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Ischools workshop - program


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Workshop program - Natasha Simons
Research Data Management workshop at the iSchools Data Science Winter Institute, 7-9 December 2017, University of Hong Kong

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Ischools workshop - program

  1. 1. Managing Research Data Workshop iSchools Winter Institute, Hong Kong Thursday 7 December 2017 3 hours: 2.00-5.30pm (with 30 mins break from 3.30-4.00pm) Presenter: Natasha Simons, Australian National Data Service Student assistants: Link to workshop materials: Learning outcomes At the end of this workshop, you will be able to: ● Understand relationships between data and research lifecycles and the connections between them ● Articulate the theory and practice of Data Management Plans, including references to new and emerging DMP tools and approaches ● Understand how data is discovered and what information helps potential users evaluate which data may be useful ● Understand the role of metadata, controlled vocabularies and persistent identifiers in data discovery ● Cite data in line with standards and principles ● Refer to practical examples, particularly those from Australia, in relation to the above Required reading ANDS Guide: Research Data Management in Practice Resource: 23 (research data) Things Blog post: DMRs, making DMPs relevant again Webpage: Working with Data: Metadata Video: Persistent Identifiers and Data Citation Explained Webpage: Joint Declaration of Data Citation Principles Recommended reading Webpage: About the Australian National Data Service (ANDS) Webpage: The ANDS, Nectar and RDS partnership Journal article: Machine-actionable Data Management Plans Journal article: A Data Citation Roadmap for Scholarly Data Repositories Webinars: ANDS YouTube channel - choose ones that interest you from playlists such as Research Data Librarians, Open Data Stories, Research Data Information Integration and Persistent Identifiers.
  2. 2. Workshop program Start 2.30 Introduction to ANDS, workshop outline, who’s who in the room 2.45 Data in the research lifecycle ● Short intro (5 mins) ● Hands-on: do Thing 3 - Data in the Research Lifecycle (work in pairs) - 10 mins ● Class discussion: How did you find Thing 3? (5 mins) ● Presentation: How do Australian institutions support the data lifecycle (10 mins) 3.15 Data Management Plans: ● Short intro (5 mins) ● Hands-on: do Thing 15 - Data Management Plans (work in pairs) (10 mins) 3.30 Afternoon tea break 4.00 Data Management Plans (con’t): ● Class discussion: How did you find Thing 15? (5 mins) ● Presentation: Australian DMP tools and approaches (10 mins) 4.15 Data discovery and metadata ● Intro presentation: How do people discover data? Includes video (10 mins) ● Hands-on: creating a metadata record with only a dataset (CSV file) to go on! (in pairs or groups) (15 mins) ● Class discussion: How did you go with the exercise? Time to see the real metadata records for these datasets. (5 mins) ● Presentation: Australian examples of data discovery portals. (15 mins) 5.00 Data citation and impact ● Intro - includes video (5 mins) ● Hands-on: do Thing 7 - Data citation for access and attribution (work in pairs) - 10 mins ● Class discussion: How did you find Thing 7? (5 mins) ● Some useful data citation tools 5.20 Bringing it all together ● Review and reflection: One thing you have learnt? One thing you will do? 5.30 Close