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Website Analysis Report


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AuroIN creates "Website analysis report" which consists deep analysis on the On-site, On-page, Off-page factors, proposed list of keywords, proposed changes, proposed plan of action, SEO pricing and features.

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Website Analysis Report

  1. 1. Website Analysis forwww.detectiveservices.comAuroIN LLCFrederick Innovative Technology Center4539 Metropolitan Ct. #260 Frederick, MD-21704p: 888-887-9736 w: e: support@auroin.comSEO REPORT 02-22-2011
  2. 2. Technical FactorsWebsite Analysis●Pages indexed by Google●Backlinks●Domain Age●Reverse IP●Canonicalization●Customized 404●Google Webmaster●Goal Setting●Google Analytics●Sitemap●Broken Links●Live Support●XML RSS Feeds●Website Form Validation●Spider Friendly Navigation●MOD Rewrite●Robots.txt●Google Alert●Availability Of Search Box●Breadcrumb Navigation●Browser Compatibility●Alexa Ranking●Bounce Rate●IP Location●SEO Score
  3. 3. SEO FACTORS IMPORTANCE(Why?)VALUE(If any)HOW DOESYOUR SITESCOREACTION(if any)Pages indexedby GoogleThe higher the numberof pages indexed byGoogle, better theranking in SearchEngines.856 GOODPlease add more quality pages on a regularbasis.
  4. 4. SEO FACTORS IMPORTANCE(Why?)VALUE(If any)HOW DOESYOUR SITESCOREACTION(if any)Back LinksGreater number ofquality back linksboost your site’sranking.Google – 0Yahoo – 269NOT GOODPlease add more quality pages on a regularbasis.
  5. 5. SEO FACTORS IMPORTANCE(Why?)VALUE(If any)HOW DOESYOUR SITESCOREACTION(if any)Domain AgeThe older the domain,the better will be theranking in SE’s.-0Created:1998-02-04Expires:2014-08-18VERY GOODPlease extend your site registration for maximumpossible years which would enhance thereliability of your site for its visitors.Reverse IP Search Engines likeclean and static IPs.3,703ResultsfoundNOT GOOD Go for a dedicated IP. It is good from SearchEngine point of view.CanonicalizationCanonicalization is theprocess of picking thebest URL when thereare several choices,and it usually refers tohome pages.Issue is notthere VERY GOOD Great work!
  6. 6. SEO FACTORS IMPORTANCE(Why?)VALUE(If any)HOW DOESYOUR SITESCOREACTION(if any)Customized 404error pageA specificallydesigned webpagedisplayed if youroriginal page hasbeen moved.Retains the user.Found VERY GOOD Great work!GoogleWebmaster ToolSet upGoogle WebmasterTool is the technicalinterface to identifythe Website crawlerror, duplicatecontent, link,sitemap etc. Soaccess to this toolhelps to fix all theissues present overthe Website.Found VERY GOOD Great work!Goal SettingBy goals we canquantify whetherwe are achievingthe target or not.Through goal wetrack the success ofthe SEO campaign.NA NAFor checking Goal Setting we need Googleanalytic access.
  7. 7. SEO FACTORSIMPORTANCE(Why?)VALUE(If any)HOW DOESYOUR SITESCOREACTION(if any)GoogleAnalyticsGA tracks all clickstream data likesource of visit,number of visits,time spent onWebsite, bouncerate, entry page,exit page.Found VERY GOOD Great work!
  8. 8. SEO FACTORSIMPORTANCE(Why?)VALUE(If any)HOW DOESYOUR SITESCOREACTION(if any)Site MapSitemap is an indexof pages in anydomain. This givesthe search enginesa navigational pathto crawl theWebsite.Found VERY GOOD Great work!
  9. 9. SEO FACTORS IMPORTANCE(Why?)VALUE(If any)HOW DOESYOUR SITESCOREACTION(if any)Broken LinksIdentifying thebroken links andblocking them fromcrawl is highlyessential for searchengineoptimization.2 Br okenl i nksf oundNOT GOOD Fix these links as soon as possible.Live SupportHaving a livesupport is an addedadvantage to theWebsite since itbecomes thevisitors to contactthe concerned teamat any point oftime.Not found NOT GOOD We must have a live support to increase the userexperienceXML RSS FeedsRSS feeds are themost efficientsource ofcollaborating thewebsite content,files and otherpromotional itemsto thousands ofWebsites.Found VERY GOOD Great work!
