Growth Propositions for MSPs


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Beyond Solution propositions to collaborate with Managed Service Providers to drive growth

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Growth Propositions for MSPs

  2. 2. CONTENTS, BY PROBLEM You Need more Traction in your Market You Want to Extend into New Markets Adjusting and Reacting to Rapid Industry Change New Business Development is Stalled Sales Rising but Cost of Sales are not Falling Large Bid efforts not Delivering to Expectations Delivery and Implementation Costs are too High Lack of clarity across Sales and Operations Efforts to do Any of the Above aren’t getting Results Any XO, Anywhere: Sounding Board About Beyond SolutionsBRIDGING GAPS IN YOUR BUSINESS BRIDGING GAPS IN YOUR BUSINESS
  3. 3. FOCUS: SALES, MARKETING Problem: You need more traction in, want to expand your share of your market or are looking to move or extend into new markets Solution: Refine, clarify, enhance and adjust the current message about your portfolio Approach: A frank discussion of … able to spot those opportunities what has and hasn’t been working; which will succeed in the market and he has the business expertise Identify new (or bolster existing) and acumen to guide partners propositions, built from your core through to delivery capabilities: your ‘money makers’; Richard Curtis, Programme / Project Critique approach and Review Manager - Chairmans Office, Cable &Wireless results of current efforts across Sales, Marketing and Social Media Opportunity: Messages with a Daniel was engaged to sharpen go-to- clarified tactical focus to exploit market strategies and enhance the your capabilities, references and quality of business and technical credibility; Defined targets for propositions, incorporating current trends and issues Sales, Marketing and Social Media; Abhijit Deb, Head of Solutions & A clear and attractive growth Strategy, Mastek offer—and mind set—to create new, long term strategic partnerships; Strategies that connect with your clients, creating relationships working towards new opportunities Where I’ve made a difference: Capita, Mastek, Cable&WirelessBRIDGING GAPS IN YOUR BUSINESS BRIDGING GAPS IN YOUR BUSINESS
  4. 4. FOCUS: TRANSFORMATION, SALESProblem: Need to adjust to rapid industry change – and related customerrequirements – to sell the right thing, profitably, supporting transactionalbusiness while adding in and moving to recurring revenue models - whilealso preparing the business to scale with itSolution: Define goals and evaluate what it will take to deliver to them; I have worked with Daniel on our MSP program and seen him in action with a number of MSPs. His skills and experience could be of help to you in the transformation journey Simon Porter, VP Mid Market Sales, EU, IBMPlan and implement a relationship-driven, solutions-led Sales, Marketingand Social approachApproach: Apply extensive business transformation planning lessonslearned to create a definitive business-focused technology roadmapaligning current Operations and Organisation with plans and forecasts;Direct involvement with your sales team strategies, including client visitsOpportunity: Support for your business to continue what you are doingtoday coordinated with plans for tomorrow, allowing for operationalefficiencies along the way; be known as working with clients tounderstand and exploit technology together … has the credibility to partner clients and coach senior stakeholders and executive sponsors through often complex and politically sensitive changes Keith Little, Business Transformation Director, CapitaWhere I’ve made a difference: IBM, Capita, Mastek, Empower Dynamics*BRIDGING GAPS IN YOUR BUSINESS BRIDGING GAPS IN YOUR BUSINESS
  5. 5. FOCUS: SALES, MARKETING Problem: New business development stalled; Nature, scale and approach of competition changing around you; Need to identify, exploit and build on your core Daniel quickly introduced a new competencies and other strengths approach to how we market our Solution: Refine, clarify, enhance organisation and has successfully raised awareness of our product and adjust your current portfolio of line Market Propositions and Product Simon Spanchak, CTO, Exspans offerings; Fine-tune your message Systems Approach The BSL DEAL methods can identify, evaluate and build from the strengths and weaknesses of your He understands how to position a proposition and its business value core “building blocks” to determine both inside an organisation, and how to better approach and change with senior executive stakeholders with your current market; direct of the client/prospect involvement with clients for feedback Steve Latchem, VP Secure Solutions Group, Mastek and opportunities identification and harvest Opportunity: New market offerings … helping MSPs establish alliances built from existing capabilities with other providers that are extended with additional products complimentary, allowing them to and services (with creative punch above their weight in the marketplace partnering); Additional revenues: Simon Porter, VP Mid Market selling more of what you currently Sales, Europe, IBM sell at an improved margin, new business (direct and with partners) Where I’ve made a difference: Mastek, LGS (IBM), Steria, ExspansBRIDGING GAPS IN YOUR BUSINESS BRIDGING GAPS IN YOUR BUSINESS
