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Connect and combine


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Assignment for Lecture 4 by Ajay Tyagi

Published in: Business
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Connect and combine

  1. 1. Ajay Tyagi
  2. 2.  For this assignment I have taken following 2 commonly used items: ◦ Soft Ball ◦ Water Bottle
  3. 3.  In my training session, sometime I hear that “Bottleneck is always on the top”. Above phrase is commonly used during Managerial skills workshops. I want to change/alter/modify this phrase with some demonstration
  4. 4.  When I got this assignment than I took it as a project to combine a soft ball & bottle in following way for debrief of few messages: ◦ Bottleneck is always on the Top, this bottle neck is more visible only when we have a cap attached to it.
  5. 5.  When you remove the cap & have a smiling face with intelligent mind. than bottleneck may not be in direct focus. This smile & welcoming face might help you gaining accessibility with your colleagues .
  6. 6.  Its up to you, whether you want to smile or look sad. Impact will be visible in both cases.
  7. 7.  It is kept on my table as table top in office with the smiling face. Its easy to arrange during training program. Impact has been good for such debrief