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Siemens Gas Turbine4000 F

  1. 1. Siemens Gas Turbine PackageSGT5-PAC 4000FApplication OverviewAnswers for energy.
  2. 2. Siemens Gas Turbine Packages – Serving Your Project Needs Siemens supplies standardized and pre- The standard Siemens Gas Turbine Package engineered gas turbine packages custom- (SGT-PAC) combines the essential mechan- ized to match specific project needs in ical, electrical, and control equipment to the form of simple cycle gas turbine power serve a variety of project scopes effectively. plants and combined cycle power plants. The SGT5-PAC 4000F is a key package for 50 Hz markets. The vital component is our advanced Siemens gas turbine SGT5-4000F.2 |
  3. 3. A Siemens Gas Turbine Package is: generator as well as all the systems The SGT5-PAC 4000F is used for A cost-effective power generating required for the safe and reliable oper- Generation of electrical power system with pre-engineered and stan- ation of these components: air intake Combined heat and power dardized design and base scope of system, exhaust gas system, electrical Simple cycle gas turbine power plants supply, with interconnecting piping systems, instrumentation and control, Multi-shaft combined cycle power and wiring pre-assembled to a large generator excitation system, start-up plants degree. system, and such major auxiliaries Flexible in design and scope thanks as the fuel system and lube oil system. operated in to pre-engineered options to meet project- and site-specific conditions, The development of this package stems Base load service capable of increasing the operating from the requirements of the utility Intermediate load service flexibility and performance of an industry for low initial cost and a rapid Peak load service existing power generating system. and reliable on-line generation system. These options can replace or add It is equally well-suited to meet the systems to the base scope. requirements of industrial users. Heat Focused on the core equipment of a recovery applications include combined self-contained power generating system cycle, repowering, and cogeneration for power plants with gas turbines, it in a wide range of environments and consists of gas turbine and electrical requirements. | 3
  4. 4. SGT5-PAC 4000F design with the filter-house in top position Design Features and Arrangement The design of the Siemens Gas Turbine The SGT5-PAC 4000F scope of supply To minimize field assembly and the need Package represents over 50 years of represents the core equipment for a for piping fabrication during construction, experience in gas turbine technology power plant equipped with gas turbines: Siemens utilizes a packaging and piping and power plant design, resulting in a Gas turbine concept whenever possible. Moreover, reliable self-contained electric power Electrical generator subsystems have been grouped and in- generating system. Air intake system stalled in auxiliary packages. Exhaust gas system Start-up system Major auxiliary system Instrumentation and control Electrical systems Power control center Enclosures Fire protection Generator systems4 |
  5. 5. Performance DataSiemens SGT5–PAC 4000F Gas Turbine SGT5-PAC 4000F SCC5-4000F 2x1Package and Combined Cycle Plant (multishaft) Net power output (MW) 288 848The performance data chart illustratesthe application range of the Siemens Net efficiency (%) 39.5 58.5SGT5-PAC 4000F Gas Turbine Package Net heat rate (kJ/kWh) 9,114 6,158and the multi-shaft combined cycle plant Net heat rate (Btu/kWh) 8,638 5,836as a typical application of the package. Exhaust temperature (°C/°F) 580/1,075 Exhaust mass flow (kg/s) 688 Exhaust mass flow (lb/s) 1,516 Generator type Air-cooled Data at ISO ambient conditions | 5
  6. 6. Customer Benefits due to Extended Fleet Experience A Siemens Gas Turbine Package is de- World-wide experience signed to meet customer requirements The SGT5-4000F has been in service since economically and flexibly. It is a cost- 1997. Over 190 engines of this advanced effective power generating system with gas turbine family are in operation, standardized base design and base scope and over 65 are on order. More than of supply with interconnecting piping 4,727,000 (as of Aug 2009) cumulative largely pre-assembled. operating hours and a fleet reliability exceeding 99 % have been achieved. Reliable project implementation with high product quality Siemens Simple Cycle Applications through standardization of design with The SGT5-PAC 