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Cloud computing - Gloucestershire College


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Published in: Education
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Cloud computing - Gloucestershire College

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  2. 2. Future Work Over the next few months Gloucestershire College will be working on the continued development of the website architecture while ensuring all the key attributes are in place, such as; making adjustments to internal systems to ensure smooth integration, photography and video data prepared and course catalogues re-written for key audiences. Moving out of the development stage, Gloucestershire will test the website and related products, provide training to site editors then prepare deployment of the site. Key Achievements Due to the buy in and internal support for the project from key stakeholder groups, senior management and Governors at the College, Gloucestershire have been able to sign off on decisions and move forward on the project at a fast pace. Benefits Benefits include a better service to current and prospective learners, reduced cost to the College for hosting and maintaining the website and SharePoint and more efficiency for teams in terms of updating and maintaining content on the website.