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Leveraging Google Adwords


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Paid Search is a key element in your online marketing strategy, and when leveraged properly, can be used to attract highly targeted traffic to your site. However, when utilizing sophisticated tools such as Google AdWords, costs can increase, and often times, completely drain your budget if not implemented properly. Join BusinessOnLine as we discuss hidden opportunities and key tactics for managing your account and making the most of your dollars spent.

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Leveraging Google Adwords

  2. 2. Who We Are … BusinessOnLine is a performance-driven online marketing agency that delivers value and results results. Since 1996, we have helped world-class brands find, engage and convert new customers.Deep focus: Search (Paid and Organic), Social Media, Usability and AnalyticsDeep focus: Search (Paid and Organic) Social Media Usability and Analytics“Top Interactive Agency” of 2008, 2009 & 2010
  3. 3. Our Speaker
  4. 4. Ryan D Adami• Over 11 years experience in search marketing• Managed SEM strategy and campaigns for top brands: p g p • ECCO Shoes • Sandals Resorts • Jenny Craig• Built the first SEO Toolbar for Internet Explorer, 2003 p• Retired US Freestyle Team skier and avid cyclist
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  6. 6. What You ll Learn You’ll 1. 1 Developing a solid account structure for maximum return 2. 2 Take advantage of key features and hidden opportunities 3. Effectively leverage keyword and search query reports 4. Leverage continuity techniques in ads and landing pages
  7. 7. Account Structure
  8. 8. Control Costs• Three ways: • Daily budget • Cost per Click • Ad Quality y• Optimize relevance of keywords and ad copy to y py improve quality score• Google rewards relevancy with higher positions at a lower Cost per Click
  9. 9. Organize GroupsAccount Campaign Ad Group Keywords • Split groups by product and service areas lcd tv • Efficiently manage and lcd hdtv lcd hdtv LCD TVs optimize accounts ti i t Televisions lcd tvs Plasma TVsElectronics lcd hd Digital  Digital Cameras • Huge impact on PPC Cameras Film  Cameras campaign success!
  10. 10. Keyword Success• Keyword selection is critical for PPC advertising success!• Ads will not be displayed unless you target the right keywords• Use keywords directly related to your products and services• Match keywords to your ads and the destination landing pages
  11. 11. Keyword Selection Tip ‐ Negative words stop ads  • Use the products and services from displaying for keywords The image cannot be display ed. Your computer may not hav e enough memory to open the image, or the image may hav e been corrupted. Restart y our computer, and then open the file again. If the red x still appears, y ou may hav e to delete the image and then insert it again. outside your business offering offered on your website • Include brands and product names with obvious variations • Leverage website navigation L b it i ti to group into separate lists • Remove broad, vague and broad irrelevant keywords
  12. 12. Performance Copy• How do potential customers know you provide what they searched f ? h d for? • By using ad text directly related to keywords and destination pages Tip ‐ Use inter‐capitalization of  • Capture more attention with a call ad text (title and copy) to action and unique offers!
  13. 13. Features & Opportunities
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  15. 15. Spreadsheet Editing Click Edit or More actions… actions from keyword tab Features • Fast inline editing • Bulk edit with copy copy, paste and formulas • Move data effortlessly between AdWords and Microsoft Excel
  16. 16. In CampaignIn-Campaign ReportingClick Segment dropdown in Campaign,Ad groups and Keywords tabsOptions • Network • Google Search • Search partners • Content Network • Match type • Click type • URL Clicks • Calls (Mobile) • Device • Computers • Full browser mobile • Time segmentationCompare date ranges to optimize basedon performance over time f ti
  17. 17. Opportunities Tab Automated recommendations that could improve campaign performance … Idea Types Keywords Budgets Bids Ongoing and refreshed every few weeks, these cover all campaigns and ad groups
  18. 18. Ad Extensions Location E t L ti Extension i • Map and directions Location Extension Products Extension • Prices and pictures Pi d i t Sitelinks Extension • Additional pages Phone Extension • Mobile Click to Call Video Extension • Embed under ads
  19. 19. Keywords & Query Reports
  20. 20. Actionable Insights• Enable conversion tracking Requires code snippet be placed on your website Click See search terms… in Keywords tab• Review clickthrough rates and conversions, adding performing keywords as exact match• Use negative match to filter irrelevant words discovered
  21. 21. Continuity Techniques
  22. 22. Relevance = SalesPay per Click visitors searched once once,don’t make them search again!• Match the search query and keyword all the way through: Keyword > Ad Copy > Landing Page• Write specific ad text with popular keywords and unique offers Only 55 inch LCD  and LED TVs• Include keywords on destination y landing pages … making it clear visitors found the right products Remember: Relevance is rewarded with lower CPC
  23. 23. Live Q/A
  24. 24. Thank You !!! Ryan Adami | Director of Search (619) 699-0767 Headquarters: 610 West Ash Street Suite 1701 Street, Follow Us San Diego, CA 92101 @BOLSearch | @Ryan_Adami Complimentary PPC Virtual Labs: 20 minute labs designed to give you 1-on-1 time with a subject matter expert to discuss PPC issues and/or strategy. www businessol com/form/labs