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On a regular basis people have asked what Print by Premier + More does. The usual reply is we have fun providing services & solutions to our clients. This presentation will provide an over view of what having fun is all about!

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What We Do!

  1. 1. To be effective in the Global Marketplace a division of Premier SuppliesCrystal Clear Global Solutions
  2. 2. etterheads Envelopes Compliment Slips Business Cards Personalized Materials Pads Tabs Covers Presentation Folde cetates & Statement Envelopes Annual Reports 10K’s Newsletters Brochures Statistical Reports Client Personalize rochures Premium and Waiver Information Disability Life Insurance Mortgage Information Posters Wide Forma ehicle Wraps Outdoor Signage Light Box Displays Letterheads Envelopes Compliment Slips Business Card ersonalized Materials Pads Tabs Covers Presentation Folders Acetates & Statement Envelopes Annual Repor 0K’s Newsletters Brochures Statistical Reports Client Personalized Brochures Premium and Waiver informatio isability Life Insurance Mortgage Information Posters Wide Format Vehicle Wraps Outdoor Signage Light Box Display etterheads Envelopes Compliment Slips Business Cards Personalized Materials Pads Tabs Covers Presentation Folde cetates & Statement Envelopes Annual Reports 10K’s Newsletters Brochures Statistical Reports Client Personalize rochures Premium and Waiver information Disability Life Insurance Mortgage Information Posters Wide Forma ehicle Wraps Outdoor Signage Light Box Displays Letterheads Envelopes Compliment Slips Business Card ersonalized Materials Pads Tabs Covers Presentation Folders Acetates & Statement Envelopes Annual Reports 10K ewsletters Brochures Statistical Reports Client Personalized Brochures Premium and Waiver information Disabilit fe Insurance Mortgage Information Posters Wide Format Vehicle Wraps Outdoor Signage Light Box Display etterheads Envelopes Compliment Slips Business Cards Personalized Materials Pads Tabs Covers Presentation Folde cetates & Statement Envelopes Annual Reports 10K’s Newsletters Brochures Statistical Reports Client Personalize rochures Premium and Waiver information Disability Life Insurance Mortgage Information Posters Wide Forma ehicle Wraps Outdoor Signage Light Box Displays Letterheads Envelopes Compliment Slips Business Card ersonalized Materials Pads Tabs Covers Presentation Folders Acetates & Statement Envelopes Annual Reports 10KNewsletters Brochures Statistical Reports Client Personalized Brochures Premium and Waiver information Disabilit fe Insurance Mortgage Information Posters Wide Format Vehicle Wraps Outdoor Signage Light Box Displays
  3. 3. Table of ContentsIntroduction Sustainable ServicesSuite of Services Digital PrintingAbout Us Commercial PrintingImagination Our PortfolioGlobal Solutions Wide FormatCommunications Promotional Responsible Solutions World Solutions
  4. 4. W e start by looking at your unique requirements andspecific objectives of your organization. Our experts in print, identifies the best-fit supplier for each project. It draws on our proprietary print and supplier information, factoring in platform our OPS solutions allow marketing departments to meet their needs in an easier, more efficient and cost variables such as excess capacity and geography to facilitate effective manner.print-related and promotional marketing will analyze, assess better pricing. We also take advantage of competitiveand collaborate with you to develop a thorough Marketing Materials pricing from overseas suppliers when time allows.understanding of your process, carefully reviewing each Allow your sales team, marketing partners and anyone elsebusiness challenge facing your team. We provide our clients with access to more than a million you select to customize, order and fulfill a wide array of different promotional items. For some clients, we have even marketing materials, from brochures and product sheets toThen, we create a customized Basics Strategic Advantage developed and managed complete online company stores, advertisements and direct mail. Basics On Line Solution(BSA) solution that is technology enabled to help you gain handling all fulfillment and delivery. We have created highly supports both print-on-demand and inventoried materialscontrol over your entire supply chain. There are no off-the- successful employee recognition and retention programs and provides simple tools for you to approve, update andshelf remedies or one-size-fits-all answers. Instead, we act for a number of organizations. manage every itemas a seamless extension of your marketing and procurementteams to develop a unique, results-driven DNA solution with Commercial Print Business Identity Materialsone goal in mind – saving you money. We provide all kinds of commercial print (4-6-10 color Business identity materials, including letterhead, business stochastic, specialty print, large format, digital and more.) cards, forms and envelopes are always in high demand fromWhat’s in Your Business Basic Strategic Advantage? through our own facilities and partner network for the best internal employees as well as external partners. BasicsLet our experts analyze your print, print related and overall solution. Our size and consolidated volume, as well Corporate Store enables