visible Web Analytics Technorati, Cymfony, Techrigy Technologies Increased Measurement Value #contentmarketing @bolsocial
  64. 64. Use Campaign Tags to MeasureGoogle Analytics URL Builder #contentmarketing @bolsocial
  65. 65. Campaign Codes for Outbound SM Links Source: Facebook Page Name1 Medium: Facebook Page Tab2 Name: Description of the Link34 Example:5 %2BFacebook&utm_medium=Boxes&utm_campaign=BW6 M%2B2_5789 #contentmarketing @bolsocial
  66. 66. Last Click Attribution is Not Always Accurate Last Click Attribution refers to crediting the last click that a user made to a site conversion. In reality, conversion may have been caused by a number of touch points in the form of PR, social media, video, etc. Understanding how content published affects your search volume and conversion rate is critical in determining which of your online marketing initiatives are most effective. #contentmarketing @bolsocial
  67. 67. Conclusion & QuestionsWRAP UP
  68. 68. In Conclusion Consider all the elements involved in the purpose for the visit to the website or other web properties. #contentmarketing @bolsocial
  69. 69. Key Takeaways1 It is not enough to just throw up a page2 Participate in relevant and active communities3 There is not one “right” platform4 Integrate across platforms to connect and cross promote5 Understand there are different types of internet users6 Measure metrics like frequency, reach, and satisfaction #contentmarketing @bolsocial
  70. 70. Handout: Social Media Whitepaper For all those who have attended, BusinessOnLine will be sending out latest whitepaper Also available here: ces/whitepapers/premium/is-your- company-social #contentmarketing @bolsocial
  71. 71.
  72. 72. FAQs & Questions from Message BoardHow do you develop personas?Article: do you track and attribute conversions to content published?Webinar: platforms make the most sense for publishing content?Webinar: do you optimize the content produced?Webinar: #contentmarketing @bolsocial
  73. 73. Questions?Michael WeisfeldP 619.699.0767 x247Michael.Weisfeld@BusinessOL.comTwitter: @mrweisfeld Follow the BusinessOnLine Social Become a Fan of BusinessOnLine at: Media team on Twitter at: @BOLSocial #contentmarketing @bolsocial
  74. 74. #contentmarketing @bolsocial
  75. 75. APPENDIXAdditional Information and Resources
  76. 76. #contentmarketing @bolsocial
  77. 77. Strategy & SM Newsletters and Blogs Jeremiah Oywang ( SmartBrief Newsletter ( Mashable ( Chris Brogan ( David Armano ( Peter Kim ( TechCrunch ( MarketingCharts ( SocialMedia Insider ( #contentmarketing @bolsocial
  78. 78. User Centered Design Methodology Workshop #3: Wireframes Workshop #2: Information Paths Workshop #1: Personas / Scenarios #contentmarketing @bolsocial
  79. 79. Persona Development Process Objectives Quantitative Qualitative Analyze Delivery Identification Surveys Interviews • Review project • Survey creation • Design • Analyze • Key Findings goals • Participant interview Quantitative & • User segment • Review recruitment questions Qualitative data information Objectives • Survey • Participant • Prepare Report • Persona Cards • Review Scope promotion recruitment • Create Persona • Execution/ Cards transcription #contentmarketing @bolsocial