Client proposal for ict digital video


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Client proposal for ict digital video

  1. 1. Ben Turner Task 1-Client Proposal for ICT Digital Video 12/9/12For my digital video project I have decided to do short video piece on promoting the ICTSuite department for the CAMSFC (Cheadle and Marple Sixth Form College) where it willsummarise what is happening within this area and how the staff maintain very goodlearning standards as well etcetera.The main intention behind the digital video is to promote the Creative-Media BTEC NationalDiploma Double Award Level 3 course where I will be describing and explaining in detailwhat is involved with this course subject area and my own experience from doing the courseso far.Promotional videos are used to advertise something that is either being sold or supportedby a representative of any kind of business whether it would be a learning environment or ashopping centre etcetera.They can be used for publication on the WWW (Worldwide Web), user generated contentwhere other people get to comment on the video, viral marketing is where the video getsexposed to a wider range of people and DVD or CD can be used for broadcasting tomembers of the public that is relevant towards the target audience.Here are a few examples of how the CAMSFC (Cheadle and Marple Sixth Form College)promote and sell their learning environment:Cheadle & Marple Sixth Form College - YouTube
  2. 2. Ben Turner Task 1-Client Proposal for ICT Digital Video 12/9/12The main purpose of the college is to ensure that support is accessible to students who needit, to provide a wide range of diverse course subjects within any area you can think ofwhether it would be ICT, English or Maths etcetera where students get a chance to amplifytheir course programme with enrichment in order to enhance their own reputation’s asindividual students. It also provides a lifetime opportunity for students who are consideringuniversity as well.Cheadle & Marple New DVD - YouTubeIt obviously states its own slogan which is “Working with you to succeed” where bothcampuses provide a more relaxed atmosphere where you get to establish workingrelationships with friends and teachers. You get to manage your own timescales in order tocomplete all of the assignments that are provided by the teachers where this means takingmore responsibility for your own learning. The college never judges people on any groundswhether is religion or sexuality etcetera and the environment is user friendly towardsanyone who is involved within the college. In addition to this, it also explains that all lessonsare never the same because you are doing many different things in each lesson such as,speaker notes and writing etcetera.
  3. 3. Ben Turner Task 1-Client Proposal for ICT Digital Video 12/9/12Cheadle & Marple - 5 reasons to go - YouTubeAs reiterated from the 1st video it offers a wide variety of course subjects whether thatwould be from AS to A levels, vocational and options provided for all abilities. As a wholethe college is a relaxed, adult learning environment which offers mutual respect toeveryone. They also utilise the time to support your own individual learning needs in orderto helps students into succeeding within their course subjects. In addition, they also haveteachers who have a mixture of academic and industrial experience in which they canclearly identify how to prepare you for your future. Furthermore, all of the success all comesdown to the performance of representatives within both campuses of Cheadle and MarpleSixth Form College and the students themselves in order to achieve the best qualificationsas possible so that they can have better career prospects.
  4. 4. Ben Turner Task 1-Client Proposal for ICT Digital Video 12/9/12Stockport College Music Video 2009 - YouTubeThe overall aim for the Stockport College is to enable students to open and expand theirminds on their own learning and career prospects where the college was given full approvalfrom the legendary singer CandiStaton to put together a back tracking video in order todisplay their own talent.Stockport College Apprentices – Plumbing and Electrotechnical Students- YouTube
  5. 5. Ben Turner Task 1-Client Proposal for ICT Digital Video 12/9/12This video particularly looks into two prospective members within the Plumbing andElectrotechnical subject areas where it describes and explains how they initially got intodoing these courses at Stockport College and how much experience has been gained fromstudying these subjects as well.Viral Marketing:Is a method that is particularly suited and the internet due to itsinstantaneous nature which encourages people to pass on the message to colleagues,friends or family as they would notice it to be relevant.There are two types of viral marketing. The first one is the initial classic sort where the self-amplifying cycle occurs due to the marketing of the product. For instance, Hotmail orYouTube are the kind of online messaging applications that are used in order to expand onthe target audience for a certain media product meaning that more people use it the morereputable a media product becomes as a result. The second once has seen a developmentover the last few years and which is a marketing campaign that is exposed but not relatedtowards the media product itself.Shepard Fairey’s poster of Barack Obama was everywhere because people chose to spreadit. It is viral marketing because it made an argument as a visual one for a candidate.The main advantages of viral marketing are that socialising and networking has becomemore adjacent towards people which means relatives and friends are able to simple gainaccess to each other on the net. It is cost free for any promotional business transactions.The timescale of the viral marketing and the resources are available. In this section formarketing once a person contacts their friends or relative it develops a wider targetaudience or interested consumers of a media product, so therefore it will produce morerevenue from the advertisement.The main disadvantages of viral marketing are that you can be associated with groups orpeople who you don’t know where the success of the viral marketing depends on thetransfers of messages from person. You may receive spam threats if the viral marketingcampaign is set out wrongly this can lead to significant spam issues. Being derived frommaking only financial-based offers. The value of the brand can also suffer do to thishappening as well.WWW (Worldwide Web): Is a global-based network which is well-known as the `internet`where it comprises of webpages that can be accessible to the users via web browser. Theinternet represents the network of networks where all the information is situated. The kindof features within the internet include Telnet for Windows, FTP (File Transfer Protocol),Internet Gaming, IRC (Internet Relay Chat) and email is all part of the internet but does notrepresent the Worldwide Web.
