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Eso 1 present-simple_review


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Grammar: present simple in English

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Eso 1 present-simple_review

  1. 1. 1ºESO REVISION OF PRESENT SIMPLE CPI TINO GRANDÍO 1. Basic structure of the sentence: SUBJECT (DON’T) ADVERB VERB OTHERS I don’t usually study at night. They often play football. My sisters never watch TV in the morning. You sometimes like tennis  I don’t usually study at night.  They often play football at school.  My sisters sometimes play tennis with me.  You don’t usually like football. 2. Basic structure of the sentence in the third (3rd) person (=he/she/it): SUBJECT (DOESN’T) ADVERB VERB OTHERS He doesn’t (verb with no –(e)s) usually studies at night. She often plays football. My cat never watches TV in the morning. My brother sometimes likes tennis  My cat doesn’t watch football with me.  He usually studies football  My brother often plays tennis  She sometimes likes lasagna. 3. Read the text and answer these questions: I get up at 8:00 every day. Firstly, I always have a shower before breakfast. I have coffee and toast for breakfast from Monday to Friday but I usually have some cake and Cola Cao on Saturdays and Sundays. I don’t study in the morning. I go to school from 9:45 to 16:15. At school I study, have lunch and speak to my classmates. I don’t usually do my homework at school. I do my homework at home from 5:00 to 6:30. Then I play videogames or read a book. My family usually have dinner at 8:00. After that, I watch television or some videos on YouTube and then I go to bed. I always go to bed at 10:00. a. Is this person an adult? b. What is his/her job? c. Does he/she live with other people? d. How many times does he/she eat every day? 4. Now write a text about what you do every day.