these groups to view, customizepromotional marketing supply chain and processes to as our expertise and supporting tools deliver savings and and order business identity items online in a self-serviceuncover specific savings opportunities. They will work optimum solutions for our clients. In addition, our model, making fulfillment a breeze.closely with you to identify gaps and overlaps and make commercial print process is designed to fit within ourrecommendations on exactly how to streamline your Branded Promotional Items client’s creative workflow.processes and create new efficiencies. You will receive a full There’s nothing more powerful in marketing than brandreport of their findings and recommendations, and this Economic Audit Anyone? evangelists, and our Promos by Premier Premiums solutionbusiness case will help you justify your decision to engage Print by Premier has the right people, technology and enables companies to equip their customers with brandedSolutions by Premier to generate the cost savings and processes to meet the most rigorous project demands, from merchandise at the click of a button. An online storefrontefficiencies potential in developing, implementing and concept to print and beyond to fulfillment and logistics or with full ecommerce functionality, provides your customersmanaging your (BSA) solution. global sourcing. Want a crystal clear picture of the benefits and partners access to thousands of promotional products, we can provide? Request an Economic Audit for a from wearables and gifts to tech gear and executive itemsStrategic Solutions confidential, fact-based, no-fee consulting engagement to and everything in between.Design, Source, Produce, Warehouse, Fulfill & Deliver. determine the potential cost reductions and improvedAll of your print and promotional marketing needs are Customer & Employee Rewards Programs process efficiencies that can be achieved by working with us.managed as one comprehensive solution. Your entire spend Easily create, promote and manage a points based customeris aggregated to save you even more money. That’s the Basics Automated Solutions and/or employee rewards program to help drive loyalty andpower of Basics Solutions Advantage, and that’s how we In today’s always-on, real-time business environment sales as well as employee retention. For users our rewardsrecognize savings every day for clients like you. companies are being stretched to do more with fewer sites are intuitive and easy to navigate, with features for resources. Marketing departments in particular are under monitoring your account, browsing and ordering rewardsOur BSA solutions streamline every aspect of your print and pressure to meet the constant needs and requests of a wide products and redeeming points. Program administration ispromotional marketing supply chain, identifying hidden variety of both internal and external constituents - from also a snap with tools for monitoring users, managingcosts and implementing processes that reduce your total customers and employees to partners, resellers and products and financial reporting.spend up to 20%. Our sourcing technology automatically franchisees. Built on our powerful Basics Automated Back to the Basics… Our Approach
  5. 5. Suite of ServicesAbout Us Knowledge Base Order On-Line Services SustainableGreat creative and effective A great, yet cryptic, philosopher Our effortless to use, custom Print by Premier’s Global cross Print by Premier is totallymarketing isn’t just about being king once said: "To know PDF is to branded e-storefront appears as channel suite of professional committed to providing yourpretty, it’s about being smart. Print know the universe." Is this really an extension of your companies services are designed to provide corporation simplistic, responsible,by Premier had its beginnings true, you expectantly ask? Well no, own ordering system. Your your company solutions. Bundled environmentally friendly solutionssome 30 years ago. This enables sadly it is not! But don’t be customers & internal clients select together or utilized independently, that work. Smart designs using FSCour professional team to be disheartened, for the truth about from a hierarchy of fully- we offer directmail, email, personal certified papers, corn oil derivedinnovative and creative free PDF’s and other cross channel customizable marketing collateral, URL’s, SMS texting; digital, offset, inks and the green print processesthinkers. We keep our “focus” on related questions answers can be stationery, forms and inventory. web and wide-format printing, will promote to your audience thatcrystal clear and efficient solutions found in our knowledge base. Our Your corporate branding (ID) and distribution. Warehousing, you are doing more than justthat provide results so you can abilities stem from lifetimes of standards are all programmed into picks-packs-kitting are all provided paying lip service to the cause ofkeep your focus on running a hands on experiences, always the system with approved text and in our state-of-the-art facility. environmentalism. We are allsuccessful business. It all starts learning. Afterall, the more you messages, which ensures that all committed to keeping our world awith great design. know, the better. communications 24/7/365 are in little cleaner, healthier and greener. approved context and formats.
