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International Video SEO Optimization ISS Berlin Massimo Burgio

My presentation on Video SEO Optimization for both search engines and socialmedia networks - from ISS International Search Summit Berlin, part of the bigger Localization World Show

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International Video SEO Optimization ISS Berlin Massimo Burgio

  1. 1. international video optimization massimo burgio global search interactive international search summit / localization world 2010 SEMPO board of directors berlin june 7, 2010
  2. 2. from SEO to SMO in 12 steps SEO detox + clinic
  3. 3. + SEO DETOX clinic: a 12-step program 1 - forget your website 2 - forget PageRank 3 - tags are more important than metatags 4 - an image is worth more than 100 words 5 - a video is worth more than 100 images 6 - flash is good (if optimized) 7 - share what you own (RSS) 8 - share what you know (social search) 9 - share what you like (social bookmarking) 10 - other people’s content is good too (embed) 11 - do not buy links, generate them 12 - ranking on Technorati is good as ranking on Google
  4. 4. video SEO: definition “Simply put, video SEO is the art and science of ensuring that your video content attracts as much traffic as possible.” -- Blinkx
  5. 5. international video SEO = localized video SEO “As for regular website SEO, if your target audience is in multiple countries and you want to deploy a video strategy, you need to localize your SEO efforts, optimizing your videos for each country and language – with some exceptions.” -- Massimo Burgio
  6. 6. video optimization enablers
  7. 7. 38% of users get videos in SERPS
  8. 8. 38% of users get videos in SERPS
  9. 9. new google features: video search
  10. 10. universal search: eye tracking eye-tracking on google serp BEFORE eye-tracking on google serp AFTER universal search universal search
  11. 11. universal search study (germany)
  12. 12. universal search study (germany)
  13. 13. after all, video is better than porn
  14. 14. video optimization: opportunity or strategy? •  videos create user interest and interaction, buzz, inbound links, traffic and SERP rankings •  great opportunity to show up for organic results in blended / universal search •  simplified search algorithms on video sharing sites and video search engines •  posting on video sharing sites leverages a larger audience and the viral potential of social sharing, besides of established authority of video sites •  when posted to multiple video sites, opportunity to appear multiple times in SERPs
  15. 15. online videos: hosted or posted? ON SITE VIDEO HOSTING 3RD PARTIES VIDEO HOSTING •  control on video content and •  automatic encoding SEO strategy •  marketing to a larger “captive •  control meta tags and encoded audience” video meta information •  simplified search algorithm •  search engine targeting through SEO techniques •  drives traffic but creates competitor pages on SERPS •  bandwidth + disk space costs •  time/material investment to encode videos, create web pages and optimize assets •  video encoding software cost + complexity
  16. 16. online videos: hosted or posted? VIDEO HOSTED ON SITE •  Encode videos in several formats and for high-bandwidth, but always give a low bandwidth option •  Popular formats: MPEG, QuickTime, Real, Windows Media, Divx •  Use relevant keywords for both video files and directories •  Encode video with rich metadata. Use Keyword research tools •  Optimize the web page hosting the video (including text content and transcriptions, and anchor texts to video content) •  Simplify URLs and directory tree. Put the video directory off root if possible. Include a link to video page in footer/sitemap •  Create video RSS feeds (MRSS) and video sitemaps •  Submit as much videos as possible and relative sitemaps/rss
  17. 17. online videos: hosted or posted? THIRD PARTIES VIDEO HOSTING - POSTING •  Encode videos with the best possible quality accepted by video sharing sites •  Use watermarks and opening/closing titles to protect assets and branding effect – Creative Commons maximize distribution •  Optimize video submission using good (keyword-rich) titles, descriptions, tags, geo-targeting, links and, if possible, a full text transcription of the video and closed captions / subtitles •  Develop a solid link building strategy. Anchor texts are (still) important to Google •  Allow download, share, embed, comments, replies… all social features maximize distribution
  18. 18. 2 generations of video sharing sites / engines VIDEO SHARING SITES VIDEO SEARCH ENGINES •  YouTube •  YouTube •  MySpace Videos •  Google Video •  Yahoo! Video •  Google Universal Search •  AOL Video •  Yahoo! Video Search (SingingFish / Motionbox) • •  DailyMotion • •  Metacafe • •  Veoh • • • •  Imeen • •  ... •  ...
  19. 19. online videos: 10 video SEO tips (nothing new) 1 - Content is king, make it relevant and interesting 2 - Title: make it catchy and keyword-rich 3 - Video formats: different formats available (file type, size) 4 - Use optimized tags and thumbnails 5 - Video length: Internet-wise timing 6 - Keyword-rich localized descriptions / transcriptions 7 – Include URLs at the beginning of description 8 - Share it: allow rating, responses, embed, download, share/send to friends 9 - Distribute it: adopt RSS/ MRSS feeds, video sitemaps and social bookmarking 10 – Localize your video: replicate content in multiple languages or replicate video with subtitles + create local video site
  20. 20. online videos: 10 upload SEO tips 1 - Make sure video tags are relevant to the video content 2 - Be generous with tags, and adopt keywords variations 3 - Match video title and description with top tags / keywords 4 - Have one common tag for all your videos (related videos) 5 - Don’t use natural language and conjunctions in video title 6 – Choose clear, appealing, creative and HD thumbnails 7 – Use one video channel per language, and optimize it 8 – Try to make it to the “Most view” or “Most discussed” tabs 9 – Generate more views by changing Title and Headline 10 - Try the new features: inclusions and annotations
  21. 21. social media power: let your videos go •  Create buzz, this is what social media is about •  Be creative and sexy – like advertising is supposed to be •  Take advantage of multiple uploads tools like TubeMogul or TrafficGeyser •  Promote your videos in forums, blogs and social networks •  Take in consideration Social Bookmarking (, Digg, StumbleUpon) •  Include well defined calls to action, and a tracking analysis •  Spread it by “telling your friends” (a lot of them) •  Be interesting: social networking is about linking – and linking is about relevance!
  22. 22. e-shelf strategy tools: tubemogul
  23. 23. video analytics by tubemogul
  24. 24. leverage the long tail of video
  25. 25. leverage the insight of youtube analytics
  26. 26. tell search engines about your videos VIDEO RSS / MRSS VIDEO XML SITEMAPS •  Most video search engines •  Google Video XML Sitemaps: (and iTunes / podcasting) Webmaster Tools / Sitemaps accept RSS / MRSS feeds •  Include in video sitemaps only • URLs to video content (web upload pages with embedded videos, URLs to video players and raw • videos hosted on site) mrss/submit •  Use one unique URL per video • and include thumbnails URLs submit-videos-rss-mrss/ •  Sitemaps max file size: <10Mb, video file + thumbnail: <30Mb •  Robots.txt: Allow UserAgent Googlebot
  27. 27. viral video redistribution: RSS at work
  28. 28. more video optimization tips from SEOmoz
  29. 29. thank you! danke! massimo burgio global search interactive / sempo