Module 3 assignment


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Create a multi channel digital marketing plane for a new hair colourant.

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Module 3 assignment

  1. 1. Squarelle Tonacity [ST] A marketing communications plan for the launch of a new concept in hair colouring in the UK Incorporating a digital budget for a multi-channel campaign to create brand awareness to drive trial, sales and advocacy for ST A Presentation by the ‘Magnificent 7’ (September 2013 cohort)
  2. 2. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 1. 2. 3. 4. We have identified a niche market opportunity for a novel at-home hair colouring product, Squarelle Tonacity [ST], that is intended to target women (initially) who are time / money poor; and who want a salon quality finish at half the price (slide 2) We devised strategic objectives to guide the digital marketing tactics (campaign) using a messaging strategy based on content that would educate and engage consumers re perceived product attributes and typical customer profiles (slides 3-7) a. We intend to launch an integrated campaign mixed with traditional forms of multimedia marketing (TV and Print campaign) offering digital call to actions, to raise brand awareness and create advocacy around ST that intends to create strong brand experience / journey The digital tactics would use search / display ads to capture highly targeted audience and industry influencers through paid channels; and also use social media through an online presence to encourage / drive as many customers as possible to the consideration / conversion stage (slides 8-9) a. We have created a digital brand presence before any offline marketing is undertaken, in order to raise product / brand awareness prior to the launch to maximise the sales potential / market opportunity We also discuss the use of measurements to track the performance of our proposed campaigns in sync with other media channels; and to serve as a benchmark for future continuous improvement re life-cycle management of the ST brand (slide 10) Slide 1
  3. 3. INTRODUCTION: MARKET ANALYSIS & OPPORTUNITY FOR ST ❏ The hair colourants and home perms market is currently worth £349m, growing 4.5% since 2012, largely due to innovations in new formulas and easier applications. ❏ 8m women now colour their hair at home (often inspired by celebrities and fashion) but taking advantage of a new generation of available colours [niche opportunity] ❏ Sales have almost doubled in the last few years with over 50 products available [competitive market] ❏ Current market is dominated by few companies including L’Oriel / Garnier, Kao Corporation, PZ Cussons, Combe International, Henkel, P&G and Schwarzkopf; however, there are no direct competitors to ST ST has exclusive relationships with department stores such as John Lewis for distribution; and have shown a commitment to the product by offering the resource to provide advisors in store to support sales points [exclusive agreements in place] ❏ ST has addressed concerns over health issues; and whilst the salon industry has matured, ST believes real growth will come from the inhome market [high market potential] ❏ ST has historically concentrated on “offline” media but now wants to take advantage of the fact that: ● 50% of adults in the UK are using social networks (digital); and its use is consistently growing ● “For most internet users, going online is about finding information. Search is the first stop on the web when it comes to researching anything. Google continues to overwhelmingly lead in search usage, ahead of Yahoo! and Bing” ❏ There is a growing market for men colouring their hair [potential LCM opportunity]; although, ST has been created for women who are both time / financially stretched [current positioning at launch] ❏ There is a growing market for women who want to maintain their health/looks and ‘feel good’ factor reflected in the growth of gym usage, health care products and dietary concerns Some drivers for the at-home market include: ● Continuing pressures on the home budget in a depressed economy ● A growing, aging and increasing middle class population ● Appearance concerns ● An increase in natural/organic vs chemical products ● Better information available online and through digital services (e.g Hair Care app Modiface) ❏ ❏ ❏ Main competition is from salons, but their hair care sales have declined by over 15% in the last 5 years and the minimum price paid is about £50 [economic driver: a home treatment costing half ❏ the price with a Salon finish - our USP] Slide 2 A small sample of interviewees agreed that whilst they dye their hair generally in a salon - they would be interested in a product that offers salon quality at half the price [right product attribute]
  4. 4. OVERVIEW OF STRATEGY & MARKETING OBJECTIVES Magnificent 7’s [‘M7’] corporate strategy is to launch ST in the UK (prior to the rest of EU) and deliver £1.5m in UK sales by end-2014 following its launch in summer 2014 M7’s marketing strategy is: •To launch ST during summer 2014 in the UK market and generate top-line sales of £1.5m by end 2014 using an integrated multi-channel approach Our marketing objectives include: 1.Launch planned during 01st April to 20th June 2014 period; 2.To create brand awareness of ST; 3.To drive, trial, sales and advocacy of ST; and 4.To integrate the digital marketing with the other range of media that will be used, i.e. TV/posters/print ads, editorial and PR (total budget is £2m) An integrated MCM approach has been considered using four types of media: (1) TV; (2) posters; (3) print ads, editorial and PR; and (4) digital marketing. Slide 3 DIGITAL MARKETING BUDGET BREAKDOWN (total £400k): • Homepage Takeover £100K (reach 4 million uniques in a day) • Display banners £140K (style sites, fashion sites, blogs from hairstylists) • Social Media £30K (Facebook Ads and promoted tweets) • Social Creative £10K (sponsored stories and posts) • Google Adwords £70K includes Email campaign (CRM) • Outreach programme 30K (bloggers) Note: The above budget assumes that we can repurpose assets from the TV & Print campaign – however we will need to allow approx. £20k to retouch the above the line (ATL) creative and digitalise it