  6. 6. FOCUS: MARGIN, SALESProblem: Sales rising but Cost of Sales are not falling (or not enough) Solution: Find inhibitors He drove a ‘different way of thinking’ around solutions to sales; Drive down and sales within Mastek UK, working directly with costs of sales; Reduce existing and new customers - the negative impact of Kees ten Nijenhuis, Managing Director, Europe, Mastek opportunities; enable the business to scalewith hits and cope with misses as they happenApproach: Improve, streamline and connect Solutions, Sales andDelivery processes & Review Cycles; implement Bid-driven ‘superprocess’; Move to a collaborative Solutions & Sales led model including aproactive but stringent costand opportunity-lost based Daniel is a detail-oriented manager who has beenqualifying and re-qualifying instrumental in building processes and solutions to achieve strategic objectivesprocess Maggie Lux, Business Development Director, Opportunity: Smoother sales Cable & Wireless cycles; Decreased cost of bidding; Increased conversion rates; Plans allowing action rather than reaction to meet changing requirements from good and badHis unique ability to identify andtranslate key business outcomes with results; Opportunities identified forpragmatic solutions sets him apart and added credibility to create newfrom the rest PartnershipsMarcus Gaskell, Large-scale BidManager, Capita Group Where I’ve made a difference: Mastek, Cable & Wireless, Empower, ...BRIDGING GAPS IN YOUR BUSINESS BRIDGING GAPS IN YOUR BUSINESS
  7. 7. FOCUS: BIDS, SALESProblem: Large bid efforts not succeeding, defeated as much bycomplexity of response and unidentified but correctible errors andquestions not answered clearly: you are not winning when and whereyou expect to be winningSolution: Reviewing and Fine- Daniel was instrumental in transformingtuning large-scale Bids and complex technical client proposals, intoSolutions; remove roadblocks business-orientated presentations Kees ten Nijenhuis, MD Europe, Mastekbetween tech, sales, design anddeliveryApproach: Team too close to ‘coal face’ need independent, situation-andtiming-sensitive reviews, critiques and fixes in response content andpresentation (pre, during and / or pre-submission); External expertsounding board to ask difficult or not-yet-asked questions; Independentexpert who has “been there, done that” more than a few times tomediate / negotiate across lines of business, partners and suppliers …his continued success in positioning innovative technical designs is due to his ability to understand complex business and technical issues and to gain acceptance to effective solutions from all levels Ed Palmer, Business Development Director, CapitaOpportunity: Winning bids and improved progression ratios; Increasedrevenues; Raised awareness and credibilityWhere I’ve made a difference: Accenture, IBM, Capita, Siemens, Steria,C&W, Mastek, on-going clients...BRIDGING GAPS IN YOUR BUSINESS BRIDGING GAPS IN YOUR BUSINESS
  8. 8. FOCUS: MARGINProblem: Delivery and Implementation Costs are too high; revenues notdelivering to plan, contingency exhausted; service credits stacking upSolution: Identify inhibitors toefficiencies to drive down A pre-Rebid operational review of our overall delivery process identified opportunities foroperational costs; Closer significant cost reductions and overallinvolvement with sales process; throughput improvements resulting inReduce the “impact of improved service delivery and a winning bid toopportunities” res-sign the deal Business Line Director, CapitaApproach: Improve or Imposecollaboration across Operations,Solutions and Sales; create an over-arching Planning and Review Processwhilst reviewing and finetuning current procedures; Operations-level staffand management interviews to extract known and identify unknown opportunities to streamline Able to quickly identify and align technology and improve with the wider business context, Daniel is Opportunity: decreased costs fluent and able to work intelligently at enterprise and operational levels to translate resulting from a smoother, and articulate requirements cooperative transition and Keith Little, Business Transformation Lead, hand over from Solutions & Capita Sales; Plans and procedures to enable action rather than reaction when the good newsof a win arrivesWhere I’ve made a difference: Capita, Mastek, Accenture, and from theend-user organisation points of view Qatar Petroleum and Ryder TrucksBRIDGING GAPS IN YOUR BUSINESS BRIDGING GAPS IN YOUR BUSINESS