  10. 10. SEO FACTORS IMPORTANCE(Why?)VALUE(If any)HOW DOESYOUR SITESCOREACTION(if any)Website FormValidationForms areinterfaces for thevisitors to connectwith the company.So we check theoperation of eachform to make surevisitors are gettingthrough the formsproperly.Working VERY GOOD Great work!Spider FriendlyNavigationA search enginefriendly navigationhelps to get anuninterrupted crawlwhich indeedreflects in SERPs.Found VERY GOOD Great work!Mod RewriteApplicable for thedynamic pages andmakes a site welloptimized as permajor searchengine norms.Static URLs VERY GOOD Great work!
  11. 11. SEO FACTORS IMPORTANCE(Why?)VALUE(If any)HOW DOESYOUR SITESCOREACTION(if any)Robots.txtManaging theWebsite crawls ishighly essential.Through robots youcan enable all thenecessary pagescrawling anddisable pages whichare not necessary.Found VERY GOOD Great work!Google AlertSettingWant to know howfast Google willindex your Website?Once this is setGoogle will updatethe links, theindexing and thecontent posted onor for your Website.NA NAIt is useful to set a google alert so that wecan get necessary information, whatsgoing on in your industry.Availability ofSearch BoxVisitors can easilyfind the informationthat they arelooking for.Not found NOT GOODCreate a search box in your websitethrough which visitor can easily foundwhat they are looking for.
  12. 12. SEO FACTORS IMPORTANCE(Why?)VALUE(If any)HOW DOESYOUR SITESCOREACTION(if any)BreadcrumbNavigationBreadcrumbs use asingle line of text toshow a pageslocation in the sitehierarchy..Not found NOT GOODIt is the technique which is benificial forthe users. Please have a breadcrumbnavigational structure in your website.BrowserCompatibilityDifferent browsersare used bydifferent visitors..1. IE 6.02. MozillaVERY GOODThe webpage should becompatible in majorbrowsers.Alexa rankingAlexa tracks a sitebasedon the trafficit gets from allsources..1,682,529 NOT GOODTry to minimize theranking by doingprofessional SEO andincreasing the traffic toyour domain.
  13. 13. SEO FACTORS IMPORTANCE(Why?)VALUE(If any)HOW DOESYOUR SITESCOREACTION(if any)Bounce RateThe percentage ofinitialvisitors to asite who bounceaway.36% VERY GOOD Great work!IP LocationSearch enginesdeterminesthe market of a sitebased on the IPlocation..UnitedStates VERY GOOD Great work!SEO ScoreDetermine how thesearch bots accessyour page..70% OK Run a good SEO campaign to increase theSEO score.
  14. 14. On Page FactorsWebsite Analysis●HTML Validation●Title●Description●Keyword●Heading●Page Rank●Image Alt-tag●Duplicate Content Fixing●Anchor Text Linking●Quality of Page Content●Cache
  15. 15. FACTORSIMPORTANCE(Why?)VALUE(If any)HOW DOESYOUR SITESCOREACTION(if any)HTMLValidationValidating Web documentsis an important step whichcan help in improving andensuring the quality of yoursite.8 Errors OKTry to fix all these errors to maintain thequality of the web site.
  16. 16. FACTORSIMPORTANCE(Why?)VALUE(If any)HOW DOESYOUR SITESCOREACTION(if any)TitleBrief and relevant title ishighly considered bySearch Engines andvisitors alike.Found VERY GOODTitle should be unique and up to 11words (70 characters).DescriptionHaving a good metadescription can improveyour chances of the visitorclicking on your result inthe search engine.Found VERY GOODPrepare a good unique for each pagemeta description by including popularkeywords and keep it upto around 70words (350 characters).KeywordThe Meta Keywords tag isused to list keywords thatdefine the content of yoursite.Found VERY GOODIt is better to add 10 to 15 keywordsrelated to your content.HeadingsUsing Header Tags SEO inyour web page is veryimportant as searchengines look at thecontent of these tagswhen indexing andranking your web page.Found VERY GOOD Great work!
  17. 17. SEO FACTORS IMPORTANCE(Why?)VALUE(If any)HOW DOESYOUR SITESCOREACTION(if any)Page Rank (PR)Higher the PR,more the trust ofvisitors.2 OKNeed more in-bound links to make the sitean attractive link prospect. Link Buildingwill help.ImageAlt-tagAlt tags help SearchEngines track thetheme of the imageson your pages.3 imagesmissingAlt-tagNOT GOODTry to use alt-tags against allImages and Links.DuplicateContent FixingSearch engines lovesunique content. So ifyour Website doesnthave any duplicatecontent issue it has aeven chance ofbecoming searchengine favorite.DuplicatecontentfoundNOT GOODRemove all the duplicate content as soonas possible.