  6. 6. Global SolutionsFor Your World
  7. 7. When   you   ask   our   clients   about   Print   by   Premier edgeable   in   all     willing  to  help      The  best  way  to  get  to  know  us     and  for  us  to  get  to  know  you    is  to  meet  us  in  person,  face  to  face.  In  the  meantime,  to  learn  more  about  the  people  who   are  dedicated  to  helping  our  clients  achieve  and  exceed  their  goals,  please  review  some  of  our  team   Great DesignsStephen  Flaim     Edward  Sanders      Steve  consults  for  our  firm  and  clients  who  require  a  strategic  plan  for   their  business.    Steve  PTS   As  the  founder  of  Print  by  Premier   -­‐year  history  in  the  professional  services  industry.    Consulting  allows  him  to  utilize  a  world  of  solutions.    His  background  being  at  Barclays  Capital,  where  he  worked  for   As  a  former  professional  pressman,  certified  e-­‐marketer  and  business  consultant,  Ed  is  committed  to  delivering  the  12  years  allows  him  to  bring  over  20  years  of  investment  banking  experience  to  us.  He  has  worked  in  various  roles  in   best  client  solutions,  while  maintaining  strict  adherence   to  budgets  and  timelines.  Our  firm  also  believes  in  taking  IT,  Finance,  Corporate  Real  Estate  and  Strategic  Planning.  He  is  based  in  our  Americas  headquarters  in  New  York  and   environmental   responsibility   for   everything   that   is   produced   utilizing   environmentally   friendly   inks,   FSC   Certified  always  willing  to  help   papers,   and   renewable   energy   resources   when   available.   PBP   is   committed   to   delivering   exceptional   creative     solutions,  great  service  and  competitive  prices   -­‐say-­‐  Brian  Ostrow       Andrew  Hurewitz            An  executive  with  20+  years  of  real  estate  and  critical  operations  management  experience.    Brian proven  ability  to    innovate  and  implement  winning  strategies  for  firms  such  as  Blackrock  for  12  +  years  &  American  Red  Cross  provides   Project   Manager   &   Strategist   Andrew   has   15   years   of   experience   in   high-­‐level   print   communications,   project  and   expert   into   corporate   finance   and   not   for   profits.     Brian   background   allows   for   an   organizations   strategic   management,  and  new   business   development.  Andrew  is  the  definition  of  an  entrepreneur,  having  grown  a  small  business   plans   to   be   executed   while   expertly   managing   expenses.   A   recognized   leader   in   the   real   estate,   print  &  design  business  to  a  large  visual  communications  firm  in  8  short  years.  Andrew  has  a  proven  ability  to  multi-­‐procurement   and   facilities   provides   our   team   a   great   understanding   of   balancing   your   books   and   business   task   seamlessly   and   delivers   products   and   services   with   speed   and   accuracy.   Andrew   heads   up   our   work   with  requirements.     Mercedes  Benz/OSK,  Johnson  &  Johnson  and  The  New  Museum  of  Contemporary  Art.        Gary  Anzalone   Jen  Pressley                A   professional   who   primary   expertise   is   the   manufacturing   of   signage   with   environmental   conservation   always   in   Creative   Director   &   Strategist   Jen   has   15   years   of   agency   experience   and   marketing/project   management  mind.    Gary  volunteers  his  time  with  organizations  such  as  IFMA,  USGBC,  SEGD  and  ISM  where  his  focus  is  to  help   experience.  Prior  to  this  position,  Jen  worked  as  a  senior  Art  Director  with  the  prestigious  Suka  Creative  designing  and   educate   people   about   the   reduction   of   waste,   energy   consumption,   recycling   and   employee   safety.   When   award-­‐winning   collateral   with   a   focus   on   nonprofit   organizations.   Jen   has   also   worked   as   a   Marketing  designing  or  fabricating  products,  we  continually  provide  input  to  educate  our  clients:  to  ensure  them  that  they  are   Communications  Consultant  for  a  top  Fortune-­‐500  company  and  held  posts  at  other  prestigious  design  firms  in  New  receiving  the  best  quality  products,  incorporating  sustainable  materials  and  processes    all  at  a  cost-­‐effective  price.     York.   Jen   heads   up   our   work   with   Environmental   Defense   Fund,   The   Museum   at   FIT,   The   American   Club,   A.I.     Friedman  and  more.  Jen  is  a  Cooper  Union  alumnus,  where  she  focused  on  studying  color  theory  and  composition,  Andy  Hogan   laying  the  ground  work  for  the  ability  to  develop  strong  visual  communications  solutions.        Andy   brings   a   combination   of   both   nonprofit   and   commercial   direct   marketing   to   our   team.   After   11   years   of   Sara  Heyl            working  with  a  traditional  advertising  agency,  he  expanded  his  experience  in  direct  marketing  to  include  the  direct    mail,  e-­‐mail,  mobile,  database   and  telemarketing  channels.  He   will  combine   these   channels   and  his  experience   to   Art   Director    &   Production  Specialist   Sara  has  8  years  of  design  and  art  direction  experience.   Sara  has  the   proven  maximize  our  clients  fundraising  potential,  market  share  and  brand  awareness.  Some  previous  client  relationships   ability   to   deliver   high-­‐level   visual   solutions   within   tight   timelines.   Sara   joined   us   as   a   design/production   specialist  include   Habitat   for   Humanity,   National   Parks   and   Conservation   Association,   ChildFund   International   (previously   and   worked   her   way   up   to   art   director   after   showing   an   exceptional   ability   for   strong   visual   communication   and  Christian  Childrens  Fund),  the  Army  National  Guard,  Volunteers  of  America  and  the  Civil  War  Preservation  Trust.   design.  Sara  works  exclusively  with  some  of  our  most  important  nonprofit  clients,  such  as  Doe  Fund,  Food  Bank,  and     Fountain  House.  Sara  studied  art  and  design  at  Clarion  University.  Jeff  Kirshenbaum       Matthias  Kern            Jeff   brings   a   world   of   print   production   expertise   and   runs   our   NJ   manufacturing   facility.     Jeff s   background   as   a    pressman,   stripper,   and   estimator   allow   us   to   have   a   real   in-­‐house   expert   to   oversee   our   entire   projects   mission   Art   Director   &   Digital   Production   Specialist   Matthias   Kern   has   20   years   of   experience   in   art   direction,   design   and  critical  or  not.    His  expertise  range  from  1-­‐6  color  print,  die-­‐cutting,  tipping,  web  printing  on  our  new  ½  web  and  just   digital  production.  Matthias  has  exceptional  skills  as  a  Flash  animator,  with  expertise  in  html  for  web  development.  about  anything  you  ask  him  is  always  answered  with  a  positive  nod  &  smile.   Matthias  also  creates  high-­‐level  presentation  projects  (via  PowerPoint  with  Flash  integration)  for  prestigious  clients     such  as  Clarins,  Estee  Lauder,  Fusion  Brands,  Aramis,  Baruch  College  and  more.        
