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Brandon Steiner: Speaker

  1. 1.  B u s i n e s s & M o t i vat i o n a l S p e a k e r  B u s
  2. 2.  About  BuBrandon is the founder and CEO ofSteiner Sports Marketing. Steiner Sports isfirmly entrenched as a leader in the sportsmarketing industry and Brandon himselfhas developed into a bona fide sportsmarketing guru. Brandon is a permanentfixture in the media and is a regular onESPN Radio 1050, and co-hosts Yankees-Steiner: Memories of the Game which isprominently featured on the YES Network.Charismatic, driven, and fearless,Brandon Steiner has turned a “crazy idea”into a multi-million dollar business.Partnering with some of the biggest namesin sports and entertainment, the New YorkYankees, Syracuse University, and NotreDame University to name a few, Brandonhas become the prominent name in sportsmemorabilia and sports marketing.
  3. 3.  Testimonials  BusH a rv e y M a c k ay, # 1 n e w y o r k t i m e s b e s t s e l l i n g a u t h o r “Brandon Steiner’s story illustrates not only how You Gotta Have Balls, but how to keep a million balls in the air at the same time. His delightful, insightful anecdotes will inspire anyone juggling life’s challenges” Eli manning, 2 x S u p e r b o w l m v p, n e w yo r k g i a n t s “He is one of the true playmakers in this business”L o u H o lt z , 1 9 8 8 - C o l l e g e F o o t ba l l N at i o n a lC h a m p i o n , H a l l o f Fa m e C oac h “His attitude is infectious, his competitiveness is unmatched and his concern for other people is inspirational. I’ve learned a great deal from Brandon by being around him and I’ve learned even more from his book.” Derek Jeter, C a p t a i n a n d A l l - S t a r S h o r t s t o p, N e w Yo r k Ya n k e e s a n d 3 0 0 0 H i t C l u b M e m b e r “Brandon’s business savvy has taken him from the streets of Brooklyn to the top of his trade”
  4. 4.  Pa s t s p e a k i n g e n g ag e m e n t s  Bu
  5. 5.  B r a n d o n ’ s Pa rt n e r s h i p s  Bu s
  6. 6.  E xc lu s i v e at h l e t e s  Bu s Jonathan Quick Amar’e Stoudemire Victor Cruz Barry Larkin Jeremy Lin2012 Stanley Cup Champion NY Knicks Super Star Super Bowl Champion Baseball Hall of Famer NY Knicks Super Star Eli Manning Andy Pettitte Hank Aaron Franco Harris Lou Holtz 2x Super Bowl MVP 5x World Series Champion 500 HR & 3000 Hit Clubs Super Bowl Champion Football Hall of Famer Mark Teixeira Derek Jeter Peyton Manning Mariano Rivera Mark Messier 2009 WS Champion 5x World Series Champion NFL Super Star Future Hall of Famer Hockey Hall of Famer
  7. 7.  Speaking  Bus B r a n d o n speaks on a widevariety of skills and entrepreneurialvalues that have made him successful.Whether it is regarding change and allthe opportunities it brings, or how tohandle risk. He brings “outside of the boxthinking” to life! Brandon alsoaddresses the fundamental aspects ofkeeping with the times and adjustingto the climate of your industry, beforeyou are left behind.
  8. 8.  “ T h e M y t h o f n e t wo r k i n g :  Bu w h y c r e at i n g a fa n b a s e t ru m p s a l l ”  Brandon teaches you how to take the people that you know the best and who know you the best and turn them in to wildly successful salespeople for you. He shows you to make the most of what you have and capitalize on your existing relationships.
  9. 9.  “ H ow to f o l low u p  Bus & f i n d yo u r s p ot s ” Brandon teaches the importance of organization and purpose. By finding you niche and focusing on the things you are good at, you can break through the competition and stand out. People tend to focus on their negatives and things they are not good at rather than on their strengths.
  10. 10.  “ I t s n ot t h e g a m e ,  Bu s it’s the game plan” Targeting your success and setting manageable goals are essential parts of planning, but it’s most important to always reset your goals after you achieve them. Complacency stunts your future growth.
  11. 11.  B r a n d o n ’ s n e w B o o k  Bu s Targeting your success and setting Brandon Steiner tells his own rags-to-riches story: how he went from growing up with a single manageable goals are mother in a shoebox-sized apartment in Brooklyn to buying the old Yankee Stadium, and Breset your goals after managing a sports marketing empire – with all the lessons learned along the way. If you have a you achieve them. dream career, but don’t know how to make it Complacency stunts come true, or if you just want to close more deals and make more money from the work you’re your future growth. already doing, read this book. Buy this book to get the balls needed to take risks, be first to market, follow-up & make booms from busts. Hardcover September 18th 2012 US $24.95