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AMS Net iq

Atlas Systems case study

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AMS Net iq

  1. 1. APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT Case study of NetIQ Analysis Centre project
  2. 2. OVERVIEW • NetIQ Analysis Center enhances the capabilities of NetIQ's Service and Security Management solutions, helping IT organizations communicate service levels and security compliance • By offering quick time-to-value without sacrificing functionality or flexibility, it rises above the level of individual metrics • The product provides vital information, such as overall system utilization; security incident interpretation; root-cause analysis and historical trending; real- time usage and performance; and critical trends and conditions • The product is developed by Atlas Systems
  3. 3. CHALLENGES • Need for advanced reporting capabilities to identify areas of compliance or non-compliance with service level and security metrics, as well as fulfilment of Service Level Agreements (SLAs) • To correlate data between service- and security-level metrics, you must report on the operational elements—databases, operating systems, middleware, application servers and hardware as well as key security information, including incidents, intrusion detection and compliance
  4. 4. SOLUTION • NetIQ Analysis Center addresses these challenges with easy report creation and ad-hoc analysis capabilities. • The product offers a comprehensive view of IT operational health, service level metrics and security activities through a unified console and reporting infrastructure • This allows you to consolidate and analyze data on performance, availability and compliance across both systems and security management
  5. 5. RESULTS • Delivers unified systems and security reporting • Provides increased service management functionalities, security incident and intrusion protection views, as well as common reporting and analysis in a single console that consolidates both systems and security management solutions • You are better positioned to guarantee SLAs, by demonstrating your key IT services are both secure and performing • Improves IT-business communication with SharePoint integration • Enables IT organizations to publish customized and up-to-date reports and dashboards to different and diverse teams across the enterprise by utilizing SharePoint Web Parts integration technology • NetIQ Analysis Center’s integration with SharePoint also provides an ideal automated way to communicate IT successes and challenges and to demonstrate IT’s ongoing value contribution to the business
  6. 6. RESULTS • Enables effective capacity management • Allows IT organizations to improve service levels and operational efficiency by providing the views necessary to accurately load balance, secure and provision servers, as well as focus on capacity planning and virtualization • Provides deeper knowledge on IT infrastructure health • Continuously monitors critical changes to the production environment and provides trend and predictive analysis • With this information, you gain deep insight into your overall IT health and performance so you can more accurately anticipate service level needs and requirements