  9. 9. FOCUS: PROCESS, SALES, BIDS, REVENUEProblem: Disconnect or Lack of clarity between Sales, Solutions Design,Delivery, Commercial and Executive ManagementSolution: Need to align plans to ensure awareness of and delivery todiffering requirements and targets of Sales, Technical, Delivery and other business functions …worked closely with my client base to help drive strategic level conversations, Approach: Discovery and Alignment focusing heavily on understanding the of Technology, Sales, Marketing, challenges the business faced and how this flowed onto the CIO agenda Social and Operations Non- prejudicial Mediation across Steve Clewlow, Director, Business Development, Cable & Wireless business functions and with Partners and Suppliers; Mandatory communications improvements across business lines; direct review His unique ability to identify and translate key business outcomes with and critique of individual sales plans pragmatic solutions sets him apart from and client business development the rest strategies Marcus Gaskell, Large-scale Bid Manager, Capita Group Opportunity: Easier, revenue- protected delivery: one hand knows what the others are up to… and why Daniel is a very knowledgeable person, a true expert in his field. Always full of great ideas and has some even better Where I’ve made a difference: connections up his sleeve. Capita, Mastek, C&W, LGS (IBM), Mohammed Mashedi - Sales and Siemens, On-going Operations Director at air21 GroupBRIDGING GAPS IN YOUR BUSINESS BRIDGING GAPS IN YOUR BUSINESS
  10. 10. FOCUS: SALES, TRANSFORMATION, PROCESSProblem: Your efforts to do any of the above aren’t getting the resultsyou’d hoped forSolution: Review and Critique: an outside perspective can make all thedifference in the world to help you to refine, clarify, enhance and addsome spin to how you are selling what you sell (or marketing, orsocialising) …his common sense approach to business and solution design ensures that complex problems look trivial Prakash Laxminarayan, Head of Solutions & Strategy, Mastek InternationalApproach: A joined-up broad and targeted review, critique andsuggestions to improve your Sales, Marketing and Social strategies – andthe messages delivered in your collateral, ranging from your webpresence (content first, presentation second) to your use of andengagement via your overall social presence; direct Client and Sales(including Marketing and Pre Sales) involvement… your breadth of experience and insight into technology, strategies and the peopleaspects of introducing a new way of thinking has brought momentum and commitmentSusan MacBeth, CTO, CISTI, NRC CanadaOpportunity: Outcome-orientated delivery of your message; Improvedfocus for your investment -targeted business plan; Increased Sales andother Return on InvestmentsWhere I’ve made a difference: Mastek, several technology Start-ups, *BRIDGING GAPS IN YOUR BUSINESS BRIDGING GAPS IN YOUR BUSINESS
  11. 11. ANYxO ANYWHEREProblem: In need of / Could benefit from an independent 2nd opinion(or experienced second guess or maybe a brain-storming / sparring partner) to raise your confidence Daniel has an excellent way of around critical business decisions identifying a challenge and then Solution: A well-rounded, broadly working through methodically the experienced confidential Sounding best way to approach the solution Board (under non-disclosure) with an Greg Wood, CEO and Founder, GSW Connections innate ability to find and articulate problems (and a personal network of seniorcolleagues, across virtually all industry His input was invaluable, and I would highly recommend himsectors, to call on for back up) Gary Myatt, Head of IT Assurance,Approach: Retainer basis; One-hour Capitablocks by phone / Skype (plus 30minutes advance review of documents, situations, etc. or 10 minuteverbal briefing); on-site meetings can be arrangedOpportunity: De-risk critical and other significant business decisions withan independent point-of-view Where I’ve made a difference: Each time we meet he comes with a great solution to a problem that I am facing. Daniel Kharamma, MorganTech, EDL, is full of new ideas, a treasure of knowledge On-going and other Confidential and experience clients Dusanka Narancic, Owner, MorganTechBRIDGING GAPS IN YOUR BUSINESS BRIDGING GAPS IN YOUR BUSINESS
  12. 12. about BEYOND SOLUTIONS — Maximising your Investments Straight talk about Business Technology, Cloud Computing and Big Data for Users and ProvidersA growth-focused change agent withthirty years leading, brokering, sellingand delivering complex programmes I collaborate from C-level down to growtechnology and service providers bydriving a different way of thinking andextracting value from existing resources: Bridging your Transformation from Products to Solutions Refining and enhancing Market Propositions Identifying Inhibitors to Sales and to profitable delivery Strengthening large-scale Bids and increasing win ratios I work independently through Beyond Solutions and as a Partner with James Caan at HB Prime +44 (0) 7903 867576BRIDGING GAPS IN YOUR BUSINESS BRIDGING GAPS IN YOUR BUSINESS