Brand Engagement: Today’s Hottest Marketing Currency


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In today’s challenging marketing environment, where every firm sounds alike, sales cycles take years, and services become commoditized overnight, how can A/E/C firms engage their audiences and ensure they stay engaged – growing from prospects into loyal life-long customers? How can A/E/C marketers take advantage of the multitude of communication channels without diluting the brand’s message (and do so with today’s often-sparse financial and human resources?). Enter brand engagement! Brand engagement is critical to cultivating internal and external brand champions, giving stakeholders and marketers the vision, structure, and motivation to turn brand into action.

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  • Excellent Overview of how critical and 'perplexing' a Brand can be for companies today.
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Brand Engagement: Today’s Hottest Marketing Currency

  1. 1. Brand isnot what YOU say it is.It’s what THEY say it is.—Marty Neumeier, The Brand Gap
  2. 2. Brand Is–NOT a logo–NOT a tagline–NOT an identity system
  3. 3. Brand Is–NOT a logo–NOT a tagline–NOT an identity system–Brand IS a perception about your firm, its people,culture and services that exists in the minds andhearts of your audiences.
  4. 4. Why vs. What/How―The goal is to do business with people who believewhat you believe, not people who simply need whatyou sell.‖And ―to hire people who believe what you believe –not simply those who can do the job.‖
  5. 5. Creating an Engaging BrandPeople do business with people and people engagewith things that move and inspire them.
  6. 6. Creating an Engaging BrandA brand must be a reflection of your audiences, itsvalues aligned with their beliefs and aspirations, inorder to resonate with them.
  7. 7. Brand ExperienceIs your Brand Experience worth repeating?
  8. 8. Brand Management Across TouchpointsBrand must work across all touchpoints: from brandedenvironments to e-signatures and from marketingcollateral to social media.
  9. 9. Brand Stakeholders–Employees–Customers–Prospects–Partners–Vendors–Industry Influencers and Media–Community
  10. 10. Engaging Brand Stakeholders–Courtship and dating phase–Staying top of mind long-term
  11. 11. Select Tactics–Content marketing–Thought leadership–Corporate citizenship
  12. 12. Content Marketing–Speaking engagements–Articles and whitepapers–Case studies and success stories–Podcasts, presentations, webinars and educationalevents–Trend reports–Digital marketing and social media posts
  13. 13. Content Marketing–What’s in line with your firm’s expertise?–What are your customer’s needs & challenges?–Create a process for content development,publishing and promotion:– Create an editorial calendar– Decide who is responsible– Develop a strategy for promoting content acrossmultiple channels– Always create opportunities for user interaction
  14. 14. Thought LeadershipGreat content leads to Thought Leadership, whichpositions your firm as the go-to source of expertise forcustomers, prospects, industry and media. You will:– Earn trust and build credibility– Expand your market and engage with marketinfluencers– Shorten buying cycles– Avoid being seen as a commodity– Foster customer loyalty
  15. 15. Communication Platforms–Web–E-marketing–Video–Social media–Blogging
  16. 16. Email Marketing–One to many–Segment targeting–Doesn’t expire–Relatively low cost
  17. 17. Video MarketingAccording to Forbes Insight:–59% of senior executives would rather watch avideo than read text–65% click through–50% look for more information–45% report that they contacted a company
  18. 18.
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  21. 21. Corporate Citizenship–Corporate-nonprofit partnerships–Pro-bono work–Corporate volunteering–Foundations
  22. 22. Being a good corporate citizen plays avital role in fulfilling Microsoft’s core missionas a company – to help people andbusinesses around the world realize their fullpotential.
  23. 23. Internal Engagement―What high-performing companies should be strivingto create: A great place for great people to do greatwork.‖–Marilyn Carlson, former CEO of Carlson Companies
  24. 24. Causecast for Good
  25. 25. ―If you hire people just because they can do a job,they’ll work for your money. But if you hire people whobelieve what you believe, they’ll work for you withblood and sweat and tears.‖—@SimonSinek