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AMS Narus

Atlas Systems case study

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AMS Narus

  1. 1. APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT Case study of Narus project
  2. 2. OVERVIEW • Narus, a wholly owned subsidiary of ‘The Boeing Company ‘, is a pioneer in cybersecurity data analytics • The company's patented advanced analytics help enterprises, carriers and government customers proactively identify and accelerate cyber threat resolution • Atlas Systems was hired by Narus, to undertake their Installation and Deployment
  3. 3. CHALLENGES • Automate 10,000+ test cases. QuickTest Professional 9.0 is used for GUI tests, Perl and Linux Shell scripts are used for server side in combination with the product APIs to Reduce time to market • Automation ofTest Management using HP Quality Center 9.2 to, Build a frame work to easily add new tests to the test suite to increase test coverage
  4. 4. SOLUTION • Reduce the time to market for new releases • Automate – GUI, server side and integrated tests • Build a frame work to easily add new tests to the test suite to increase test coverage • Minimize the manual testing effort • Use Industry standard tools for test case repository & test automation
  5. 5. RESULTS • Testing effort reduced from 36 to 2 man months • Automated 10,000+ test cases – GUI, server side and combination • Developed a test framework using QTP, Perl, Linux shell scripts and product APIs • Only test case management is manual • Used QTP & QC for GUI automation and test cases management • TECHNOLOGY • Java5, Struts 1.0, MVC Framework, Postgres SQL, Google checkout API, FedEx Integration,Ant, Flash7.0,Actionscript2.0,Tomcat5.0