  8. 8. Branding with Appeal printbypremier 357 west 36th street we gravitate towards new york, ny 10018 we gravitate towards printbypremier the most basic the most basic simplistic ideas simplistic ideas sustainable printbypremier sustainable responsible Envelopes with side flap & security tint responsible environmentally environmentally friendly friendly strategic strategic efficient efficient 357 west 36th street, new york, ny 10018 corporate solutions corporate solutions Personal Stationery we gravitate towards the most basic simplistic ideas corporate solutions sustainable printbypremier responsible we gravitate towards environmentally the most basic friendly simplistic ideas strategic sustainable efficient responsible environmentally corporate solutions Fold-over Note Cards friendly strategic efficient corporate solutions Note Cards 18 x 11 Dual Fold Letterhead Fold-over Note Cards
  9. 9. Imagination and Sustainable global resouces we gravitate towards Folderprintbypremier printbypremier printbypremier Business Cards the most basic Print O setEd Sanders Ed Sanders Ed Sanders Emboss + Bumpsales manager sales manager sales manager simplistic ideasglobal resource director global resource director global resource directort 212.947.1365 d 212.345.6789 t 212.947.1365 d 212.345.6789 t 212.947.1365 d 212.345.6789 Engravedc 917.589.8900 f 212.947.5640 c 917.589.8900 f 212.947.5640 c 917.589.8900 f 212.947.5640 Spot Foiles@printbypremier.com es@printbypremier.com es@printbypremier.com sustainable357 west 36th street, new york, ny 10018 357 west 36th street, new york, ny 10018 357 west 36th street, new york, ny 10018110 asia place, carlstadt, nj 07072 110 asia place, carlstadt, nj 07072 110 asia place, carlstadt, nj 07072www.printbypremier.com www.printbypremier.com www.printbypremier.com Thermo 2 Foils in Register responsible printbypremier Clear Gloss Foil As the world becomes a smaller place to do business made possible through advances in technology & communications, more companies are looking to expand globally. Organizations competing in this environmentally Aqueous Coating Embossed marketplace face unique challenges to provide their branded materials in an electronic and print format. we gravitate towards we gravitate towards we gravitate towards To support these marketing and communication efforts, Print by Premier can facilitate the production and distribution for these projects with guaranteed quality delivered with local expertise. Our partners are friendly the most basic the most basic the most basic located in-30-countries, and have more than 130 facilities golbally which make this all possible every day. Foil Stamping simplistic ideas simplistic ideas simplistic ideas sustainable sustainable sustainable • Lower your firms carbon footprint • Eliminate duties, tariffs & customs • One source for all communications • Certified global G7 master printers responsible responsible responsible • Translations in local dialects-languages • Guaranteed corporate branding standards Soft Touch by Neenah strategic environmentally environmentally environmentally • Reduce costs and improve efficiencies • End to end solution = peace of mind friendly friendly friendly strategic strategic strategic efficient efficient efficient efficient corporate solutions corporate solutions corporate solutions corporate solutions printbypremier we gravitate towards solutions 1.1 back to the basics starts with you! 1.2 the basics of on line communications the most basic Ever wonder why some corporate messaging stands out more than others? Simply put, to effectively market a product or service the campaign first starts by understanding your audience. By partnering with Print by Premier you will work with industry experts who are highly skilled in creative, data driven simplistic ideas communications, digital production processes and consumer response marketing. These systems are message relevant to your intended audience. Studies show dramaticaly that custom Great tailored messages effectively increases acquisition and retention of clientele 3X, when compared to Print by Premier had its beginnings traditional directmail. Combining with multi channel cross media campaigns, enables all communication sustainable enable our PBP former professional pressman, certified e-marketer and business consultant, in the forms of email, personal landing pages, billboards, texting, and direct mail a personal appeal. team to be innovative & creative thinkers who focus our efforts onsustainable & efficient environmentally friendly inks, FSC Certified solutions. Your marketing materials will utilize, 1.3 the right solutions to match your communications papers & renewable energy for your projects delivered carbon neutral where possible. Our easy to use, custom branded storefront appears as an responsible By leveraging the power of the internet our strategies to in-house extension of your own company to all corporate users. Select from a hierarchy of customizable reduce its carbon footprint! We pride ourselves on exceptional quality, great service with marketing materials & inventory that maintain your corporate branding with a personalized message. competitive prices. advantages when working 4 EASY STEPS: dpspTM design – proof – submit for approval – place your order 24 – 7 – 365 days a year. with us, it all starts with answering 3 basic questions, These seamless procedures will allow your firm to streamline the work flow making the user experience environmentally “Do we really need this?” “Is this the best means of communication?” easy and efficient. All corporate stationery, postcards, wide format prints, brochures, inventory, releases and reorders can be facilitated effortlessly. Our solutions save time & money reducing the amount of print materials that become discarded due to obsolescence. Thus lowering, your corporations spends & overhead while continuously reducing your carbon footprint. friendly “Do our materials convey an accurate message to our audience?” Print by Premier’s solutions cross many channels, signage & trans-promotional, premiums, strategic Video To learn more about us simply logon to www.printbypremier.com Your Communications write to us at asktheclipper@printbypremier.com E-Mail efficient Create SMS Advertise 357 west 36th street, new york, ny 10018 corporate solutions 2 - sided Letterhead Data Gusseted Pocket Folder Billboards smart efficient designs sustainable energy sources environmentally responsible Personalized Direct Mail Velcro Closure
  10. 10. Sustainable Global SolutionsAs the world becomes a smaller place to do business made possible throughadvances in technology & communications, more companies arelooking to expand globally. Organizations competing in this marketplace face uniquechallenges to globally expand their branded materials in an electronic andprint format. To support these marketing and communicationefforts, Print by Premiercan facilitate the production and distribution for these projects with guaranteedquality delivered with local expertise. Our partners are located in 30-countries,and have more than 130 facilities golbally which make this all possible every day.
