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Commercial Presentation Brandp - Field Marketing Experts

We are experts in Field Marketing and Market Intelligence, and we operate in a complex ecosystem - the consumer market.

Where our mission is to contribute towards the expansion, recognition and success of our Customers and Brands.

However, the extent of our competences and services, it is an advantage that allows us to act in other important areas.

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Brandp - Consumer Market Ecosystem

  1. 1. Hello! Can we help?
  2. 2. “If any of the questions we posed here, is suitable to your organization, then… We can help!“ Since 2003, it is this attitude of always being ready and willing to understand and adapt to your needs and to share your values that allows us to join you in achieving the established goals. We aim at always finding the best solution to amplify the return of your investments and to add real value to yourTeam and your strategies.
  3. 3. “Define what are the core functions which must be performed by your team, and leave the others to our care!“ If you are looking for a reliable and energetic partner, one that quickly understands what you want and that can protect you, you might actually choose our mascot... But on a professional level, choose us! We are a team of dedicated, proactive, flexible professionals who feel passionate about representing, helping and promoting our Clients’ Brands, products and services.
  4. 4. “However, the extent of our competences and services, it is an advantage that allows us to act in other important areas.“ We are experts in Field Marketing and Market Intelligence, and we operate in a complex ecosystem - the consumer market. The profound knowledge that we have regarding the market in its various forms, processes and players allows us to fully understand the critical elements to the success of your Brand.
  5. 5. Merchandisers Promoters Sales Teams Promotional Actions Reports & Audits Events & Incentives
  6. 6. “The experienced and well trained team of Merchandisers at Brandp is the recognizable face of our Customers and Brands at the Points of Sale.“ Every Brand believes their products have what it takes to be successful – the best quality, the best advantages, Brand recognition and, possibly, the best price. But sometimes there is something missing at the Point of Sale, where most of the consumers’ purchase decisions take place.
  7. 7.  Improve Brand - Retailer relationships  Maximize sales / shelf share in store  Identification of opportunities and threats  Stock and sales management  Implementation and control of promotional actions  Suggestion of purchase orders  Display and Golden position negotiation  POS merchandising placement and confirmation  Products, campaigns and prices information
  8. 8. “At Brandp, we hold a large pool to recruit from, having promoters with varied backgrounds and certified experience and results.“ In spite of the new decision-making processes and forms of consumption, all the studies continue to underline the importance of the Point of Sale when it comes to influencing consumers’ choices. Regardless of the fact that our collaboration is either transient or permanent, we will enhance the notoriety of your Brand or product in the eye of the consumer through a cared appearance and an excellent performance, through training and constant support, thus leading to positive results for your sales!
  9. 9.  Promoters for short-term or long-term actions  Engage customers and sales increase  Sampling and demonstrations actions  Degustation and experimentation of products  Delivery of gifts and flyers  Communicating Brand strengths directly to consumers  Increase Brand awareness
  10. 10. “As an expert in activities that enhance sales, Brandp is the partner you were looking for in this area.“ Whether you are looking for an exclusive team or you want to benefit from the existing synergies and structures, you will not need to worry about labour and administrative issues that usually take up so much time and resources thanks to the option of outsourcing. The flexibility that comes with this solution allows faster and more effective allocation and response of the sales team in the market, for strategic, tactical, geographic or seasonal reasons.
  11. 11.  Sales teams exclusive or shared  Recruitment, selection and allocation  Training and management of the teams  Definition of strategies and commercial approaches  Monitoring and performance analysis  Definition and route planning  Management and processing of salaries and bonus
  12. 12. “Do not squander your resources in actions that never see the light of day or that do not bring a profit, for you may later need those resources in more effective actions.“ One of the ways to compete for the best spot or for better visibility and promotion of your products is to plan and carry out a campaign or promotional action. We safeguard your actions so that they are correctly and effectively carried out, your agreements are fulfilled and, lastly, your products are chosen by consumers at the most crucial stage... purchase moment!
