Start up appalachia proposal


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Start up appalachia proposal

  1. 1. Start-Up AppalachiaA proposed framework for accelerating economic development through funder collaboration
  2. 2. •Self-sustaining communities •Creates jobs •Builds local wealth •Contributes to economic and community developmentEntrepreneurship
  3. 3.  Appalachian Regional Commission USDA- Rural Development Appalachia Funders Network MembersCollaborators
  4. 4.  Not a “new” project—Enhancement! Stimulates new investment Aligns collective, yet independent efforts Common set of promising sectors & entrepreneurial supportsFramework
  5. 5.  Food Systems Energy Health CarePromising Sectors
  6. 6.  Branding Leadership Strategy CapitalValue of Collaboration
  7. 7.  Expanding existing or catalyzing new efforts A “Capture Strategy” Overlapping Interests Measurable OutcomesKey Components
  8. 8.  Initiatives are identified: ◦ AFN members, ARC, USDA-RD (within promising sectors) Initiatives selected Overlapping interests identified Capture Strategies developed to take initiatives to the „next level‟ Initiatives/projects supported by collaborators Common measurement employed Results shared
  9. 9.  ARC, USDA and AFN member support Loans for EE retrofits based on energy audits/ cost savings Process: engage businesses, conduct audits, deploying $$ Challenge: Reaching high-savings potential borrowers, energy audit backlog, educating borrowers.Example NCIF- Energy Efficiency
  10. 10.  Efficiency of investments Common objectives Faster, smarter, better Clarity Alignment Troubleshooting Opportunity Development New entrepreneurs, New Jobs, Retained Wealth!So What?
  11. 11. What do you think?