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Improve your powerpoint presentation


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How do you make your presentation to be appealing and pass across the intended message?
Lucy Muchiri tells us how in the 3rd Ask A Doc Dinner

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Improve your powerpoint presentation

  1. 1. Lucy Muchiri
  2. 2. How to Improve on your Presentation Power Point Presentation
  3. 3. IntroductionPowerPoint is a tool to enhance your message… not to impress your audience
  4. 4. Before You Start…• Know what you want to say• Know how you want to say it• Plan the presentation PowerPoint Presentation
  5. 5. Then..
  6. 6. Title Slide
  7. 7. Title and Content
  8. 8. View, slide Master
  9. 9. Slide master
  10. 10. Title• 44 or 48 point• CAPITAL LETTERS?• Bold• Colours
  11. 11. Title• Underlined • Position • Right• Left• Title Case
  12. 12. Font Size• Consistency!• Size is important• Preview in your venue• Floor test• Titles text 32 points PowerPoint Presentation
  13. 13. Font Type• Consistency!• Italics• Bold• Underlined• Text Shadow PowerPoint Presentation
  14. 14. Font Type• Consistency!• Comic Sans MS• Bradly Hand ITC• French Script M• Algerian x PowerPoint Presentation
  15. 15. Font Type• Consistency!• Verdana• Tahoma• Arial √ PowerPoint Presentation
  16. 16. Color• Select colors with care• Projection may change the color• Make sure letters contrast sufficiently PowerPoint Presentation
  17. 17. Colors• Red• Yellow• Orange• Light green• Light blue X PowerPoint Presentation
  18. 18. Colors• Black• Blue• Green• Red √ PowerPoint Presentation
  19. 19. Backgrounds• Not busy or distractive• Use master background templates• Use pre-selected formats PowerPoint Presentation
  20. 20. The Heart• Anatomy• Conducting System• Blood Supply• Possible arrhythmias PowerPoint Presentation
  21. 21. Backgrounds dead Osama is & Color• Avoid busy or distracting backgrounds• Use master background templates• Use pre-selected formats if creating your own template PowerPoint Presentation X
  22. 22. Osama is dead √
  23. 23. My best flower X
  24. 24. My Best Flower √
  25. 25. Transition and Animation
  26. 26. Transition and Animation• Don’t get too cute• Use for emphasis• Can be distracting• Simple – but elegant… PowerPoint Presentation
  27. 27. Prepare
  28. 28. The Slide• One concept per slide PowerPoint Presentation
  29. 29. The heartAnatomy:• In the chest cavity• Size of your fist• Pumps bloodHeart Attack signs X• Chest pain• Sweating• Anxiety PowerPoint Presentation
  30. 30. The heartAnatomy:• Location• Chambers• Vessels √ PowerPoint Presentation
  31. 31. The Slide• One concept per slide• Preferably only 3 bullet points• Never exceed “6 x 6” OR “5 X 7” PowerPoint Presentation
  32. 32. Course objectives• Participate in the care of cancer survivors in a clinical setting.• Identify functional improvements in cancer patients receiving chemo-therapy.• Develop and implement a HQOL tool for cancer patients.• Identify and implement at least one intervention in the hospital that will assist cancer survivors and their families improve HRQOL.• Reading text/ journals on cancer and chemo-induced symptoms.• Literature review.• Discuss with the preceptor, facilitator and hospital management, Manager-Chemotherapy unit.• Research reports Verbal and written reports.Oral and written reports.• Performance evaluation by preceptor. X PowerPoint Presentation
  33. 33. Too Much Information?• Make another slide• Rearrange• Simplify• Handouts PowerPoint Presentation
  34. 34. Course objectives• Participate in care of survivors• Identify functional improvements• Develop and implement a HQOL tool• Identify and implement an intervention• Literature review √ PowerPoint Presentation
  35. 35. Text• Focus• 5 – 8 second rule• Use it sparingly• Show less than you say• Do not read your slides! PowerPoint Presentation
  36. 36. The Heart• Anatomy: The Heart is in the chest. It has four chambers, four valves, two vessels that bring in blood and two that take out blood. It also has two vessels that take blood out of the heart. These vessels are called…. x PowerPoint Presentation
  37. 37. The Heart• Anatomy• Conducting System• Blood Supply• Possible arrhythmias √ PowerPoint Presentation
  38. 38. Pictures and Graphs
  39. 39. Pictures and Graphs• Good pictures• The graphs demonstrate the point• Make them large enough• If resizing, do not lose proportion PowerPoint Presentation
  40. 40. PowerPoint Presentation
  41. 41. PowerPoint Presentation
  42. 42. Pictures and Graphs 1/5/2002 35 30 25 20 151/9/2002 10 1/6/2002 5 Series 1 0 Series 2 1/8/2002 1/7/2002
  43. 43. Spelling & Grammar• Use spell-check. Missppelling makes you look sttuppid!• Check for homonyms their vs there; Patience vs patients• Have someone else look it over PowerPoint Presentation
  44. 44. Presentation Hints• When finished, review• Simplify, simplify, simplify• No more than 3 slides per minute• Computer Memory• If not, it can be p…a…i…n…f…u…l to watch PowerPoint Presentation
  45. 45. Presentation Hints• Minimize use of other programs • Web browser • Audio and video files• Know your slide numbers to jump forward and back PowerPoint Presentation
  46. 46. Neat Presentation Tricks• “B” and “W” keys during slide view• Use your pointer as an arrow/pen• Blank slide or title slide repeated at the end PowerPoint Presentation
  47. 47. End of slide show, click to exit.
  48. 48. Presenting• Practice and time before hand• Get there early to set up• Do not apologize for your presentation• Plan B, C… PowerPoint Presentation
  49. 49. Slide Show
  50. 50. Discussion ?
  51. 51. Summary PowerPoint is a toolnot the presentation! PowerPoint Presentation
  52. 52. Power Point Presentation Lucy Muchiri