Ben Turner            Unit 4-Creative Media Production Management                  12/11/12               (Client Brief Re...
Ben Turner            Unit 4-Creative Media Production Management                    12/11/12               (Client Brief ...
Ben Turner             Unit 4-Creative Media Production Management                    12/11/12                (Client Brie...
Ben Turner             Unit 4-Creative Media Production Management                    12/11/12                (Client Brie...
Ben Turner              Unit 4-Creative Media Production Management                     12/11/12                    (Clien...
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Client brief report for digital video


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Client brief report for digital video

  1. 1. Ben Turner Unit 4-Creative Media Production Management 12/11/12 (Client Brief Report for Creative Media Digital Video Project)Our company and what we do:Our company specialises in the creation of video presentations for other companies,colleges, schools, small business’s etc. We have great experience in the application of flashand know how to use it to create high quality flash movies, we have also had experiencewith stop motion animation using normal snap shot cameras to create animation we did thisby moving the models slighting into different positions and then taking pictures of eachseparate movement. When put into video editing software and put at an fps of 12 framesper second. The pictures that are being played in a soft of video format start to create theillusion that the models are moving on their own. Our company has also had quite abit ofexperience in using video cameras to create high quality video presentations and also usingthe software PowerPoint to do so as well. We take pride in our work and make sure everyclient is satisfied with the professionalism of the projects that we are able to pull off. Acontract will be given out to the client and it will outline what you expect as of what weexpect from the project, time on project, the payments that will be used for equipment asfor other things such as lunch provided, list on contracted employees for the project etc.Here is an example of a contract for a business to give you an idea of what to expect a copywill be made for the contractor and the client;
  2. 2. Ben Turner Unit 4-Creative Media Production Management 12/11/12 (Client Brief Report for Creative Media Digital Video Project)What our company would like to do for your college:I would like to produce a video presentation for the creative media department thatoutlines what new students will work on throughout the course, this video presentation willbe half an hour long and it will require a few people to be involved in the production withparts like the cameraman, present students, lighting, teachers etc. The idea would be tohave the students talking about how they feel about the course and why it’s a good idea topick the course for their A level studies, the teachers will describe what the course involvesand what tasks will be pitched to the students for them to complete they will also make alittle tour of the facility’s that are used or are usable by the students who take this course.The teachers will also give their opinion on the course and why they like to teach the subjectto students. The students that are in the production will show how fun the subject is withthe entire movie making with clay models, flash work, involvements in the gaming side ofthe project and so on. The video production will be very professional and will be put ontodisks for distribution for students looking into creative media otherwise it will also beposted onto YouTube and onto the college website. While looking into copyright we need tomake sure that we do not get any video footage of branded computers, software, clothingetc. as this could be seen as copyright, to avoid this we could use a blurring effect in thevideo editing software to blur out anything that could be used against us in a copyrightclaim. A libel is a malicious, false statement in written media, a broadcast, or otherwisepublished words with this being the case we do not want to say anything about the collegethat is untrue and ensure that they get the better picture of our college, obviously falseinformation on the college may have been written by critics, past students etc. and we needto ensure that they are not true and show the best of what the college has to offer in thecreative media department. The Equality Act 2010 is an Act of Parliament of the UnitedKingdom. The primary purpose of the Act is to consolidate the complicated and numerousarray of Acts and Regulations, which formed the basis of anti-discrimination law in GreatBritain this law is very important in all aspects of life and the working environment in ouradvert for the creative media department we need to make sure there is no form ofdiscrimination against race, gender, sexuality, nationality etc. and show that the collegetakes very strong action against anyone that tries to oppose these laws and that everyonefrom all walks of life in the creative media department are happy, safe and enjoying theirexperience. I am working to a budget of £4000 which will be used to create a presentationto go along with the video, also snacks will be needed for the people involved in the video,and the camera will also be paid for along with the lighting that is needed the costs will goas followed;
  3. 3. Ben Turner Unit 4-Creative Media Production Management 12/11/12 (Client Brief Report for Creative Media Digital Video Project)Legal and Ethical Considerations:Copyright:Is where someone has to gain permission from the owner or creator of a media product forusage for their own project where they may have to pay some money for accreditation forthe work that has been produced. It could also mean that a person will need to directly getinto contact by phone with the owner of the media product in order to discuss whether it isaccessible to the person who is asking for consent. In relation to the Creative Media DigitalVideo project I will ensure that all of the content does not come from secondary sourcessuch as, the internet and it will be created solely by me as ready-made digital video for mycourse subject that I am working on. I also need to make sure that I get permission for anymaterials gathered from secondary sources so that I can identify what resources areaccessible towards the Creative Media Digital Video project.Libel:Can be where a person has written a false statement in order to harm or damage thereputation of the owner/creator of a media product where this could be well-known as“defamation”. This can also involve any little worthy statement that has been made by oneperson to another in which it is either communicated or published depending upon whetherit is legal or not. In relation to the Creative Media Digital Video project I need to ensure thateverything included within the digital video will not make anything up and it is true to itsword about the course subject.Confidentiality:Can be referred to as data or resource materials for a media project which is obtained onlybetween the client and the creator of the media product. It also helps to detract any stringsattached between other parties within the media organisations as well so that it preventsfraud and crime etc. In relation to the Creative Media Digital Video project I will make surethat all of the resource materials that have been assembled will be utilised only between meand the client in which there will be no further parties involved.Decency:Is the quality or state of the mind in relation to attaining social or moral standards where itcan actually be deemed as the normal standards of living. You also have to abide by thevaried alterations to the English Law as well if you are looking to successfully complete andpublish the ready-made digital video. In relation to the Creative Media Digital Video project Iwill have to ensure that I have maintain the main principles such as, social or moralstandards “as explained above” in order to successfully complete and publish the digitalvideo onto the WWW (Worldwide Web).
