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Belsoft Collaboration Day 2018 - IBM Connections - Gegenwart und Zukunft

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Belsoft Collaboration Day 2018 - IBM Connections - Gegenwart und Zukunft

  1. 1. Bringing the Future of Work to Today
  2. 2. IBM ICS is shaping the future of work with intelligent workstream collaboration.
  3. 3. Bringing It All Together Intelligent Workstream Collaboration A unified portfolio. Bringing together our offerings into a seamless experience, so you have what you need when you need it. Enhanced human workflow. Leveraging technologies within IBM Collaboration Solutions, across IBM, and beyond, to deliver intelligent work stream collaboration for industry use cases. Built with Watson. Applying unprecedented intelligence to your work – to make you and your teams more efficient and effective in everything you do. © 2017 Gartner, Inc
  4. 4. The Future of Work – Our Vision To make every person in your organization work like the best, brightest, and most connected individuals, by augmenting their abilities with the power of Watson to drive action-oriented outcomes.
  5. 5. A meeting has started. I can catch up in real time with Watson as the minutes taker
  6. 6. Our Guiding Principles Employee engagement is becoming both more essential and yet more difficult. Intelligently Doing More With Less Every interaction, conversation, and business asset can generate valuable insight, which is currently untapped. Innovation Environments need to be agile and adapt to unforeseen business needs; invest for future need, don’t become locked into the past Connecting… People with People People with Cognitive Systems People with Ideas
  7. 7. Last year we asked you to embark on a Pink journey with us…
  8. 8. IBM Connections PINK Our Journey To Date Accomplishments • Skills developed • Foundation laid • Components delivered • Customers engaged • Showcase cadence Lessons Learned • A new world • Balance benefit with effort • Technical execution Continuing the Journey • Deliver “Pink” outcomes • Workstream collaboration • More groundwork that drives efficiency • Deployment optimization • Content Service and more
  9. 9. IBM Connections Create and tailor a personalized digital workplace hub — without calling IT. Delivering on the vision – driving new value in client engagement, personalization and compelling user experiences • Connections 6 now available; and the new Connections mobile experience • Personalizing Connections with Orient Me for web and mobile • Tailor Connections for your Org with Connections Customizer, Elastic Search and contemporary Visual Updates • Integrated with Watson Workspace, Webex, and soon Zoom
  10. 10. IBM Connections Engagement Center Surface and action the content that matters most. Driving success through an engaged workforce • Centralize communications & where you do work via a homepage and landing pages for your corporation, org, or team • Content and layout can be easily customized • IBM Connections social features (comments, likes) are associated with each story and post • Anyone can author content in IBM Connections and have it automatically published and promoted
  11. 11. 1. Activity-stream 2. ATOM / RSS Feed 3. Clipping 4. Community description 5. Community members 6. Community overview 7. Event 8. Files 9. Files explorer 10. Forum 11. HTML 12. Ideation-blog 13. iFrame 14. Important links 15. Kudos leaderboard 2 16. Links 17. Media gallery 18. My Communities 19. My Links 20. My Notes 21. My Quicklinks 22. Navigation 23. News 24. News channel 25. News list 26. News overview 27. News slider 28. People birthday 1 29. People finder 30. People selector 31. Pinned files 32. Popular content 33. Preferences 34. Profile completion 35. Profile picture 36. Profile tagging 37. Saved search 38. Static content - blog 39. Static content - wiki 40. Suggestions 1 (people& communities) 41. Tag cloud 42. Teaser 43. Top news 44. FEB Data Widget 1,2 45. FEB Form Widget 1,2 46. Website navigation & Breadcrumb Path 47. 22 x IBM Connections My Page widgets 64. IBM Connections 1 65. Activity-stream & right column 66. Custom widgets API 1 Not available in IBM Connections Cloud 2 Requires additional license ICEC Widgets & Page Elements
  12. 12. IBM Watson Workspace Turn conversations into actions, with the built-in power of Watson. Putting Watson in the hands of end users • Launched 2 new offerings, Watson Workspace Essentials and Plus. • Core collaboration capabilities leveraging a conversational UI. Designed for teams to do their best work • Plus includes video + audio meetings, powered by Zoom • Artificial intelligence is built-in. Summarization, Prioritization and personalization
  13. 13. E n h a n c e d H u m a n W o r k f l o w Compelling user experiences, bringing together the ICS portfolio U n i f i e d P o r t f o l i o I n t e l l i g e n c e & P e r s o n a l i z a t i o n Applying intelligence & personalization to your work Thread your work together through unified user experiences across multiple integrations Intelligent Workstream Collaboration Delivering Results
  14. 14. Now Intelligent Workstream Collaboration Delivering Results: Right Now Connections Files & Watson Workspace integration Connections Customizer Orient Me - Contemporary user experience, personalizing your Connections content updates Watson Workspace, intelligent conversation, moment summarization, and Zoom video integration