  5. 5. I N T E G R A T E D M E D I A S T R A T E G Y Slide 4
  6. 6. TYPICAL CUSTOMER PERSONAS OF OUR TARGET AUDIENCE Sally Irwin (44 years old) Tina Sherwood (32 years old) ● ● ● ● ● ● ● Qualified accountant Departmental manager at a family run Accountancy firm in Norwich Her partner is a 35 year old local landscape gardener and they have three children aged 2, 5 and 7. They tend to entertain local friends at home and whilst they have a busy social life they are very budget conscious trying to cope with the costs of nursery and schooling locally. Her work often involves her working from home and she has all the necessary technology to work remotely also using a blackberry work phone and a personal android device. Whilst she shops locally for necessities she is a keen follower of fashion, buying regular weekly magazines and watching relevant TV programmes, even keeping up to date through iPlayer and similar services. One of her favourite quotes is “Dreaming about being an actress, is more exciting than being one” (Marilyn Monroe). ● ● ● ● ● ● ● Slide 5 University Degree in History of Art Director of a London Contemporary Art Gallery having worked in the USA in various art related roles including Auction Houses and has lectured at Art Colleges. Married to 47-year-old husband Charlie, an American TV producer with a 20 year old son and a 18 year old daughter both currently living at home in Sheen, London. She uses Apple Macs at home and work, iPad, iPhone, iPod and generally has the latest versions and upgrades getting advice from the technology department at work. She tends to shop online for weekly shopping, clothing and general information on matters relating to work and home and has been using online banking for 3 years to pay bills etc. Being mobile a lot of the time she finds her smartphone the most useful device and has a large selection of apps. She is keen to maintain her youthfulness often being mistaken for someone a lot younger but, with a busy lifestyle and a husband who is often away and children still at home, is very budget conscious, finding it difficult to keep up with trends. She has been having highlights for decades, but when she turned 40 she switched from bleach-blonde hair dye, which can look harsh, to more forgiving caramel tones, which look warmer.
  7. 7. PERCEIVED PRODUCT ATTRIBUTES OF ST TOUCHPOINTS: Benefits Gained vs. Product Attributes (STP) Slide 6
  9. 9. TACTICS: SEARCH & DISPLAY 1. SEARCH - GOOGLE ADWORDS 2. DISPLAY - GOOGLE ADWORDS Ad group name: Professional Hair Colour Keywords: professional hair colour etc Average monthly searches: 61,090 Title: Professional Hair Colour Desc 1: True Multi-tonal and Natural Look The Google Display campaign for text ads will use the same ad groups, keywords, and ad copy as the Google Search campaign. Desc 2: Salon Quality at Half the Price Display URL: Dest URL: Ad group name: Hair Dye Keywords: high end hair dye etc Average monthly searches: 50,860 Title: Professional Hair Dye Desc 1: True Multi-tonal and Natural Look Desc 2: Salon Quality at Half the Price Display URL: Dest URL: The Google Display campaign for image ads will use the same ad groups and keywords as the Google Display campaign for text ads. The Google Display remarketing campaign will use the below ad copy and target people who have previously visited any page on the brand website. The ad copy for the text ads will be: Title: Salon Quality Hair Colour Desc 1: True Multi-tonal and Natural Look Desc 2: Salon Quality at Half the Price Display URL: Dest URL: The ad copy for the image ads will be: We will also target the keywords ‘selfie’, ‘how to’, ‘love my colour’ and ‘competition’ in relation to ‘Squarelle’ and ‘Tonacity’. Salon Quality Hair Colouring at Home. Get a truly multi-tonal look glowing with natural beauty. Salon Quality in Half the Time, at Half the Price Display URL: Dest URL: Slide 8
  10. 10. TACTICS (continued): SOCIAL UTILITY 3. SOCIAL TACTICS 3. SOCIAL TACTICS - Demonstrated by success of Michael Kors & Burberry as examples of high end design/fashion/culture brands I would use Instagram as a key channel for our brand awareness and engagement - #lovemycolour selfie competition for users to win a convertible BMW 1 Series (25k of budget) - aspirational for young women, handy drop-top runaround play thing for more successful women. - Use Nitrogram to power the campaign and measure success (see graphic below) - Support with Adwords spend promoting the Instagram competition post wherever “selfie” phrase is used in conjunction with Tonacity or Squarelle, resulting in better PPC rates. - And/or support with Display spend using celebrity selfies promoting the Instagram competition post wherever “selfie” phrase is used in conjunction with Tonacity, Squarelle or ST resulting in better PPC rates. - Amplify social video campaign via Facebook video posts targeted to persona characteristics & key target markets - Target Page Post Engagement as it shows positive intent of user to