  4. 4. Ben Turner Unit 4-Creative Media Production Management 12/11/12 (Client Brief Report for Creative Media Digital Video Project)Race:Can be referred to as `Racism` which inherent a variety of behaviours and personalities ofindividuals and assembles them into racial groups in order to justify the discrimination of aparticular person whether that would be multi-coloured or white person. It is often used tooffend people by the colour of their skin or the type of religious group they represent whichis more often than not known as, `Racial Stereotyping`. I can confirm that my new leisureproduct (Wii Touch) will not be using any language that is purposely set out to discriminateagainst any multi-coloured or white cultures. In relation to the Creative Media Digital Videoproject I will make sure that any of the content does not discriminate any type of race for aperson whether they would be white or multi-coloured.Gender:Is a term that helps to extricate the differences between Males and Females, especiallywithin the case of where `Masculine` and `Feminine` features that are allocated to them. Italso helps to identify the different types of sex, social roles or gender identities which arevery much dependent upon what context is used in either a mutual or discriminativemanner. In relation to the Creative Media Digital Video project I will ensure that everythingused is not discriminating against any gender whether that is Male or Female and it willaccepted mutually from the people viewing the digital video.Religion:Is an establishment of humanity and spirituality through a range of different cultural, beliefor worldviews systems and every now and then refers to the values of morality. Themajority of religions comprise of narratives, symbols, traditions and also the sacred historiesthat set to give meaning to life, explain the origin of life or through the universe. In relationto the Creative Media Digital Video project I will make sure that humanity and spiritually isnot discriminated against.Sexuality:Is related to Human Sexuality that helps to describe the way humans experiencestimulation or expression by their sexual beings, the mindfulness of the person’s sex fromMales to Females and the capacity for erotic involvements and responses. It can also definethe way a person is attracted to someone else of the opposite sex that can be referred to as`Heterosexuality`, `Homosexuality`is where someone is attracted to the same sex,`Bisexuality` relates to both sexes and `Asexuality` states the way a person show no interestin a sexual way. I can reassure that there will be no offensive pornographic material withinthe Creative Media Digital Video and it will not offend any type of the person’s sex.
  5. 5. Ben Turner Unit 4-Creative Media Production Management 12/11/12 (Client Brief Report for Creative Media Digital Video Project)·Green Screen with professional green screen video editor - £300·Soft box lighting. 2x85w 5400K CRI>90 Bulbs, 40x60cm Softboxes - £187.95·Snacks, Drinks and Provided Dinner - £50·Panasonic AG-HVX200 - Camcorder - widescreen - DV, Mini DV, DVCPRO HD, DVCPRO £1,890.99·Film Editing software – Free (Is on the college computers)·Staffing Cost – Free (using the staff and students in the college that are willing to volunteer.)·DVD disks used for distribution. 3x 100 MAXELL DVD-R BLANK DISCS RECORDABLE DVD 16x 4.7GB 120mins - £16.52 x 3 = £49.56 Total cost of equipment/supplies = £2478.50 Development will start whenever you decide and we will schedule meetings during the development to keep up to date with the progress, added costs, changes in the project etc. The project should be completed after 3-4 weeks with getting the video footage then editing, putting it on disks and so on, you are looking at a February finish at the latest. If you are more interested in what our company does, estimated completion time then people email us at and we will happily answer any questions that you wish to give us.