  11. 11. Lower your firms carbon footprintEliminate duties, tariffs & customsOne source for all communicationsCertified global G7 master printersTranslations in local dialects-languagesGuaranteed corporate branding standardsReduce costs and improve efficienciesEnd to end solution = peace of mind
  12. 12. Communications: Many Messages-Styles & Ideas
  13. 13. Corporate Stores
  14. 14. Variiable Data Corporate Stores Stationery Corporate StoresPromo Corporate Stores Data Driven Cross Chanel Stores
  15. 15. On-line Solution for Real Estate Firm The Solution The ConclusionWith thousands of brokers in the New York City, Long Island Solutions by Premier, a division of Print by Premier, prepared Prudential Douglas Elliman launched a new online web-to-and Hamptons’ markets, Prudential Douglas Elliman needed a scope of work to outline all the necessary steps to achieve print platform with a multitude of advanced communicationa solution for variable data print, direct mail and multi- the goals. Within three months of entering into this applications. The agents/brokers have endless designtouch campaigns. A repository for headshots and property agreement, Prudential Douglas Elliman was provided a capabilities while maintaining the corporate brand standards.specific images for every broker was also required. Since company-wide solution. The brokers/agents now experience All digital print, variable data print and emails now have amany agents are part of teams and frequently collaborate, the flexibility they required of an online system. They can systematic approach for creating, approvals and placement.a sharing tool needed to be developed. Combining this with easily upload images, crop, apply color adjustments, and Design times have been reduced dramatically, providinga credit card interface, budget approvals, uploading of lists much more. This started with a vision of streamlining the greater flexibility over other solutions that were reviewed.for mailings and multi-level approvals was essential. request, proof, approval and production workflow process Best of all, maintaining branding for all communications isPrudential Douglas Elliman turned to Print by Premier. and developed into a creative marketing tool with great now possible for email, purl’s and direct mail, all from a flexibility. Prudential Douglas Elliman entered into a single single, template driven solution.The Challenge sourcing agreement with Print by Premier, which allowed Case Study them to focus their efforts on growing their business withPrudential Douglas Elliman needed to provide flexibility and effective messaging rather than managing print. Within aallow the agents to have an easy-to-use, robust platform, while few weeks the comments had been:maintaining their strict brand standards. The system needed toprovide a portal for all postcards, brochures, market overviews “Why didn’t we do this sooner?”and property specific marketing. A single login through theintranet system was essential. Once logged in, the broker/agent “This is so easy and simple to use!”needed to be automatically recognized and all their informationpulled-in, pre-populating the templates. While the overall layouts “Wow, we can track and get real time information.”of each project varied, the constants were the need for editablecontent, spellcheck, access to images and floorplans, uploadable “The proofs are awesome; this will eliminate mistakes and save time.”mailing lists and a real-time preview to proof prior to mailing. “We can more be more creative and stay within our guidelines.”