  6. 6. Ben Turner Task 1-Client Proposal for ICT Digital Video 12/9/12The HTTP (Hyper-Text Transfer Protocol) is a technique that is used to transfer webpagesonto your computer. So if you consider hyper-text as a word or a phrase this means that itcontains a link that can be accessed to another website. All of the webpages are written inHTML (Hyper-Text Mark-Up Language) which is part of the HTTP.The main advantages of the Worldwide Web are that almost everything can be accessed byanyone who is using the internet. It enables businesses to integrate their own website aspart of the overall business strategy. Prospective companies are more likely to sustain theirpresence as an online business. You can also build a foundation of friends and have a goodrapport with them as well. In addition to this, there is also beneficiary of having allcommunications being obtained via emails where you can immediately type out the email,send it and it will usually appear within the users email inbox.The main disadvantages of the Worldwide Web are whilst accessing some sites you may seepop-ups which can be very distracting towards the user and they may not want to revisit thewebsite. Not all of the information on the internet is factual. Certain websites contain errormessages that states that the website no longer exists. The download speeds may be at asnail’s pace meaning that it is extremely slow. Furthermore, people can misuse the termsocial networking in order to write random comments that might offend other people.DVD (Digital Versatile Disc): Where it can also stand for `Digital Video Disc` but due tovarious ways of using a DVD the word versatile would be best suited for this terminology.It looks like a CD (Compact Disc)which has high-capacity optical disc but can obtain muchmore information. While a CD can store from 650 to 700 MB (Megabytes), a single-layer,single-sided DVD can store up to 4.7 GB (Gigabytes) of information whether its music,images or videos etc. This means that a massive computer application or full-length moviesto be obtained on a single DVD disc.The more amplified DVD formats are even more fascinating. There is a two-layer standarddisc that doubles the capacity of the whole DVD to 8.5 GB. These discs can also be double-sided in which ramp up to a maximum storage disc space of 17 GB which means that thistype of DVD is able to hold up to 26 times more data than a CD can hold! So in order to readthe DVDs within your computer you need to have a DVD-ROM (Digital Versatile Disc-ReadOnly Memory) disc drive.Fortunately enough, DVD players can also read CDs. So in order to play DVD movies on yourcomputer you will need to have a graphics card with a DVD-Decoder in which mostcomputers will now have. In relation towards my “ICT Digital Video Project for CreativeMedia” I will be
  7. 7. Ben Turner Task 1-Client Proposal for ICT Digital Video 12/9/12The main advantages of a DVD are that it maintains high quality within the motion picturewhich means unlike the VHS (Video Home System) as related to a video cassette it is able torun the movie without any jumps or pauses within the film. A DVD can hold up to 4.5 GB incomparison to a CD that holds up to 700 MB meaning that it becomes more expansionablein terms of adding files to the DVD which results into less money to be consumed for theDVD products.The main disadvantages of a DVD are that with a DVD+R platform you cannot record oroverwrite the data that already exists on the DVD. Some discs have more amplified discspace of up to 17 GB’s, so therefore a standard recordable DVD would not be suitable forthat kind of scale of disc memory for any multimedia features that are involved within thedisc. Furthermore, if you were obtaining data for a kind of project that continues to changeon a regular basis then the best resource to use is a removable flash drive which recognisedas the USB (Universal Serial Bus) in which this can be used to carry around at anytimewhether you are operating with it within a working environment or at home.A presentation is to do with the practice of viewing or explaining the content of a topic thatis related towards the target audience or a learner. Presentations can vary within manydifferent forms such as, sales, informational and motivational presentations. In addition tothis, you may undertake the following for a presentation: First Encounters Interviews Briefings Status Reports Image-Building Training SessionsEven though some may perceive presentations in a business meeting context, that are moreoften than not occasions when this has turned out not to be the case. For instance, a Non-Profit organisation is presenting the need for capital fund-raising campaign in order tobenefit the victims of a recent tragedy; a school district manager presents a program toparents about the introduction of foreign-language instruction in the elementary schools; anartist that is demonstrating decorative painting techniques to a group of interior designers;ahorticulturist shows garden club members or homeowners how they might use native plantsin the suburban landscape; a police officer addresses a neighborhood association aboutinitiating a safety program.Presentations can also be categorized as vocational and avocational. In addition, they areexpository or persuasive. And they can be impromptu, extemporaneous, written, ormemorized. When looking at presentations in the broadest terms, its more important tofocus on their purpose. There are three basic purposes for giving oral presentations:
  8. 8. Ben Turner Task 1-Client Proposal for ICT Digital Video 12/9/12 1. To inform 2. To persuade 3. To build good willThe main advantages of a presentation are that it can become more versatile where aPowerPoint presentation can be put into either an individual or a group of people or indeedwith being a large gathering of people within conferences etc.You can distribute copies of your presentation towards the people that you are presenting itto which means that do not need to memorise what you say.Displaying a professional approach is a key factor towards making a good or very goodpresentation.You do not necessarily need to memorise the points that you are putting across. The bulletpoints within the slides act as like a guide to support every point that is made within thepresentation.A good presentation contains an Agenda, the main slides and a summary slide - then end.This ensures you cover the key points.Presentation can contain photos or indeed video or sound files to illustrate the points made.This can make the presentation more interesting for the viewers.The main disadvantages of a presentation are that presenting subjects that are personalwhere this could be deemed as `impersonal`if you were presenting it towards a singleperson.The downfalls that might be encountered when preparing a PowerPoint presentationinclude the lack of necessary skills needed. Although most people do not find thePowerPoint program difficult to use, it still requires a certain set of skills to effectively createa successful presentation. Individuals with little or no computer experience may find itdifficult to use.
  9. 9. Ben Turner Task 1-Client Proposal for ICT Digital Video 12/9/12Compression is to do with files being reduced to a smaller size where for instance, a ZIP fileis a file that has been reduced to enable it to be sent quicker or to take up less memoryspace. To download and expand the file again you would need to use a software applicationcalled `WinZip` that can be used.The main advantages of compression are that you can attach several files towards youremails in order to help out the situation. As a result, of file compression it frees up moredisk space on your hard drive.The main disadvantages of compression are that if the computer speeds are poor it wouldbe more time-consuming to reduce the file sizes within your PC. Also if you compress the filetoo much the quality will be detracted from the content of the files.Digital file formats because of all the different manufacturing companies there are manydifferent digital file formats most are compatible with different playing systems butsometimes you need to use conversion software. Different file formats will have beencompressed to a lesser or greater extent. So larger files have better quality but take longerto send and take up more memory space and smaller files have less quality and less space.Common digital file formats include: .avi (Microsoft Universal based format) .flv (Flash video by Adobe) This is an extremely common format of a small size so its easier to send and store and is compatible for most players. Dv (Digital Video) which is a large file that is mostly used in the editing process of film making because it compresses each individual frame to make it easier to make cuts. .wmv (Windows Media Audio Video File) This is a very common Microsoft based file compatible with nearly all PC’s. MSWMM (Microsoft Windows Movie Maker) which are very large files not usually used for sharing so would need to be converted to files such as, Flash or AVI.The main advantages of digital file formats are that if modified efficiently the file will bereduced significantly in terms of size, therefore it will become more easier to upload themto the web. Sifting out file extension is relatively simple where you just type in the dot andthen the file extension so that it displays all of the files related to a particular format.The main disadvantages of digital file formats are that if you do not effectively reduce thefile size it will become much bigger meaning that it will eat into more of the timescale foruploading the file content to the web. If the file format corrupts and you do not have a copyof that file you will not be able to retrieve it.
  10. 10. Ben Turner Task 1-Client Proposal for ICT Digital Video 12/9/12Streaming methods can involve many different ways of protecting and showing digitalvideos towards the public. For instance, movie studios are trying everything that they can tocontrol the distribution of digital videos by protecting their revenue through digital rightsmanagement and in more extreme cases it may also need litigation which means that youhave to go to court where the magistrates will determine the verdict of the validity of thedigital video. Videos can also be streams live online such as the websiteenables registered members to watch any game related to their favourite football club.Another example of live streaming can be formed as a well-known online videoplayer forexample, the YouTube website shows the process of uploading and buffering where it havea mini dotted circle as displayed within the centre of the video player screen the CristianoRonaldo - Tested To The Limitvideo so that it can be viewed by the users of the site.The main advantage of streaming methods isthat if the computer speeds are high thismeans that video files tend to uploaded more swiftly and quickly so that users can gaininstant access to the video.The main disadvantage of streaming methods is that if the computer speeds are not fastenough you have to wait around for the whole of the file to be downloaded meaning that itwill be very off putting for the users of the video.
