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BD JD power_1

Atlas Systems case study

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BD JD power_1

  1. 1. DATA WAREHOUSING Case study of J.D Power and Associates project
  2. 2. OVERVIEW • J.D. Power and Associates(JDPA) is an American-based global marketing information services firm founded in 1968 • JDPA's marketing research consists primarily of consumer surveys. J.D. Power ratings are based on the survey responses of randomly selected and/or specifically targeted consumers • Atlas Systems was entrusted to build a global data warehouse for JDPA
  3. 3. CHALLENGES • JDPA had wealth of market research information captured Customer Surveys and Research. JDPA was looking for a platform for aggregating, analyzing and providing this information to their clients • Solution had to cater to wide range of client requirements and should be configurable
  4. 4. SOLUTION • Atlas Systems leveraged domain expertise to understand the underlying systems and data sources • Built global data warehouse, and data marts to serve clients through cross tab reports, charts, OLAP, and variety of reports
  5. 5. RESULTS • Atlas performed a technology evaluation & made recommendations to the client • The exercise allowed the client to mine nuggets of hidden information available in the wealth of data collected • Atlas was able to provide actionable insights and benchmarks to the clients