4000F is a self-contained pre-defined interfaces to the overall power electric power generating system suitable plant and use of proven components. for simple cycle base load, intermediate load and peaking applications. Features High reliability proven in previous designs have been through robust component and system incorporated into the SSC5-4000F power designs and implementation of large fleet plant. These include operating experience (total gas turbine Factory assembled fuel, auxiliary, fleet experience: > 1,240 units, > 220 GW, mechanical, and electrical packages > 28 Million operating hours. Enclosures for turbine and auxiliary packages High availability A microprocessor-based control system through service-friendly components A starting frequency converter system and optional diagnostic service. Siemens Combined Cycle Applications Fuel cost savings Siemens has more than three decades through high component efficiencies of experience in combined cycle plant and short start-up times. design. That is why Siemens Combined Cycle Plants (SCC) affiliates the economi- Environmental friendliness cal benefits of a pre-engineered power through low emissions and plant design with outstanding flexibility high efficiencies. through a wide range of options. Single as well as multi-shaft configurations High operating flexibility are available. through use of online-change to different fuels and through excellent start-up and The current SCC5-4000F Siemens part load operating capabilities. Combined Cycle Plants incorporate the vast expertise and experience gained Flexibility to match customer- from many previous design accomplish- and site-specific needs ments. The SCC5-4000F family is dimen- through pre-defined options that can sioned to meet the various base and cycle be changed or added to the base scope. load requirements of utilities, independent power producers, industrial users, and Fast construction times merchant plant operators. The develop- through shipment of pre-assembled ment of these designs allows for cost- system to site. effective plants with minimum project- specific engineering. Compact plant size through small-footprint arrangement of systems.6 |
  7. 7. 1 Gas Turbine Typical plant layout for single-unit gas turbine package 2a Auxiliary Systems Module for Fuel Gas, Hydraulic Oil, Instrument Air, Lube Oil 2b Auxiliary Systems Module for Fuel Oil, 87 m Purge Water, NOX Water 60 m 2c Compressor Cleaning Skid 43 m 2d Compressor Dehumidifier Skid 3a Air Intake Filter House 3a 2c 8 (envelope is shown schematically) 3b 2d 3b Air Intake Duct 4a Exhaust Gas Diffuser 7 1 4a 4b 4b Stack or Bypass Stack with Diverter Damper30 m 5 Power Control Center with Electrical 6a and I&C Equipment 5 2a 2b 6a Low Voltage Transformer for Static Excitation Equipment 5 6b 9a 9b 9b 6b Low Voltage Transformer for Starting Frequency Converter 7 Electrical Generator = options 8 CO2 Fire Protection 9a Lube Oil Fin-Fan Cooler (Gas turbine package layout for a typical 2x1 multi-shaft arrangement) 9b Generator Fin-Fan CoolerPlant Arrangement DiagramPlant arrangements and systems configurationare illustrated in the chart above. Siemens Gas Turbine Package SGT5-PAC 4000F in a multi-shaft combined cycle power plant | 7
  8. 8. SGT5-4000F Gas Turbine SGen5-1000A Generator Compressor Generator rating @ 40°C air inlet temperature, TEWAC Type Disk-type hollow shaft kVA 334,000 Number of Stages 15 kW 283,900 Rotor Speed 3,000 rpm P.F. 0.85 Pressure Ratio 18:1 Voltage (Volts) 20,000 Inlet Guide Vanes One row variable line-to-line Calculated short circuit 0.49 Combustion System ratio Combustors Speed (rpm) 3,000 Type 1 ring combustor system Frequency (Hz) 50 Configuration Annular Line current (Amps) 9,641 Fuel Gaseous and liquid Altitude (meters) Sea level Number 24 Insulation Fuel Pressure Range Class of insulation Stator-class – Natural Gas 27 bar–33 bar; Nominal @ gas turbine; F with class B temperature rise Filter inlet flange Field-class – F with class B temperature rise Turbine Number of Stages 4 Number of Cooled Stages 3 Bearings Journal Bearing Type Tilting pad Quantity 1 Thrust Bearing Drive end Number 1 Drive Generator coupled to cold end of turbine via intermediate shaft Technical Data In the following table data are provided for planning purposes. Weights and Dimensions Shown below is a typical list of the major pieces of equipment along with their approximate nominal shipping weights and nominal dimensions Item Length Width Height Weight Remarks Gas Turbine SGT5-PAC 4000F Gas Turbine 10.8 m 5.2 m 4.8 m 312,000 kg Auxiliary Systems Module for Fuel Gas Operation 11.5 m 3.3 m 3.8 m 20,000 kg Module for Fuel Oil Operation 9.5 m 3.3 m 3.2 m 24,000 kg Compressor Cleaning System Base Version 1.9 m 1.1 m 1.6 m 850 kg Advanced Cleaning System 2.7 m 2.0 m 2.2 m 1,500 kg Air Intake System Filterhouse 14 m 18 m 11 m 120,000 kg Silencer * 9.5 m 7m * Duct 9.5 m 2.2 m 18 m 50,000 kg Generator SGen5-1000A Generator Assembled (with enclosure) 14.11 m 8.63 m 5.94 m 359,000 kg Shipping 13 m 4.6 m 4.4 m 318,000 kg Power Control Center 12.28 m 3.64 m 3.33 m 22,000 kg (*= project-specific)8 |