  16. 16. Back to the Basics Corporate Stores Dynamic Collaboration Stationery & Marketing MaterialCommunications that promote streamlined Basic Canvas is a dynamic collaborative publishing platformefficiencies, for today’s fast paced marketing The Basic’s ordering desk is the core building block of the that provides the flexible capabilities customers need toprofessionals. platform. It is a central, online ordering facility for produce any type of variable document. With unmatched fulfillment of on-demand and templated items such as design control and powerful graphic design features, BasicSolutions by Premier provides and on line suite of forms, sales collateral and business stationery. In addition, Canvas is ideal for corporate, marketing and retail printsophisticated yet “easy to utilize” corporate storefronts. a full on-line store of merchandise is available for both environment. Depending upon the template rules, users areThese solutions can consist of all materials or segments for internal and external clients. Real-time inventory, fulfillment empowered to edit text (font, color, size etc), images (cropyour business that you are looking to automate and and a creditcard interface is part of the system. Your order and re-size) or page layouts directly on to the page usingstreamline the users experience. desk allows users to drill down on an unlimited hierarchy the Back to the Basics design interface. If given the needed of categories and products. The product also supports the permissions, users can also draw text or image boxes. AllOur marketing collateral management system becomes an role-out of individually branded storefronts with each areas of a piece can be locked down or opened up toextended integrated website based on the look of your supporting advanced and varied customer structures and a customization depending upon template rules. The Liveintranet for requests, orders, personalization, production, and multi-level order approval framework. Order information Session module enables advanced collaboration capabilitiesfulfillment of marketing communications in a single vendor- such as printing and finishing options along with delivery allowing multiple users in remote locations to designhosted portal. Your end users have access to a centralized instructions can also be input. The Basic’s ordering desk artwork together in a real-time virtual team environment.store of marketing materials where they can personalize, edit, comes standard with a comprehensive, fully-customizable Once an invited user joins a design session, all participantsand order materials that fully comply with your brand reporting engine. Reports can contain any data you choose view the same screen and can all make design changes torequirements. The system allows the integration and as well as how you want that data grouped and can be either a printed piece or an HTML page.management for all your fulfillment providers using a single, output as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, PDF or HTML.easy-to-use platform provide by Solutions by Premier. Reports can also be scheduled to run and made available toWe pride ourselves on having a multitude of tools designed the end user clients.to help your business, whatever your industry.
  17. 17. Basic Web Smart CampaignsBasic Web is a cross-media solution that enables users to The typical process for cross media campaigns involves Create a single test campaign that can serve up differentcombine the reach of VDP with the precision of web and artwork creation, adding data, specifying data/content/ content to trial recipients. Users can test different styles, colors,email communication to create powerful marketing layout rules, launching the campaign, learning what worked layouts or content and view the results on a single screen.campaigns. Among the marketing activities that Basic WEB and what didnt and finally launching a new campaignenables is campaigns utilizing variable data print, based upon what we have learned. The problem with this Launch full campaigns with multiple offerings and watchpersonalized URLs, or PURLS and targeted emails. The approach is that we only find out what did and didnt work while Smart Campaigns monitors results and adjusts whichworkflow begins with the user selecting a print or web after the campaign is complete, thereby missing opportunities. styles are delivered based success rates.artwork template (or creating one from scratch using Basic We thought to ourselves there had to be a better way. ThisCanvas). After specifying the areas that are variable, the user is why we developed Basic’s Smart Campaigns. Smart Campaigns optimizes your marketing efforts in real time.uploads the data file. Basic Web then maps the fields on theartwork to the fields in the file. Through the rules engine, Basic’s Smart Campaigns enables you to create a variety ofdifferent images or text can be inserted automatically, artwork/content/ images/promotions and serve them all updepending upon criteria such as gender, location or to a pre-set sample group. Basic’s will then monitor, in real-time,purchasing history. The user is then presented with the final which of these variations is having the most success andprint or HTML page for proofing. Printed files can be output supply the most successful variation to the remaining bulkin industry standard PPML, optimized PDF and other of the recipients. The process is called multi-variant but theformats. results have never been able to be applied in real-time until now. Basic’s Smart Campaigns applies the knowledge that may have taken 5 or 6 campaigns to build up in to one single campaign effort. The effect grows exponentially once you go beyond single-touch in to multi-touch as each touch is an opportunity for Basic’s Smart Campaigns to keep refining.
  18. 18. Documents Managed, or . . . Documents are at the heart of every business process. No At Print by Premier we are here to help make this process easy. matter what the market or the industry, documents drive the business functions that make every organization run. For nearly twenty years, Print by Premier has helped clients We look to optimize your internal print requirements in deal with these issues. Today, through our Basic’s conjunction with sourced materials that impact your Professional Services team, we’re bringing the best thinking, productivity, profitability and efficiencies of your firm. technologies and resources to help organizations streamline document management and optimize their print supply Consider these facts: chains. “And we do so from an independent perspective – from the client’s side of the table.” • Companies spend an average of 10 –15% of revenues on documents, printing and related processes. Working on your behalf, we take an integrated, holistic approach, looking across the enterprise at those areas where • Documents claim up to 60 % of an average office documents are produced. We analyze and benchmark workers time. printing practices, and consider the client culture. Then we establish customer-centric goals and an enterprise-wide • Upwards of 50% of documents are duplicates, 60% are document strategy to achieve them. Following a rigorous typically obsolete. process, we help our clients improve their processes, measuring each step of the way to assure that what’s These are just some of the expenses related to documents. promised is delivered. As a result, our clients achieve 15- Few organizations understand how much they actually 35% cost savings along with significant performance spend to create, print and manage documents. What’s more, improvements across the enterprise. We will work with your many don’t realize the full impact document team to create a just-in-time inventory while maximizing mismanagement and proliferation has on their ability to the usefulness of your in-house equipment. respond to customers and changing market needs, to comply with regulatory requirements and industry standards, while eliminating all potential risks. .
