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AMS Love sms


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Atlas Systems case study

Published in: Technology
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AMS Love sms

  1. 1. INTERACTIVE SMS Case study of Mobile messaging tool project
  2. 2. OVERVIEW • Love SMS is a short (5) question personality / love / sex quiz and after responding to all 5 questions the user is sent a witty result • The Love SMS project was a new service being offered to mobile users • This is a text alert premium based service that had own subscription package • The SMS Love text alerts are sent to subscribed users on a weekly basis • The text alert includes the defined quiz for the week and the user will be able to participate by answering them directly from their phone on a weekly basis • The quizzes ‘send schedule’ is managed on the SMS Love Admin tool
  3. 3. CHALLENGES • Result Processing Logic (SMS based answers) • Interactive profile information gathering via SMS • Keyword Processing and intelligent questions • Managing quizzes • Intelligently handling SMS keywords and answers, multi-sms questions and message delivery, help system to get users started with the new concept of SMS-based quiz system
  4. 4. SOLUTION • Implemented Numerical and Alphabetical Logic in PHP for result processing • Keyword processing using PLEX andVAS systems in place • Intelligent and accurate parsing of keywords and answers (involving probability checks) ensuring users are hooked to the system • Overcome message length limits (SMS) and manage long quiz delivery • PHP based Admin tool was put in place for Managing quizzes,Weekly Notification alerts and rules for the logic
  5. 5. RESULTS • The intuitive and intelligent system has allowed the business to acquire user base and retain them for longer period. • Per week the service acquiring around 10k users. • Architecture and solution was simple and robust such that business could implement the service in many countries (with local restrictions and certifications) in less turnaround time. • TECHNOLOGY • PHP, JQuery, JQGrid, JSON, VAS