  9. 9. 6 5 7 4 1 8 3 2SGT5-4000F1 Casing 5 Combustion Horizontally split Annular chamber with ceramic and metallic heat shields2 Supports 24 hybrid burners Fixed at compressor end Dry low-NOX technology Flexible at turbine end Operation with gaseous and liquid fuels3 Rotor Disk-type hollow shaft 6 Turbine Combined thrust and journal 4-Stage bearing at compressor end Thermal barrier blade coatings Journal bearing at turbine end Convection and impingement Compressor and turbine disks cooling of blade interior interlocked via Hirth serrations Film cooling of blade airfoil surface Compressor and turbine disks axially fixed via one central tie bolt 7 Exhaust Axial flow4 Compressor 15-Stage axial 8 Generator coupling Variable-pitch inlet guide vanes At cold end drive | 9
  10. 10. Auxiliary Systems Fuel Hydraulic Clearance Optimization Valve actuation Gas fuel system supplies gaseous fuel The HCO (Hydraulic Clearance A hydraulic oil system provides high- with adequate mass flow to the gas Optimization) power unit, supplies pressure hydraulic oil to operate the turbine. hydraulic oil for shifting the gas control and emergency stop valves Fuel oil system as an option supplies turbine rotor into the best-perfor- of the fuel systems and NOX water liquid fuel with adequate mass flow mance position with minimized system. to the gas turbine. clearances on the turbine side. Instrument air system for the supply Optionally, a dual-fuel system provides of compressed air to operate the highest fuel flexibility. Cleaning pneumatic actuators (e.g., blow-off A mobile compressor cleaning system valves). Rotor turning supplies water for the compressor Turning device – the gas turbine rotor wash procedure to maintain high Lubrication is rotated at low speed, for start-up, compressor efficiency. Lube oil system – supplies lubrication shutdown, and extended standstills. oil to the gas turbine, the generator, Start-up and the HCO power unit and supplies Starting frequency converter (SFC) lifting oil to the gas turbine, the for static start-up. generator, and the hydraulic-type rotor turning device.10 |
  11. 11. Air filter Exhaust M Air Air filter Exhaust intake Air stack intake Air Filter house Evaporative cooling* Gas turbine Compressor Gas turbine Gas turbine Compressor * option Cleaning spray Nozzle system Filter system Inlet air cooling Air anti-icing – Two-stage static filter Inlet air cooling provides more power The anti-icing system avoids – Self-cleaning pulse filter (optional) when needed: ice effects under very cold – under hot and dry ambient conditions ambient conditions and thus avoids pressure losses – at times of high power demandAir Intake SystemFunctions Design Guiding and filtering of ambient air Top inlet air intake: the filter house to the gas turbine for reliable operation is located above the generator and Reducing noise from the gas turbine inlet duct and extends vertically to compressor to permissible levels the gas turbine House configuration: the supportSystem scope structure is supplied with existing Filter house with filter system building structure (civil scope) Air intake duct with silencer Compressor cleaning spray nozzle system Filter Systems: static filter as standard, pulse filter as an option Anti-icing system can be provided Inlet air cooling systems on request | 11
  12. 12. Exhaust Gas System Enclosures Functions – Exhaust system Functions The system guides exhaust gas Indoor enclosures: from the gas turbine via the diffuser Optimum noise protection to the stack of a gas turbine plant, at indoor installation or to the heat recovery steam generator in the turbine building of a combined cycle plant. Gas turbine Delineation of availability can be increased with a hazardous areas diverter and bypass stack for com- Containment of fire bined-cycle power plants. suppression agent At the same time, the system reduces noise from the gas turbine Weather enclosures to permissible levels. are available on request: Noise and weather System scope protection for Exhaust diffuser outdoor installation Exhaust stack for simple cycle plants as an option for simple cycle System scope applications Enclosures when applicable with: Diverter damper with bypass stack Ventilation system for combined cycle plants as an option Fire detection system for combined cycle applications Fire fighting system Gas detection system12 |