  20. 20. Digital Variable Print Warehousing and Distribution Services Fulfillment, Kitting and AssemblyVariable print integrates document design with customer- Print by Premier offers extensive warehousing, fulfillment Print by Premier has the ability to receive fulfillmentspecific data and graphics, making every printed piece and distribution services, including global shipments and requests through a variety of channels including the web,unique and customized to the recipient. The application can customized pick and pack solutions, in a climate-controlled fax, phone, letter, e-mail, business reply cards and tradebe as simple as adding the end-user’s name to the piece, or and secure environment. We are able to respond quickly and show files (hard or soft copy), and perform massas complex as creating an entire document of fully efficiently to tight turnaround times based on the nature of distributions for product launches and revision updatespersonalized information. the product, the location of the recipient, the business rules ranging from one to tens of thousands of pieces. We also regarding shipping methods and costs, or special perform kitting and assembly services of virtually any• Improves response rates requirements such as trade shows and training sessions. printed product, from one-page letters to complex kits with custom boxes inserted with items such as CDs, manuals,• Increases the value of customer relationships The warehouse is driven by an electronic radio frequency user guides, labels, reply cards, registration cards, finished system linked to our web-based warehouse management goods components and posters.• The right device for your project system. It combines radio waves and barcode technology in a robust, internet-based architecture, providing scaleable and We have extensive experience in processing orders with• IGEN by Xerox flexible warehouse management with real-time inventory mailing requirements ranging from standard sorts and tracking and reporting. All components in the warehouse are mailing through to complex collations with detailed specifi• Canon 7000C bar-coded and catalogued, and inventories are tracked cations. Our organization provides on-going distribution• Indigo 5000 Series by HP through hand-held devices as orders are filled. Re-order points services to thousands of destinations worldwide. are programmed into the system, triggering replenishment of• Nexpress 3000/3200 raw materials or finished printed goods as required.• Heidelberg Digimaster
  21. 21. Advanced Images10-Micron Stochastic Screening HexachromeTiny dots placed at random intervals: this is the magic For those suppliers currently utilizing stochastic screening, Hexachrome is a six-color printing process that uses anbehind 10-micron stochastic screening. This leading-edge only a few have made the significant leap to 10-micron. The enhanced CMYK color gamut plus two additional vividprint technology breathes life into images by creating richer, majority use 25 or 20-micron dots in their process. This colors – orange and green. This process offers a broadermore vivid colors and a level of definition that can’t be means that the equivalent line screen is 380 to 400, spectrum of both vibrant and subtle color, which, in turn,matched. For print projects that require impeccable respectively. The traditional offset print process typically more accurately depicts the RGB gamut in continuous-toneaccuracy, 10-micron stochastic screening produces images offers 150 to 200-line screen with the most prestigious images. Using hexachrome, we can closely match over 90%over three times more detailed than conventional print quality requirements using 300-line screen. Print by Premier of the spot colors in the Pantone Matching System® (PMS)techniques. uses a 10-micron process, the equivalent of 650-line screen. library – almost twice the number of colors that can be achieved using traditional four-color process printing. ThisHow does it work? What does this mean? means that a job produced with hexachrome can containIn traditional offset printing, dot patterns are equally spaced Projects printed using 10-micron stochastic screening have an unlimited number of matched spot colors and stillin a rigid pattern. A variety of dot sizes are used to achieve greater detail, increased clarity and greater dimensional remain within the budget of a six-color print job.tonality, density and shading. Under magnifi cation, you can effects, as well as better flesh tones for a more realisticeasily identify the dot pattern used to create the image. In result. Color is also controlled more effectively, allowing for When should you use hexachrome?the stochastic process, all dots used to create an image are a broader color spectrum with smoother gradations. Withequally sized and are much smaller than those used in • For printed products that require more than 10-micron stochastic screening, the possibilities are as large CMYK plus two spot colorstraditional offset printing. The dot pattern is randomized to as the dots are small.allow a wider range of definition and dimensional effects, as • When the designer requires more intensewell as a broader spectrum of colors. Light and dark areas color in separations Commercial Offset Onlyare definitioned by using less or more dots to achieve the • To match pastel colors and subtle color variationsvariations. The size of the dots used in the stochastic process • For product packaging, point-of-purchase displays,is measured in terms of microns. catalogues, posters, annual reports and publications Commercial Offset Only
  22. 22. Print by Premier provides a wide range of services ranging from commercial anddigital printing, direct mail, and promotional items. We then combine all of theseservices with e-business solutions that encompass warehousing, distribution allspecifically tailored to meet your individual needs. Our on-line corporate store willencompass the look of your branding appearing as an extension of your own orderingplatform. Authorized users will be able to select from a hierarchy of approvedproducts, personalize, view a proof and forward for approval. These services areavailable 24/7/365 days a year from any computer with a internet connection.
