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AMS Trilogy

Atlas Systems case study

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AMS Trilogy

  1. 1. APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT Case study ofTrilogy project
  2. 2. OVERVIEW • Trilogy is a software company, which specializes in software services to Global 1000 companies in the automotive, consumer electronics, and insurance agencies • Atlas Systems was hired byTrilogy to handle product maintenance for: • TireMadeEasy - Ecommerce system for sellingTires online, based on the customer vehicle selection, the recommendedTOP 3 tires will be displayed with features and customer can make online orders through Google checkout API and the order can be tracked via FedEx API • FordDirect Retail - Online sales of Ford vehicles, based on the customers zip code, the latest offers will be displayed and this portal also have a module of customization of selected car • FordDirect Next Generation Platform -This is an advanced version of FordDirect retail project • Zozoc - Ecommerce portal for mobile contents like wallpapers, animations & games, which has an order module which will integrated with ICICI payment gateway integration system • Your Bill Buddy - Ecommerce Analysis tools for customer’s mobile bills, which recommends the best post paid plan based on their usage
  3. 3. RESULTS • TECHNOLOGY • TireMadeEasy: Java5, Struts 1.0, MVC Framework, Postgres SQL, Google checkout API, FedEx Integration,Ant, Flash7.0,Actionscript 2.0,Tomcat 5.0 • FordDirect Retail: Java 1.4, Restlet Framework, ant,Tomcat 4.0,Flash 7.0, Actionscript 2.0 • FordDirect Next Generation Platform: Java 5,Tomcat5.0, Flash 9.0, Actionscript 3.0,Web services,Ant • Zozoc:Tomcat 5.0, Java 5, Spring2.0, Hibernate 2.0, Postgres SQL • Your Bill Buddy: Java5,Tomcat 5.0, Struts2.0, MySQL,Ant