  13. 13.  Plan and implementation of actions  Promotional actions assurance and compliance  Distribution and POS merchandising placement  Installation and maintenance of POS displays  Management of offers or refund campaigns  Handling of promotional packs and contests management.
  14. 14. “The constant collection of information, its analysis and subsequent reporting is a vital process to your success and to your ability to make the right decisions and take adequate measures.“ Whether we are talking about information acquired on the field from the regular Merchandisers work, Promoters or Sales Team, about a specific campaign or promotional activity, or about and audit using a Mystery Shopper, Brandp offers a pack of solutions that are customized to your reality and needs.
  15. 15.  Point of Sale audits  Prices, stocks and product display compliance  Promotional and general activities reports  Photographic reports  Competition reports and Informations  Control and review of all communication activities carried out by the retailers  Mystery Shopping
  16. 16. “Together we will find the best solution and analyse each detail so that your action is as successful as you wished it would be.“ The time has come for you to show your splendour, to impress your Clients with your products or services, to shake up and prompt yourTeam, with an event or action that will render the desired impact.
  17. 17.  Organization and support to corporate events, fairs and conferences  Hostesses, entertainers and special guests  Channel programs and incentives  Teambuilding actions  Outdoor activities  Management of custom invitations and database of attendees
  18. 18. Outsourcing HR Business & Market Intelligence Social Networks Training & Motivation
  19. 19. “Your investment in this area will quickly pay off thanks to the significant amount that you will be saving on commercial and Marketing activities.“ Having the correct information at the right time is essential! When these analyses and controls are carried out by your team, they take up a big amount of time and resources. But, in the end, what matters to you is having the information you need in a clear and objective form.
  20. 20.  Face2Face analysis of competing products or services  Detailed reports on stocks and sales channel  Control, management and approval of investments in co-op Marketing  Control of performance and goals  Price protections and sellout campaigns management  Creation and management of clients databases
  21. 21. “If those who are face to face with the consumer do not know, trust, feel comfortable with, or recommend your products, your success rate will be low.“ One of the aspects that helps determine if your products will be the sales success you want them to be is the act of creating allies, thanks to constant briefing, training and motivation of your Customers’ commercial teams or even yours. Even in a time dominated by technology and by easy access to information, it is still crucial to have someone conveying your message and your arguments in person to whom sells your products, almost in their ear!
  22. 22.  Specific and decentralized or regular and centrally organized training actions  Commercial or product training for:  Point of Sale commercial teams  B2B partners  Training and motivation of sales teams  Development of presentations (PPT’s)
  23. 23. “Whenever you need to expand your team and presence in the market, do the maths and think of Brandp as an alternative to direct recruitment.“ if you only have a small structure based in Portugal, with the expenditure being disproportionate to your volume of business, or if you still haven’t got an infrastructure or physical representation, benefit from our knowledge of the market and, especially, of our own infrastructure, so you can make your investment gradually, according to the results you achieve.
  24. 24.  Recruitment, selection and allocation of human resources to your needs  Marketing and commercial professionals  Country or local managers  Human Resources for specific and temporary tasks  Management of contracts, incentives, costs and technical resources needed
  25. 25. “Your social reputation has an ever growing influence over the consumers’ perception of you as well as over their decision making in purchasing goods and services.“ Consumers are autonomous and sometimes have unpredictable behaviours, but they are ever more curious and active in their social connections with Brands. Regardless of the size of your business, it is essential to create that proximity and interaction with consumers by having exposure in Social Networks to convey your strategy and approach in a way that is coherent with the values of your Brand or Company.
  26. 26.  Creation and customization of company pages  Facebook, Linkedin,Twitter, Google+  Pinterest,Youtube, SlideShare...  Update and integration of custom content  Daily interaction and community management  Creation and management of ads on social networks  Design Facebook Apps for contests, sweepstakes, videos, custom forms, and more
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  30. 30.  Field Marketing  Merchandisers  Promoters  SalesTeam  Promotional Actions  Reports & Audits  Events & Incentives  BI & Market Intelligence  Training & Motivation  Outsourcing Human Resources  Social Networks Management
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