  18. 18. SEO FACTORS IMPORTANCE(Why?)VALUE(If any)HOWDOESYOUR SITESCOREACTION(if any)Anchor textLinkingAnchor text links areone of the mostprominent forms ofenhancing anyparticular keywordphrase or even akeyword phrase in seoservices.Not found NOT GOODAdd clickable link text or title on your contentassociated to your landing page.Quality ofPage ContentGoogle likes semanticand thematicallyrelevant web contentand ranks it high.High OKEnrich your content withnatural language along withproper density of keywordsCache It supports deepcrawling of your site.Cached on18thFeb 2011VERY GOOD Great work!
  19. 19. Off Page & SMO FactorsWebsite Analysis●Dmoz Listing●Yahoo Directory Listing●.edu Backlinks●.gov Backlinks●Delicious Listing●Digg●Twitter Account●Wiki Listing●Facebook Account
  20. 20. FACTORS IMPORTANCE(Why?)VALUE(If any)HOW DOESYOUR SITESCOREACTION(if any)Dmoz listingDMOZ is by far themost authoritativesite.Found VERY GOOD Great work!Yahoo directorylistingYahoo listing bringstraffic, page rankand authority to thedomain.Not found NOT GOOD Get a listing with Yahoo on priority backlinksGoogle gives extraemphasis to thesebacklinks sobuilding just a fewcan dramaticallyimprove your sitesperformance.Not found NOT GOOD Get a listing with .edu sites.
  21. 21. FACTORS IMPORTANCE(Why?)VALUE(If any)HOW DOESYOUR SITESCOREACTION(if any).gov domains areconsideredauthority sites.Linksto your websitefrom .gov domainsdomains havestronger SEOimpact.Not found NOT GOOD Get a listing with .gov sites.Delicious LinksDelicious is apopular socialbookmarking webservice for storing,sharing, anddiscoveringwebsites.Not found NOT GOODSubmit your site to delicious on backlinksGoogle gives extraemphasis to thesebacklinks sobuilding just a fewcan dramaticallyimprove your sitesperformance.Not found NOT GOOD Get a listing with .edu sites.
  22. 22. FACTORS IMPORTANCE(Why?)VALUE(If any)HOW DOESYOUR SITESCOREACTION(if any)Twitter AccountTwitter is a fastgrowing socialnetworkNot found NOT GOODRegister a twitter account in your brandsname.Wiki ListingProvides goodauthorityand builds traffic toyourdomain.Not found NOT GOODInitiate Wikipediapromotion.Face BookAccountFacebook is a socialutility that connectspeople with friendsand others whowork, study andlive around them.Not found NOT GOODCreate a face book account with yourbrand name.
  23. 23. Website Analysis forwww.detectiveservices.comAnalysis and Repoting●Keyword Analysis●Visitor Behavior Analysis●Position Monitoring●Competitors Analysis
  24. 24. FACTORSIMPORTANCE(Why?)SEEDKeywordsStatusACTION(if any)KeywordAnalysisProper keyword targeting ishighly necessary sincelatent semantic indexing isinto practice. So we targetthe right keyword on rightpages, which maximizesyour organic listings.PrivateInvestigations,ChicagoDetectivesDONETry to choose better keywords foroptimising your website.
  25. 25. FACTORSIMPORTANCE(Why?)UniqueVisitorsHow Doesyour sitescore?ACTION(if any)VisitorBehaviorAnalysisVisitor behaviour analysisdata is helpful to fine-tunethe SEO campaign and getbetter results.105 NOT GOODRun a good SEO campaign to increasethe number of visitors.
  26. 26. FACTORSIMPORTANCE(Why?)SeedKeywordsHow Doesyour sitescore?ACTION(if any)PositionMonitoring inGoogleTargeting relevantkeywords in the title tagwould help placing your sitebetter in search engineresult page (SERP).Chicagodebugging,Chicagodetectiveetc..VERY GOODA good SEO campaign can bring yourkeywords into top position.
  27. 27. FACTORSIMPORTANCE(Why?)Top three competitorsCompetitorsAnalysisIs my Website better than the competitors? Thiscan be very baffling, which augurs the need ofresearching on all the competitive Websites, whythey are ranking, what strategy can beimplemented to overcome
  28. 28. Competitors RankingWebsite Analysis
  29. 29. KEYWORD CURRENT RANKINGSEARCHENGINEVISITS GLOBAL MONTHLY SEARCH VOLUMEChicagodetective2ndin google Google1900visitspermonthTry to choose better keywords foroptimising your website.
  30. 30. How AuroIN can help with Natural SearchEngine Rankings: There are 3 stages to the process: 1. Agree to the list of keywords2. Make some changes to the existing website3. Start an inbound link building campaignWebsite Analysis
  31. 31. For more information about this report and todiscuss further, please contactsupport@auroin.comor888-887-9736Website Analysis