  11. 11. Ben Turner Task 1-Client Proposal for ICT Digital Video 12/9/12Data Transfer Rate is where files containing information can be transferred betweencomputer related devices in which this can be sometimes referred to as Throughput. It canbe more often than not be expressed in kilobits or megabits per second. It may also beexpressed as kilobytes or megabytes or KB/sec and KB/sec. Bits are often abbreviated inlower cases whereas Bytes make use of the upper case of letters. Here are the list of thekind of data transfer rates below: 1,024 bits = 1 kilobit (Kb) 8 kb = 1 kilobyte (KB) 128 KB = 1 megabit (Mb) 8 mb = 1 megabyte (MB) 1,024 KB = 1 megabyte (MB) 128 MB = 1 gigabit (Gb) 8 gb = 1 gigabyte (GB) 1,024 MB = 1 gigabyte (GB)The main advantage of Data Transfer Rate is that computers with amplified file transferrates and the internet transfer rates are able to instantly distribute files very quickly overthe internet.The main disadvantage of Data Transfer Rate is that when computers freeze up the processof distributing the file rates become slower.
  12. 12. Ben Turner Task 1-Client Proposal for ICT Digital Video 12/9/12File Size can be known as the amount of data that is obtained within the file itself. It can alsobe related to how much content is included within a single file for instance, a worddocument such as, the analysis of the GAME website is about 6.6 MB due to a combinationtext and images being integrated within the document.The main advantages of file size are that it can be significantly reduced when converted to adifferent format. You can easily attach file that are to about 10 MB’s or maybe more whenadded files to an email that is been sent to someone else.The main disadvantages of file size are that some web software applications do not allowbeing file sizes to be sent over the internet for example, Hotmail may only allow up to amaximum of 25 MB’s worth to be sent across towards other recipients.
  13. 13. Ben Turner Task 1-Client Proposal for ICT Digital Video 12/9/12Media Players are the ones that enables the functionality of digital videos and audio contentwhere it can include the following: Flash Player (Is distributed by Macromedia where this is an important piece of media software kit in order to run any .swf files within a web browser. The name player defines it already as it plays back the files that have been produced by the authoring application such as, Adobe Flash Professional CS4 which has recently been upgraded to CS5. Initially the flash player was used to show 2-dimensional vector animations but has become well-known for creating rich internet applications, streaming audio and video) QuickTime (QuickTime is developed by Apple Inc. where it can be played through many different formats such as, MP3, MPEG and MPEG-4 etc. It can also involve the compatibility of the kind of media types for instance, digital video, media clips, animation, text and music are among the few types of media that is used within this kind of player. It is also available for Mac and Windows operating systems)
  14. 14. Ben Turner Task 1-Client Proposal for ICT Digital Video 12/9/12 Windows Media Player (Is a type of media player software for Windows that is taken from Microsoft that plays a variety of audio, video and streaming formats including MP3, WMA, CD audio and MIDI. Starting with Version 6.2 in 1999, the Windows Media Rights Manager was added for securing copyrighted content)The main advantage of the media players are that with recent technological developmentsfor instance, a smartphone device will enable to attract more consumers mainly all the timewith the features involved within the smartphone.The main disadvantage of media players is that certain players do not have efficientbuffering in other words the computer may not have enough speeds to upload the video.
  15. 15. Ben Turner Task 1-Client Proposal for ICT Digital Video 12/9/12Digital Rights Management is commonly well-known as, DRM is a system that allowsprotection to the utilised for certain media products. DRM systems are normally foundwithin music files and can be used to limit the number of times a file is distributed from onemedia player to another or to confine a period of time in which a file can be played back.DRM is usually located on the video media. A wide range of different DRM systems existtoday, including Apples FairPlay and Microsofts Windows Media DRM 10. It can alsoinvolve the use of DVD within different regions within the globe where you have to followcertain protocols in order to make the DVD operational within a particular region.The main advantages of Digital Rights Management are that you have authority over howyou control and edit your own media content without have any other parties involved. Youcan identify any accidental or malicious disclosures without it effecting the productivity orcollaboration of your work.The main disadvantages of Digital Rights Management arethat you consumers of a mediaproduct are very restricted to what content can and cannot be viewed. Having software thatno longer works due to the expiration date of the licenses within media products.