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Effects of Social Media on Youth

As use of social media is increasing day by day, the presentation describes the benefits as well as threats of using or being addicted to social media. There are some interesting facts in PPT to understand easily.

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Effects of Social Media on Youth

  1. 1. Effects of Social Media on Youth SUBMITTED BY- KAMLESH KUMAR-181 SHIVAM BHASIN-209
  2. 2. What is Social Media  Forms of electronic communication (as Web sites for social networking and microblogging) through which users create online communities to share information, ideas, personal messages,  And other content (as videos)  Websites and applications that enable users to  Create and share content or to participate in  Social networking.
  3. 3. Some Facts About Social Media • 90% have used social media • 75 % Have social networking accounts (although MAY be a parent using under child’s name) • Facebook has 5 million profiles for users under 10 • (lying about age 13 at sign up?)
  4. 4. Daily Use
  5. 5. World Wide  The sites most often visited by children worldwide  According to the 2013 statistics, porn and erotic sites (16.8%) were overtaken by social networking sites (31.3%) where today’s youngsters spend most of their time. Unexpectedly, online stores broke into the Top 3 (16.7%), far outstripping seemingly popular categories such as chats and forums or web mail.
  6. 6. Impacts of Social Media:- *Induced fear and phobias *Media multi‐ tasking affects attention life *Reality vs. fantasy *Role models *Time use
  7. 7. Impact of High Exposure on Behaviour and Mental Health  Middle schoolers use more media than any other age group. (8 hrs., 40 min per day)  lower academic achievement, grades.  lower attachment to school.  shorter attention spans.  among youth who report internet harassment gyp victimization and unwanted sexual encounters.  25% report extreme upset.
  8. 8. Results of Social Media Learning aggressive attitudes and behaviors. Developing a fear of being victimized by violence (also known as the "Mean World Syndrome). Sense of hopelessness and disappointment. Creates a sense of anarchy and mental disturbance among young generation.
  9. 9. Research Result of Social Media
  10. 10. Conclusion  Our nation is a strong nation ethically as well as morally.  We are one of those few countries which are rich in human as well as natural resources.  We are one of the few countries in which large number of population is young  We need to motivate this youth in positive manner by giving them a positive futuristic approach.