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B2B CM telemarketing services


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Telemarketing services offered by B2B CM, including appointment setting, data cleansing, data analysis, list building, lead generation.

Call +44 (0) 845 345 0545 for more information.

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B2B CM telemarketing services

  1. 1. HelloB2B CM telemarketing services
  2. 2. Introduction• Who are B2B CM?• Finding the right service.• Our portfolio.• Getting in touch.
  3. 3. Who are B2B CM?• Outsource B2B telemarketing experts.• Supporting organisations of all sizes.• Delivering sales & marketing objectives on time.
  4. 4. Finding the right service• What is your objective?• Are you focused on existing customers, or bringing in new ones?• Let our flow chart guide you…
  5. 5. Existing customer management Do you know everything about your customers? Yes No Proactive customer Mystery shopping Database analysis service To new business Proactively understand Develop an enhanced, generationEnsure staff know everything customers and their accurate, view of your you want them to. requirements. customers.
  6. 6. New business generation Do you have a prospect database? No Yes List building Have you checked it in the last 12 months? Discover the precise No Yes contacts to target. Data cleanse & Lead generation Appointment setting enhancementFrom existing Highlight the hot Clean and improve customer Keep you sales team’s prospects for you contacts to boost management diaries full. business. response.
  7. 7. Appointment setting
  8. 8. Appointment setting• Fill your sales team’s diaries.• Test new markets.• Tap into our team’s vast telemarketing experience and skill-set.
  9. 9. Appointment setting benefits• Keep your sales team focussed on closing sales, whilst B2B CM deliver appointments.• Use our expertise to fill a skills gap in your internal team.• Manage costs and boost ROI.
  10. 10. Lead generation
  11. 11. Lead generation• Put the spotlight on hot prospects.• Call the right people at the right time.• Understand prospects internal decision making processes and timescales.• Intelligent sales pipeline planning.
  12. 12. Lead generation benefits• Maximise sales opportunities.• Improve planning and sales targets.• Better direct mail delivery, with reduced wastage.
  13. 13. List building
  14. 14. List building• Create your own prospect database.• Combine and de-dupe existing databases.• Enhance contact information.
  15. 15. List building benefits• Ensure your data matches your target customer profile.• Establish all points of contact within a target company.• Standardise data formats for easy integration with CRM systems.
  16. 16. Data cleanse & enhancement
  17. 17. Data cleanse & enhancement• You need to clean your data.• On average, data provided to B2B CM by clients have a 20% error rates.• Enhancing data reveals additional contact points and hidden information.
  18. 18. Data cleanse & enhancement benefits• Reduce customer dissatisfaction by getting contact details right.• Comply with the Data Protection Act.• Improve direct marketing response rates.
  19. 19. Database analysis
  20. 20. Database analysis• Does your data work for you?• Take a close look at your data.• Benchmark databases against objectives and target audiences.
  21. 21. Database analysis benefits• Reduce marketing waste by highlighting data errors.• Reveal the real size of your database by removing duplicates.• Mine data to uncover hidden information.• Make sure prospect databases match the target customer.
  22. 22. Proactive customer service
  23. 23. Proactive customer service• Prevent issues becoming problems.• Understand customer requirements.• Utilise a mix of B2B CM services.
  24. 24. Proactive customer service• Data cleansing & enhancement — Get your customer details right.• Welcome calls — Resolve teething problems quickly, start off on the right foot.• Surveys — Find out what your customers are thinking.
  25. 25. Proactive customer service benefits• Build customer loyalty.• Increase repeat sales.• Reduce customer acquisition costs.
  26. 26. Mystery shopping
  27. 27. Mystery shopping• Do your staff know everything?• Analyse customer transactions.• Test staff training and knowledge.
  28. 28. Mystery shopping benefits• Uncover staff strengths and weaknesses.• Understand, and improve, your customer facing experience.• Improve transactional systems.• Support business intelligence programmes.
  29. 29. Fin• B2B CM are telemarketing experts.• Whatever your objectives, we deliver on time and within the agreed budget.• We like to talk, why not drop us a line?
  30. 30. Contact•• +44 (0) 845 345 0545•• @b2b_cm•