Technology of 2022


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Technology of 2022

  1. 1. Technology of 2022Maggie IsingComm 303
  2. 2. Past, Present, FutureTHE PAST• Technology as we see it now is completely different than what it used to be. We classify PRESENT all electronics as technology, • Our technology essentially nothing else. today is filled with However, prior to our day, technology was considered cell phones, everyday activites such as: laptops, iPads, the making fire, cooking and cloud, interactive farming. video games, etc. All sorts of things that make you sit and wonder about “what’s next?” THE FUTURE • Next is the future. We have no idea what is to come, and I will be providing you with an insight to what will be the new technology of 2022.
  3. 3. How will the new technology beinfluenced?• The Umbrella Perspective• Roger’s Diffusion of Innovations• Moore’s Innovation Adoption Theory• Critical Mass Theory• Uses and Gratifications Theory• Media System Dependency Theory• Social Learning Theory/Social Cognitive Theory• The Theory of the Long Tail• The Principle of Relative Constancy
  4. 4. The Umbrella Perspective • The Umbrella Perspective is broken into 5 sections. • 1. The Social System: in 2022, the society will motivate us to use our electronics more often. • 2. Organizational Infrastructure: The creators of the new technology willRihanna supports the essentially force us to use theirUmbrella ella ella creations.Perspective • 3. Hardware: the actual technology. • 4. Software: what we will be using. • 5. Individual user: it all is up to YOU on how often you want to use your technologies.
  5. 5. Roger’s Diffusion of Innovations• Several factors go into Roger’s Diffusion of Innovations.• 1. Knowledge: we become aware of the new technology.• 2. Persuasion: Either you like it or you don’t.• 3. Decision: will you use it or not?• 4. Implementation: Success! You use it.• 5. Confirmation: Evaluate whether you like it or not.
  6. 6. Moore’s Innovation Adoption Rate • Innovators: Taking a risk. • Early Adopters: look into the idea before they adopt it. • Early Majority: want to see what the product does for them.
  7. 7. Critical Mass Theory• Risk takers!• These creators take a risk to try new things and hope to inspire others to follow their lead.• Example: when you see how much use your friend gets out of an iPad, your longing for one grows.
  8. 8. Uses & Gratifications• The user has a big role: choosing the media!• Focuses on several different reasons: ▫ Social and psychological origins ▫ Needs ▫ Expectations ▫ Mass Media/Other sources ▫ Other patterns of media interaction ▫ Needs gratifications ▫ Other consequences, intended or unintentional
  9. 9. Media System Dependency• Combines psychological and social theories together.• How the media influences our lives.• How much do you depend on media?
  10. 10. Social Learning Theory/SocialCognitive Theory• Learning things from other people.• Gaining information from television, internet, etc.
  11. 11. The Theory of the Long Tail• There isn’t as much need for things as there used to be, such as “hit” songs, albums, shows.• Companies need to make their prices more suitable to what people are willing to pay.
  12. 12. The Principle of Relative Constancy• How much money is spent on media.• People adjust what they spend, to spend more on media.
  13. 13. What’s next?• The future has a lot to offer. Things are soon to change, especially when it comes to: ▫ Video games ▫ Computers/Tvs ▫ Headsets
  14. 14. Video games• Video games have always been a very easy thing to use: you sit and click buttons on a controller. Now, we have things like the Kinect, where you move around. But next? Next I see something different. A headset used that involves nothing but your mind. You speak, think, anything, and your mind is in control. Sit back and relax as you think what’s next, making it happen.
  15. 15. TVS/ Computers • There are a few computers that link to their TVs, but soon, that will be all that’s sold. The convenience of having your facebook accessible as you watch TV: genius! There will be many new features, such as logging into skype as well as Netflix and watching a movie with your friend, talking and watching at the same time. Great feature for long distances, bad feature for laziness.
  16. 16. Headsets• Tired of all that noise from your everyday life? Tired of the messy strings from your headphones? Annoyed at how loud your roommate listens to music? Fear not! For in 2022, wireless headsets will be a hit with universal connection to your phone, mp3 player (likely iPod/iPhone), TV, computer, anything that makes noise! To decrease the loudness, the wireless headsets will create a more simple way to listen to what you want to hear.
  17. 17. Zenon• If anyone has ever seen Zenon:Girl of the 21st century, maybe they’re on to something. Maybe one day we will be living in outerspace with loads of new technology.• Maybe…
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