  15. 15. Now Intelligent Workstream Collaboration Delivering Results: Next Consumer grade user experiences! - New Community landing pages - A single editor makes life simpler - Customizable community notifications & newsletters - Files navigation & view enhancements based upon the way you’re working - onPrem UI enhancements unifying the look and feel cross-portfolio - Customizable & sharable templates for WWS The metrics changes you’ve been waiting for! Data retention & migration; report export and more feature enhancements
  16. 16. 41 Files – Improved Navigation and User Experience • Defaults to the files you work with most. • Simplify Files navigation to show files and folders together in a familiar way. • Just type to immediately filter the list to find what you need. • Pick up where you left off because the system remembers the last view and sort you were using. • Group options to filter Files together and remove redundancy. • Get to File details and sharing directly form the list. Subject to change
  17. 17. 42 Design Subject to Change Proposed To-Be: All Files - Sort by Recent - Files you recently worked with are on top
  18. 18. 43 Design Subject to Change Proposed To-Be: All Files - Refine the list to focus on what’s important
  19. 19. 44 Design Subject to Change Proposed To-Be: All Files - Sort by Pinned - Pinned files on top, followed by recent files
  20. 20. 45 New Communities Home Page • Updated layout makes it easy to open the community you are looking for. • Pinned communities and recently viewed communities allow for quick access. • Integrated search bar shortens the time to find the community you are looking for. • Continuous scroll replaces the need to click through and reload multiple pages. • Filter options help narrow down the search. Subject to change
  21. 21. 46 Proposed To-Be: Communities Home Page Design Subject to Change
  22. 22. 47 Notifications – Weekly Newsletter • Default email notifications get a visual refresh based on new design guide • Ability to include your site name, for example Greenwell Connect • Ability to customize colors to match your branding (associated with overall site branding customization) • Streamline and organize content to help users focus on what’s important Subject to change
  23. 23. 48 Proposed To-Be: Newsletter customized to show site name and brand colors. Design Subject to Change
  24. 24. 49 Send Email Notification from a Blog entry • Same To-Be points from Email Newsletter updates. • Streamline and organize content to help users focus on what’s important • Increase visibility of option to Notify the Community of a blog entry or events – Provide option to notify whole community with one click • Include an excerpt from the blog entry or event in the email notification Subject to change
  25. 25. 50 Today: Community Events > Specific Event > More Actions > Notify Other People Today: Community Blogs > Blog Entry > More Actions > Notify Other People
  26. 26. 51 Communities - Continue to evolve communities to ensure they are easy to set up and create, with a compelling design experience. Tailored to Me… – recognizes the individual needs of team members – surfaces what they need for effective contribution Tailored to Us… – work/communicate transparently – small team project work – medium / large team project work – broadcast style spaces (info sharing / resources / training /…) Designissubjecttochange
  27. 27. 52 Outcomes Based Solutions Subject to change • Sales Deal Rooms • IT Service Management • Crisis Response • Intelligent search (people, content, etc.) • Embedded Forms, Views • Templates
  28. 28. 53 As a business user, I can integrate enterprise systems of record to fit into the flow of my work without writing code IBMConnectionsGrid Design is subject to change • Low-code application builder designed to empower business users and developers to create interactive and flexible applications. • Securely connect to enterprise backend systems of record such as Domino or Salesforce and create integrated interfaces in which to input/read data at ease • Deploy apps within the context of your workflow in Watson Workspace.
  29. 29. Metrics – Priority Outcomes • Date Range Filter: • All Years • Custom • Group By Filter: • Geography • Role • Department • Additional reporting on Profiles, Communities, Bookmarks • Historic data migration • Exporting of data Subject to change
  30. 30. Now People Service MVP on Cloud, connecting WWS & Connections portfolios with people Foundational work for Watson Work service integration to Connections data OnPrem ‘Intelligent Meetings’ via WWS OrientMe Next – personalization + Watson Integrations with key business apps to integrate your work experience across your team Intelligent Workstream Collaboration Delivering Results: Future
  31. 31. 56 concept Design Subject to Change Proposed To-Be: People Service
  32. 32. 57 concept Design Subject to Change Proposed To-Be: People Service
  33. 33. 58 concept Design Subject to Change Proposed To-Be: People Service
  34. 34. 59 concept Design Subject to Change Proposed To-Be: People Service
  35. 35. Announcements From DNUG • Connections 6 CR2 now available on Fix Central! • We have heard you… the RFE (Requests for Enhancements) Community is coming this summer! • The Intelligent Collaboration Community comes to you! (Similar to #domino2025)
  36. 36. Thank you for your attention! Any questions I can answer for you?