Introduction to Personal Branding


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An introduction to Personal Branding in a new media world by BRANDIAM.

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Introduction to Personal Branding

  1. 1. Personal Branding.2013
  2. 2. What Is APersonal Brand?B R A N D I AM
  3. 3. A Brand results from a set of associationsand perceptions in peoples minds, basedon the content they come across thatrelates to you.skillstrustimagespersonalityreputationmessagesexperienceidentitythoughts
  4. 4. In today’s digital world,these associations maybe intentional or out ofyour control.
  5. 5. It is your responsibility to improve,manage, and market yourPersonal Brand.B R A N D I AM
  6. 6. You.You are a Brand. You are in charge of your Brand. There is nosingle path to success. And there is no one right way to createthe Brand called You. Except this: Start today.Tom Peters
  7. 7. What Does APersonal BrandDo For Me?
  8. 8. A Personal Brand facilitates activeengagement with your target audience.
  9. 9. A Personal Brand allows you to be partof the conversation, the content andthe community.Paul Gilbert, Head of Social Media, BRANDIAMB R A N D I AM
  10. 10. B R A N D I AMEffective branding makespeople come to you.
  11. 11. - Conveys your unique value- Differentiates you from the crowd- Builds credibility and trust- Increases your influence and reachB R A N D I AMA ‘Live’ Personal Brand:
  12. 12. WhereDo I Start?B R A N D I AM
  13. 13. Building and managing your PersonalBrand can be all-consuming. Just likeanything else worthwhile, you need a plan.
  14. 14. 1. Define YourPersonal BrandB R A N D I AM
  15. 15. - What are my core values?What do I stand for?- What are my unique strengths?What makes me truly awesome?- What types of relationships do I want to have?Who do I want to talk to?- What do I want to be known for?What sort of actions do I take?- What are my personal goals?What do I call success?Questions To Define Your Personal Brand
  16. 16. 2. Define YourAudience
  17. 17. - Where does my audience hang out online?- What platforms are being used to reach them?- Which channels work well together?- What types of conversations occur on each channel?- What is the most popular type of content on each channel?Questions To Define Your Audience
  18. 18. B R A N D I AM3. Create A Plan
  19. 19. A Brand Plan helps youdefine your audience,set out your goals andschedule your content.A Personal Brand needs:- Clear Brand Messaging- Consistent Behaviour- Constant Interactionremember
  20. 20. ChooseYourChannels
  21. 21. To get the most fromsocial media, you need tounderstand how each platformworks and what each channelis used for.
  22. 22. - Websites, Blogs Forums- Traditional Media- Social Media Platforms- Share Sites Services- Peer-To-Peer- Video Content- ImagesA Personal Brand Requires:
  23. 23. B R A N D I AMBuilding a powerful Personal Brandtakes time, dedication and lots ofquality content.
  24. 24. Engage Your AudienceB R A N D I AM
  25. 25. Once you’ve created valuable content,you’re ready to engage your audience.Creating a connection with people isimportant for all brands.Brands can embody attributes whichconsumers feel drawn to.
  26. 26. B R A N D I AMWhen engagement is effective,good ideas are shared and rewarded.
  27. 27. - Use content scheduling and activity calendars- Consistently create value with high quality content- Produce videos, images and articles that relate to your audience- Help others help you by reaching out and being supportive- Build relationships with influential thought leaders- Be nice, professional and most importantly be You6 Tips To Engage Your Audience
  28. 28. TrackYourActivityB R A N D I AMB R A N D I AM
  29. 29. B R A N D I AMTracking your Personal Brand andmeasuring your results helps optimiseyour work and improve your reach.
  30. 30. - Brand Name- Industry And Peers- Favourite Topics- Competitors- GrowthKey Metricsbrand namegrowthcompetitorsindustry
  31. 31. Wash And Repeat B R A N D I AM
  32. 32. Just like you, your PersonalBrand is constantly evolving.So should your approach toengaging your audience.
  33. 33. Key Take-Aways1. Define Your Brand2. Define Your Audience3. Update Your Profiles4. Plan Your Content5. Know Your Channels6. Build Your Audience7. Convert Your Conversations8. Track Your Activity
  34. 34. Let’s