  23. 23. Back to the Basics Starts With You! Our Practices and Equipment PrePress-Graphics Department Fuji Katana 5055 Image Setter Print by Premier provides a wide range of services, including Heidelberg Flatbed ScannerGreat creative and effective marketing isn’t just about being commercial and digital print, direct mail, warehousing, logistics IMac G5 3 eachpretty, its’ about being smart. Print by Premier had its beginnings CS3 $ 4 and e-business solutions — all specifically tailored to match your30 years ago as an afterschool program. Established by a former Quark individual needs. Through the integration of our unique solutions,professional pressman, certified e-marketer and business 3 Power Mac G4 Dual Processor we can enhance your image, support your marketing initiatives,consultant, our team is built of innovative and creative thinkers 6 Power Macintosh G4 and make a positive impact on your bottom line. At our core are 4 Power Macintosh G5who focus their efforts on sustainable and efficient solutions. professional service people who understand the challenges you Sherpa 24 Contract Matchprint ProoferYour marketing materials will utilize, environmentally friendly are faced with every day. Let us help you the next time you have Sherpamatic Digital Blueprint Prooferinks, FSC certified papers & renewable energy, delivered carbon Digital Prep Department an unrealistic deadline, tight budget, or just have a question.neutral where possible. Our world-class manufacturing facilities 100/1000 base network CISCO 2 1are all committed to providing your firm clear strategies to Inspiration Ideas Insight 550 Lanovia Flatbed Scannerreduce its carbon footprint! We pride ourselves on exceptional Great creative isn’t only about being pretty; it’s also about being 7600 Digital Contract Proofersquality, great service with competitive prices. Our committment smart. Our professional services team specializes in providing the Accuset 1000 Imagesetterwill present your firm clear advantages when working with us. total solution. From simplistic designs to complex multi facet Agfa Apogee X Workflow Agfa Palladio Direct-To-Plate System marketing collateral kits. We pride ourselves on re-inventing the Apple Power-Mac G4 1.5 Gig Processors3 Basic Questions ordinary and making it excel in any cross media applications in print, Apple Power-Mac G5 Dual 1 Gig Processors email, billboards, video, and direct mail. Dell Xeon Dual Core Raid Servers Epson 9800 & 7800 Proofers Sustainable SolutionsDo we really need this? By partnering with us your projects will be produced responsibly. The Commercial Pressroom This starts with utilizing the correct papers, inks, print processes 2007 10 Color Heidelberg Perfector 28 X 40 AQ 2008 6 Color Heidelberg Speedmaster 28 X 40 AQ combined with renewable and sustainable resources. Our firm isIs this the best means committed to providing you a clear strategy to reduce your firm’s 2005 6 Color Komori Lithrone 20 X 28 AQ 2004 6 Color Heidelberg Speedmaster 28 X 40 AQ ecological footprint being carbon neutral wherever possible. 14 X 20 5 Color Komori Lithrone With Console 14 X 20of communication? Being green is smart and it doesn’t have to cost more. 2 Color Heidelberg GTO 14 X 20 2 Color Hamada 665 Envelope Press Environmentally Friendly Ryobi 9985 12x18 True Two ColorDo our materials convey an The Forest Stewardship Council is a non-governmental, non- profit group which promotes responsible management of the Ryobi 3200 12x18 With T-Head 2007 Heidelberg 6 color Half Webaccurate message to our world’s forests. In our business we use only papers which are FSC certified for print. There are also many other certifications that The Digital Pressroom Xerox IGEN 3, Max image size 14.2 X 20.4audience? are important such as SFI, GreenE, ECF, PEFC, which all should be considered and asked for when you are having a project Heidelberg Quickmaster , Max image size 12.375 X 18.25 Canon image PRESS C7000, Max image size 13 X 19.2 Nexpress 3000 w 5th color, Max image size 13.4 X 20 produced. By working with Print by Premier we are able to bring Heidelberg 7 Pocket Collator and Stitcher all of these services together in our easy to use custom branded Muller Martini Perfect Binder e-store. To your employees and customers this will appear as an 28 X 40 MBO Folding Equipment extension of your own ordering system. Materials ranging from Drilling, Punching & Full Bindery stationery and business cards through personalized marketing Wide Format Printing materials can be facilitated 24/7/365 days a year all with just 4 EFI Vutek GS 2000 Series very easy steps: Design-Proof-Approve-Order DPAOTM. Best of Hewlett Packard 5500 SeriesEpson Stylus Pro Series all, this system allows for communications to be translated from Substrates Available: Foam Core, Gator Styrene English to a multitude of languages. Outdoor Mesh, Light Box, Dura-Trans, Window Displays Building Wraps, Posters, Signage, Banners
  24. 24. The Correct Solutions For Your Project
  25. 25. Digital Projects
  26. 26. Whats on your INSIDE? See OURS
  27. 27. 10 Micron - 10 Color - Hexa Printing Perfected PORTFOLIO {summary}“Good design has the power to affect sustainable behavior and bring about cultural change that impacts our planet, populations and our future.”– THE LIVING PRINCIPLES, produced by AIGA
  28. 28. E. History/PortfolioBrandingand Collateral UNICEF Capabilities brochure
  29. 29. E. History/Portfolio Branding and Collateral Community Service Society Complete rebrand of identity and resulting brand standards document (excerpts)
  30. 30. E. History/PortfolioBrandingand CollateralCuttone & CompanyComplete brand identitydesign, business papers,folder, brochure andweb design