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How Mobile Technology Is Revolutionizing Business Communication



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This presentation previews the important points you should know about mobile business communication in the midst of today's mobile revolution.

Mobile communication, and mobile connectivity in the larger sense, is changing the way business communicators plan, create, and distribute messages. Mobile devices are overtaking PCs as the primary digital communication tool for millions of consumers, employees, and executives, and businesses that don’t get mobile-friendly in a hurry will fall behind.

For business communicators, the shift to mobile involves much more than the constraints of small screens and new input technologies. The ability to reach people anywhere at any time can be a huge advantage, but the mobile communication experience can also be a major challenge for senders and receivers alike. It requires new ways of thinking about information, message structures, and writing styles.

With the notion of radical connectivity, for example, many communication experiences are no longer about “batch processing” large, self-contained documents. Instead, communication is taking on the feel of an endless conversation, with recipients picking up smaller bits of information as needed, in real time, from multiple sources.

Only one author team is writing about mobile business communication: Bovee and Thill. In the 2015 editions of their business communication textbooks, you'll find important material about mobile in virtually every chapter of their books.

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How Mobile Technology Is Revolutionizing Business Communication

  1. 1. How Mobile Technology Is Revolutionizing Business Communication Bovée and Thill Business Communication Today, 13th Ed. Excellence in Business Communication, 12th Ed. Business Communication Essentials, 7th Ed.
  2. 2. Mobile Communication: An Essential Part of JetBlue’s Communication with Customers
  3. 3. JetBlue’s Customers Use Twitter Most Often on a Mobile Device
  4. 4. JetBlue Has a Mobile-Friendly Website and Smartphone Apps
  5. 5. JetBlue’s Focus Is on Digital, Social, and Mobile Communication
  6. 6. Mobile Communication Is a Game Changer Venture Capitalist Joe Schoendorf says, “Mobile is the most disruptive technology that I have seen in 48 years in Silicon Valley.” Research Maribel Lopez calls mobile “the biggest technology shift since the Internet.
  7. 7. Mobile Apps Help Companies Form Closer Customer Relationships
  8. 8. Companies Are Integrating Mobile Technology Throughout Their Organizations
  9. 9. Globally, a Mobile Device Is the Primary Way People Access the Internet
  10. 10. Mobile Is the Primary Communication Tool for Many Business Professionals
  11. 11. Half of U.S. Consumers Use Only a Mobile Device for Their Online Search Needs
  12. 12. Smartphones Have Become Intensely Personal Devices
  13. 13. Wearable Technologies Will Contribute to a Shift in Behavior
  14. 14. Social Media Pioneer Nicco Mele Coined the Term Radical Connectivity
  15. 15. Mobile Can Result in Reduced Costs
  16. 16. Formatting for Mobile Creates Challenges for Creating and Relaying Information
  17. 17. Mobile Users Are Often Multitasking, Which Results in Limited Attention
  18. 18. Most of the Rise in Social Communication Has Been Made Possible by Mobile Devices
  19. 19. Users Expect Websites to Be Mobile Friendly
  20. 20. Mobile Communication Has Put Pressure on Standards of Grammar, Punctuation, and Writing in General
  21. 21. Location-Aware Content Enhances the Mobile Experience
  22. 22. Mobile Devices Create Security and Privacy Concerns
  23. 23. Mobile Tools Can Enhance Productivity and Collaboration
  24. 24. Mobile Connectivity Can Accelerate Decision Making and Problem Solving
  25. 25. The Use of Communication Technologies in Other Countries Varies Widely
  26. 26. Mobile Devices Can Be Used to Communicate with Someone in Another Language
  27. 27. Modify Design and Layout of Messages to Fit Smaller Screen Sizes
  28. 28. Organize with a Linear Flow from the Top to the Bottom of the Message
  29. 29. On Mobile Devices, the Inverted Pyramid Style of Writing Is Generally Preferred
  30. 30. Write Shorter and More Focused Messages and Documents
  31. 31. Use Shorter Subject Lines and Headings
  32. 32. Use Shorter Paragraphs
  33. 33. 2014
  34. 34. 2014
  35. 35. 2016
  36. 36. 2017
  37. 37. 2019
  38. 38. “Business communication instructors who don’t recognize now that mobile should be integrated throughout their textbook and be a central part of their course will rapidly experience the declining relevancy of their course to today’s students.” You’ve just seen a slide presentation that outlines just some of the coverage of mobile business communication in the 2015 editions of Bovée and Thill’s business communication textbooks: Business Communication Today, 13th Edition – available January 2015 Business Communication Essentials, 7th Edition – available January 2015 Excellence in Business Communication, 12th Edition – available Jan. 2016 Mobile business communication will be covered as it relates to chapter content in every chapter of the books listed above. Please visit this page to order examination copies of Bovée and Thill textbooks. Also, see the authors’ blog for a wealth of free teaching materials.
  39. 39. As a Result of Being in the Midst of a Mobile Revolution, Teach Your Students Critical Information about Mobile Business Communication by Adopting One of Bovée and Thill’s 2015 and 2016 Editions The Rise of Mobile as a Communication Platform How Mobile Technologies Are Changing Business Communication The Unique Challenges of Communication on Mobile Devices Ethical and Legal Issues in Mobile Communication Mobile Communication Etiquette Using Mobile Tools for Collaboration and Teamwork Mobile Variations in Cross-Cultural Communication Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile Media Writing and Reading on Mobile Devices Message Design and Formatting for Mobile Devices Optimizing Content for Mobile Devices Mobile Considerations in Social Networking, Blogging, Video, and Other Media Using Mobile Technologies to Improve Routine Communication Creating Promotional Messages on Mobile Devices Visual Media on Mobile Devices Research Using Mobile Devices Using Mobile Devices in Presentations Mobile Devices in the Job Search Process Mobile Aspects of Personal Branding
  40. 40. A Complimentary Set of Seven Infographics about Mobile Business Communication Is Available on SlideShare. Click each infographic to see it full screen.
  41. 41. Visit Bovée and Thill’s Online Magazine, How the Mobile Revolution Is Changing Business Communication.
  42. 42. "Bovee and Thill are the only authors who explain and illustrate in every chapter (in the texts listed on the first slide of this presentation) how mobile is revolutionizing business communication. Surprisingly, no other business communication authors cover mobile business communication, which should tell you everything you need to know about which authors keep their textbooks current.”
  43. 43. See this other informative and well-illustrated slide presentation about mobile business communication: Why You Must Be Teaching Your Business Communication Course within a Mobile Context by 2015 Also, compare your current text’s coverage of mobile business communication to Bovee and Thill’s texts. Can Your Business Communication Text Pass This Test of Essential Mobile Coverage?