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Roles & Skills for RDM


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Presented by Robin Rice at the ARLG Conference 2014, Falmer, 23 June 2014

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Roles & Skills for RDM

  1. 1. ARLG Workshop: Roles & Skills for RDM workshop Uni Sussex June, 2014 Robin Rice, Data Librarian, EDINA and Data Library, University of Edinburgh Beth Hall, Academic Support Librarian, Bangor University
  2. 2. Roles & Players in RDM University of Edinburgh example
  3. 3. UoE Data Library Service • finding… • accessing … • using … • teaching … • managing ChartsBin and mkandlez on flickr
  4. 4. The Data Lifecycle Slide borrowed with permission from Anthony Beitz, Monash University. CollaborateConceive Design Experimen t Publish ExposeAnalys e Design Data Management Planning Expose National Repository or Institutional Repository or Electronic Journal or Community Portal Research Data Management Platform CollaborateExperimen t PublishAnalys e
  5. 5. UoEResearch Data Management Roadmap (2012-2014) Involvement from across University and Information Services
  6. 6. UoE Support for DMPs INVOLVES: Research office Research administrators RDM Coordinator DCC (DMPOnline tool) Central IT consultants Local IT/web support Data Library Academic Service Librarians before research data are collected or created Principal Investigator
  7. 7. UoE Data Infrastructure INVOLVES: Central IT Local IT & data mgrs Info Services Helpdesk IT Consultants RDM & IT Committees (policy oversight) • Half TB storage/researcher • Networked, secure backup • ‘Dropbox-like’ service • Long-term, private vault (proposed)
  8. 8. UoE Data Stewardship INVOLVES: (Data) librarians Repository administrators Archivists Records managers Local data managers Disciplinary repositories Standards bodies • Ongoing management of completed research data outputs • Access & preservation
  9. 9. UoE Data Support • General consultancy and support service throughout the research process • Training & advocacy • Specialised support (data collection, analysis, visualisation) INVOLVES: Academic Service Librarians Data Librarians IT Consultants Local IT & Data Managers
  10. 10. Roles & Players in RDM Bangor University example
  11. 11. Bangor - Who’s involved
  12. 12. Bangor - How are we working together?
  13. 13. Bangor - Planned Support
  14. 14. Bangor - Current Situation
  15. 15. Activity Please draw a diagram of the roles that are involved in delivering RDM support at your institution Discussion on organisational dynamics and how to deliver RDM support collaboratively across the institution
  16. 16. Stretching the Envelope: Academic Support Librarian role in RDM support Bangor Experience
  17. 17. Discussion on the librarianship skills I personally transferred and applied to tackle RDM requirements Discussion on what skills Academic Support Librarians can bring to RDM and identification of further training needs
  18. 18. Activity You have been provided with a list of specifications taken from recent RDM job descriptions, with a few thrown in the list from non-RDM jobs, please tick the ones you think are essential for the posts Discussion on the skills needed to support RDM at your institution
  19. 19. Skills & training in RDM MANTRA & DIY Training Kit
  20. 20. Research Data MANTRA • Openly licensed online learning self- paced course in RDM for postgrads and early career researchers • Grounded in three disciplines, working with post-graduate schools • Video stories from researchers in variety of settings • Data handling exercises in four software analysis packages backlitbuddhaby.ashonFlickr
  21. 21. Challenges for Librarians in RDM • Finding time to pursue new activities • Establishing credibility in a new area of expertise • Learning new skills; ‘getting techie’ • Getting hands dirty with unpublished material
  22. 22. Academic Service Librarian Training ● Data Library & User Services Division piloted training with 4 liaison librarians – then 8 more ● Aimed to reuse MANTRA in a blended learning approach for academic liaison librarians ● Idea inspired by Data Intelligence 4 Librarians hybrid course from 3TU Delft
  23. 23. Five topics / modules • Data management planning • Documenting & organising data • Data storage & security • Ethics & copyright • Data sharing • Loose correspondence to 8 MANTRA topics
  24. 24. Course structure: five sessions • Each face to face session two hours duration • Facilitated by an ‘expert’ (data librarian) • Invited guest speakers to kick off each session • Short talks followed by long discussions • Interactive group exercises from UK Data Archive Train the Trainers workbook
  25. 25. ‘Homework’ assignments • Allow 2 weeks to complete prior to session • MANTRA modules & recommended reading • Reflective questions to think as a researcher • Independent study: o Interview a researcher o Write up a Data Curation Profile o The first builds confidence; the second practices what we preach (sharing)
  26. 26. Contents of the training kit • Overview for facilitators • Course schedule • Reflective questions for each session • Selected group exercises from UK Data Archive • Independent study assignment: Data Curation Profile, from D2C2, Purdue University Libraries • Podcasts and presentations of short talks • Evaluation forms All CC-BY licensed so please reuse!
  27. 27.