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The European Collaboration with a Swiss twist


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The slides of our presentation held at Social Connections 8 in Boston about the implementation of a new collaboration platform for an European insurance conglomerate

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The European Collaboration with a Swiss twist

  1. 1. The European Collaboration with a Swiss twist Andreas Ponte / Sandra Bühler Belsoft Collaboration AG
  2. 2. SOCIALCONNECTIONS8April16-17,2015 • System Integrators • IBM Domino/Notes • IBM Notes Traveler • IBM Sametime • IBM Connections • Custom Development • Domino • XPages • Interfaces and Systemintegration • Education for Administrators, Developers and Users • Member of the Penumbra Group
  3. 3. SOCIALCONNECTIONS8April16-17,2015 About the speakers • Andreas Ponte • About 18 years in the Lotus/ICS world • Worked for a Reinsurance Company until 2007, amongst other things responsible for the global communication infrastructure • Joined Belsoft AG, an IBM Premier Business Partner located Switzerland, in 2007 with focus on consulting in the Domino and mobile solutions area • Since 2014 CEO of Belsoft Collaboration AG and IBM Champion for 2015 • Regularly speaking at own events and various user groups
  4. 4. SOCIALCONNECTIONS8April16-17,2015 About the speakers • Sandra Bühler • Co-founder and co-owner of Belsoft Collaboration AG • About 18 years in the Lotus/ICS world as a Senior Sales Consultant • Main topics besides a high contribution in strengthening the position of ICS in the market are project management and user education • Guest lecturer at the University of Zurich with Applied Sciences’ for Social Business, well known speaker at several user groups and co-organizer of ‘IBM Connect comes to you’ and ‘ICON Switzerland’ events. • IBM Champion for 2014 and 2015
  5. 5. SOCIALCONNECTIONS8April16-17,2015 The Client EURAPCO - European Alliance Partners Company AG Eurapco is an Alliance of large independent European mutual insurance companies. The Alliance consists of seven Partners that operate in 18 countries across Europe. Eurapco Partners aim to benefit from their involvement on the international stage to strengthen their ability to compete in their local markets and are unified in one goal: to create value together.
  6. 6. SOCIALCONNECTIONS8April16-17,2015 The Client EURAPCO - European Alliance Partners Company AG Eurapco is an Alliance of large independent European mutual insurance companies
  7. 7. SOCIALCONNECTIONS8April16-17,2015 The Design Partner nbrion – soluciones creativas nbrion is a small advertising agency located in Torrelodones, near Madrid, in Spain. They are specialized in branding, social media and branded content.
  8. 8. SOCIALCONNECTIONS8April16-17,2015 The Project Team and some more behind the scenes.. Belsoft Collaboration AGEURAPCO Team
  9. 9. SOCIALCONNECTIONS8April16-17,2015 The starting point • Small infrastructure with 3 Servers • Critical but somewhat old Notes Applications with complex processes and workflows • The desire to offer their customers more and better services • It’s time to renew and modernize the offering
  10. 10. SOCIALCONNECTIONS8April16-17,2015 Goals • To simplify and enhance the communication and collaboration • To “modernize” the services/applications and offer additional state of the art functionality • To implement a hybrid solution of local and hosted infrastructure
  11. 11. SOCIALCONNECTIONS8April16-17,2015 Let’s start the brainstorming
  12. 12. SOCIALCONNECTIONS8April16-17,2015 Brainstorming result
  13. 13. SOCIALCONNECTIONS8April16-17,2015 The “raw” steps Infrastructure Work Technical and conceptual preparation for hosting Installation and implementation of IBM Connections, LDAP integration, webpage migration to Belsoft infrastructure Installation and implementation of IBM Sametime SW- Development Concept and POC (IBM Connections as Eurapco Member Zone) Integration of Domino App results into IBM Connections, Eurapco UI changes Tests with real data User Interaction Installation of Plug- Ins for Eurapco employees Education and consulting/support of IBM Connections Community leaders Tests with real data
  14. 14. SOCIALCONNECTIONS8April16-17,2015 Some challenges during the project IBM Documentation (or lack thereof..) Technical problems and changing security requirements Design modifications (what, where and why doesn’t it work..) Migration of data (files) from Notes to Connections Communication PMR’s
  15. 15. SOCIALCONNECTIONS8April16-17,2015 Problem Management Request Title Severity Status User with Umlaute in their name cannot create meeting room. 2 open SBT: getFilesInFolder is limited to 10 results 3 open Undelete Forum Topics 3 closed Richtext Editor looses focus 3 closed @Mentions shows ID community forums 3 closed Get a java.lang.NullPointerException when trying to upload a profile picture 4 closed Document Conversion in Meeting Room fails 2 closed About 20 PMR’s, mostly for IBM Connections but also IBM Sametime had its share..
  16. 16. SOCIALCONNECTIONS8April16-17,2015 The infrastructure (now)
  17. 17. SOCIALCONNECTIONS8April16-17,2015 • The hosted servers all run on RHEL 6.5 except the server for IBM Conversion Server / IBM Forms Experience Builder (Win2008 R2) • We migrated over 40 GB of data (files) from a Notes Database to IBM Connections Files and have over 16’000 files stored within IBM Connections • Public: 13,037 (80.3%) Shared: 2,878 (17.7%) Private: 313 (1.9%) • Number of times files have been downloaded: 6,303 • Number of times files have been shared: 36,980 The Infrastructure and some figures
  18. 18. SOCIALCONNECTIONS8April16-17,2015 • Profiles • Number of employees who have updated their background: 96 • Number of employees with a picture supplied: 492 • Number of employees logged in the last week/month: 170/3,440 • Number of employees with tag: 90 • Activities • Number of activities: 29 • Total number of distinct members: 349 • Total number of entries: 268 The Infrastructure and some figures
  19. 19. SOCIALCONNECTIONS8April16-17,2015 • Communities • Total number of communities: 47 (15 public, 32 restricted) • Total number of distinct owners: 24 • Total number of distinct members: 677 • Number of users logged in the last week: 149 • Number of users logged in the last month: 311 The Infrastructure and some figures
  20. 20. SOCIALCONNECTIONS8April16-17,2015 The standard login page
  21. 21. SOCIALCONNECTIONS8April16-17,2015 The e-join login page • New design • Remember me checkbox • Password recovery • Registration form
  22. 22. SOCIALCONNECTIONS8April16-17,2015 The landing page on launch
  23. 23. SOCIALCONNECTIONS8April16-17,2015 Custom icons for Communities
  24. 24. SOCIALCONNECTIONS8April16-17,2015 Events XPages App Connections Files
  25. 25. SOCIALCONNECTIONS8April16-17,2015 Events Widget
  26. 26. SOCIALCONNECTIONS8April16-17,2015 The Eurapco Magazine
  27. 27. SOCIALCONNECTIONS8April16-17,2015 Questions?
  28. 28. SOCIALCONNECTIONS8April16-17,2015 contact us • Andreas Ponte • Sandra Bühler
  29. 29. SOCIALCONNECTIONS8April16-17,2015 Thank you for you attention