find out more about product (example below) - Allows for very clear measurement metrics so we can get a good idea of ‘types’ of user engaging and feed back into second cycle. - Viral cases (all of those shown in the left panel) - Engage brand faces to utilise their own social channel followers to add authenticity to campaign and encourage word of mouth. compared to com/watch?v=MnSIp76CvUI - Robert Carlisle endorsement of Johnnie Walker allowed extended profile for Keep On Walking advert via social networks. - “Love My Colour” video guides/how to tips from brand faces, unique made-for-web stories from the faces of our TV campaign (see V05 campaign below - com/watch?v=KxhtjFS3LDk | - Support with Adwords spend promoting the video guides wherever “how to” phrase is used in conjunction with Tonacity or Squarelle, resulting in better PPC rates. - And/or support with display spend promoting the video wherever “selfie” phrase is used in conjunction with Tonacity or Squarelle, each display ad of the celebrity selfie would click through to their own 'how to' video. - Strong metrics engine to analyse views and durations of engagement. Also potentially tap into insight of G+ as comments engine which will feed back into any further campaigns. Slide 9
  11. 11. MEASUREMENTS & CONTROLS FOLLOWING IMPLEMENTATION FOR CONTINUOUS SALES/MARKETING IMPROVEMENT SEARCH / DISPLAY & REFERRALS SEARCH: SEO / Google Analytics – to track that the key word / search terms used during ST’s launch and post-launch efforts are still the same or need to be optimised for different experiences and journeys (consumer segments) since launch DISPLAY ADS: Capture sources and ad position(s) vs. traffic conversions (to website and/or purchase via sales funnel); Scoring of referral sites to benchmark activity / traffic vs. content; Social media ads ENGAGEMENT & CALL TO ACTION SOCIAL MEDIA: Facebook / Twitter / blogs – appropriate measurements to gauge brand awareness / engagement; track word of mouth marketing / sentiments re ST brand and/or product; and competitor sentiment and activities WEBSITE / APP: Measure uptake / traffic to optimise referral sources (i.e. exclusive retailers); refine App / campaigns content based on metrics and direct feedback (or testimonials); and ensure consistent placement of cross-media material vs. effectiveness YOUTUBE VIDEO: Track uptake of ST video campaign / ATL ads converted to online / owned media DEVICEs: Examine traffic metrics with type / preference of device(s) used to search vs. purchase vs. call to action (coupon; newsletter; find nearest retail store; online sales) CALL TO ACTION: Monitor how prospects / customers are downloading coupons (which devices? from where? etc.) to optimise and identify further customer segments re CRM capability EXAMPLES OF GENERIC KPIs* BY DIGITAL CHANNEL & MEDIA Generic Channels such as email campaigns; Text messaging campaigns; Access social media ST sites; YouTube video / ad campaigns; Apps ST Website for downloading coupons, finding a store (locator / GPS services), and blog uploads / comments ST APP for mobile friendly website – responsive design with competition updates and common blogs from FB, Twitter, etc. Email opening/delete rate; Overall sentiment (levels of positive or negative experience; and thoughts re product / brand); Blog/comment monitoring; Response times by M7/ST to negative comments/review; CTR, CPM, CPA, PPC, etc.; Numbers of videos viewed / Favourites; Time(s) of videos) watched; Conversion rate from referral sources; Sales funnel; SEO re website and bounce rate, etc. Social (earned) media to create brand following and advocacy: Competitions; Numbers re QR codes to download coupons; Numbers of coupons downloaded – sources, etc.; and Likes / re-Tweets, etc. Gaming Platforms biased towards female based games; for e.g., Yoga on Wii Fit, Dance, Poker, Karaoke, etc.: CTR, CPM, CPA and PPC. Note: All measurements/KPIs should be able to distinguish between the following devices, in order to continually enhance the customer experience/journey and further segment our customers via CRM: Mobile / Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops, Desktops, Smart TVs, ATMs, and Other emerging devices such as Google Glass / Mobile watches (Samsung). Slide *KPI(s) denotes key performance indicator(s) 10
  12. 12. SUMMARY: MULTI-CHANNEL DIGITAL COMMUNICATION PLAN TO LAUNCH ST Strategic objectives were to launch ST and raise its trial, brand awareness and advocacy following an identification / validation of the market opportunity Target customer personas and perceived product attributes highlighted the messaging / positioning of ST to devise appropriate digital marketing content and utilise suitable channels as touchpoints during the customer journey Search /Display would be used to generate traffic (prospective customers / customers); whilst social media channels would allow (potential) customers to engage and learn more about the brand – together these three tactics would help trial, build brand awareness and advocacy for ST resulting in growth of top-line sales Measurements (or KPIs) were discussed to monitor the ROI of the proposed digital tactics / campaigns; and to be used for continual improvement as the brand grows by allowing more detailed customer insights / segmentation to be captured enhancing the overall brand awareness / following for ST Slide 11
  13. 13. REFERENCES 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. utm_medium=feeds&utm_source=blog# Book: ‘Emarketing Excellence: Planning and Optimizing Your Digital Marketing’ (Paperback) By (author) Dave Chaffey, By (author) PR. Smith Slide 12