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SEO - Website Analysis


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Trizeon - Website analysis, SEO website analysis, site analysis, web page analysis, web page optimization, analysis of website. Trizeon’s website analysts conduct thorough web page analysis and provide solutions for better webpage optimization.

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SEO - Website Analysis

  1. 2. Just because you have a beautifully designed website, it doesn't mean that it attracts loads of visitors (customers) to it.
  2. 3. For a website to perform better, rank well and appear on the natural listings of the search engine results pages (SERPS), it should be designed in accordance with the strict guidelines laid by search engines.
  3. 4. Knowing and comprehending these guidelines can be practically difficult and time consuming; moreover, people often go wrong in judging them.
  4. 5. A good website analysis not only provides necessary information about the functioning of a web site but also produces usability metrics.
  5. 6. Done right, a website analysis can help your site perform better on the web, drive more traffic, in fact quality traffic to your site and build your business.
  6. 7. Seeking the services of a SEO provider would be advisable in this regard.
  7. 8. A typical website analysis should focus on the following four critical areas of a website:
  8. 9. Website Design – a website must be able to deliver professionalism, friendliness and erudition specific to its industry up to appropriate level.
  9. 10. Technological – A website should be devoid of all the obstacles that prevent a website from ranking higher on search engines. Website analysis should proceed in identifying such features.
  10. 11. Usability – A website should be user friendly to attract more and more audience. It should have a good navigable design and structure . Also the content should be pure, dynamic, interesting and informative.
  11. 12. Keywords: They are of utmost importance. They should clearly describe the theme of the websites. A web page should be stuffed with right number of keywords, neither excess nor deficient.