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Cloud Forge Rock


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Atlas Systems case study

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Cloud Forge Rock

  1. 1. PROJECT FORGE ROCK Case study for global hospitality major
  2. 2. OVERVIEW • Our client is a fortune 500 company in to hotel management. • An American multinational diversified hospitality company that manages and franchises a broad portfolio of hotels and related lodging facilities. • More than 4000 properties in over 80 countries and approximately 700,000 rooms • Runs approximately 20 brands internationally • Runs guest loyalty program that offers travellers their choice of points toward free vacations and merchandise or frequent flyer miles, as well as other membership benefits, when staying at their brand hotels worldwide
  3. 3. CHALLENGES • User Base • Current User base 50 million • Expected growth 300% in next few years. • Existing Landscape • Legacy Systems • 3rd Party Products with adaptive authorization • Low performance • High Maintenance • Security Issues • User base contains different domains like website, mobile, agents, hotel front desks etc. • Our client was looking for a technology solution provider to help in their current consumer access control services (Authentication & Authorization) and identity store to overcome the above challenges with modern technology
  4. 4. SOLUTION • We recommended ForgeRock with few standalone applications which are used to pull user profile data from different sources and a front controller which interacts with different components of forgerock using REST calls. • ForgeRock offers identity and access management solutions through its primary product, the ForgeRock Identity Platform. • Built on Sun’s open source identity and access management projects, the integrated stack provides a customer-focused approach to identity management. • The Open Identity Stack (OIS) includes • OpenAM provides access management solutions • OpenDJ is a directory service • OpenIDM is used for identity management • OpenIG provides an identity gateway for web traffic and application programming interfaces (APIs).
  5. 5. SOLUTION
  6. 6. SOLUTION
  7. 7. RESULTS • Platform Agnostic solution • Standard Base • Common API for all services • Modular & Embeddable • Massively Scalable • Commercial Open Source • Time toValue coupled with Game-changing business impact • Customer application agility and business impact • Deployment cycles measured in months vs years • Identity Solution complexity becomes simplified • Disparate point solutions built thru acquisition vs singular stack built organically • Vendor-specific skills become Identity Standards-skills • Becoming IAM experts vs. product experts • Open Source vs. Black Box • Standards based approaches vs. Proprietary methods • LegacyVendor Support vs. Collaboration • Source Code transparency & collaboration on issues • Customer Contributions