  13. 13. SPPA-T3000 Control SystemElectrical and Control SystemFunctions – Electrical system Static excitation system for the System scope and functions Energy supply for package equipment electrical generator Operating and monitoring of the plant Generator protection, excitation, Starting frequency converter for Automation (basic automation, turbine and static start-up equipment gas turbine start-up control, failsafe protection) Low voltage transformers for the Engineering of the instrumentationSystem scope static excitation equipment and and control system AC/DC low-voltage switchgear and starting the frequency converter Diagnostics on the instrumentation motor control centers for gas turbine and control system consumers Functions – SPPA-T3000 Control system Diagnostics on the package Uninteruptable power supplies Open loop control: step sequences Bus systems (batteries, chargers, DC/DC-converters) for start-up and shutdown, drive for gasturbine consumers control Benefits Generator protection, synchronization Closed loop control: fuel valves, Single user interface for all functions, equipment, measurement of electrical compressor from anywhere values Inlet guide vane variation Intuitive links throughout the entire Power control center (standard) Protection: engine protection, system to accommodate the electrical and failsafe protection circuits Speeds up the work-flow instrumentation and control equip- Operation and monitoring: ment human-machine-interface | 13
  14. 14. Power Control Center Features of the Power Control Center The features of the Power Control Center (PCC) modules make them equivalent to a conventional housing/building: The degree of protection of the switchgear rooms is IP 54. The switchgear room temperature in the PCC modules is controlled between 10 °C and 35 °C by air-conditioning units. At least one redundant air- conditioning aggregate is provided. The air is cleaned by a filter. The sealed construction prevents any ingress of moisture or dust by leakage. In addition, the heat exchangers dehydrate the replacement air so that condensation inside the modules cannot occur.14 |
  15. 15. SGen5-1000AOne generator assembly consisting of The SGen5-1000A air-cooled generator Overhung collector and brushthe following components is delivered features: holders bedplateto the site: 165 – 350 MVA range The stator bedplate is a heavy steel Bedplate (at 40 °C cold gas condition) fabrication, which supports the stator Spring mounted stator World class efficiency with low core and windings, bearing pedestals, Bearing pedestals maintenance design rotor assembly excitation casing, and Rotor with shrunk-on collector Multi-zone, indirectly cooled the inner enclosure. The bedplate rests Stator inner enclosure stator windings on leveling devices (fixators) affixed Roebelled stator windings with to the foundation and is secured withAt the site, an outer enclosure is erected brazed solid end connections foundation bolts and axial and transversearound the generator that includes Radially ventilated stator core anchors. Features for lifting and suitablecoolers, current transformers, and attached to bedplate jacking points for alignment to the turbineneutral grounding equipment. Global Vacuum Pressure Impregnated are also provided. (GVPI) stator core and stator winding Core suspended on two axial springs Radially ventilated and cooled rotor winding Two low pressure “push” fans mounted at each end of the rotor Weather and sound proof outer generator enclosure Coolers mounted on foundation beside bedplate and inside outer enclosure for a TEWAC (Totally Enclosed Water to Air-cooled) generator | 15
  16. 16. Power Diagnostics Power Diagnostics® Services Benefits It also supports Remote online monitoring of entire power During plant operation, online remote OEM’s engineering staff in develop- plants or vital power plant components diagnostics provide the following ing their modernization and upgrade via Siemens Power Diagnostics Services advantages: programs as well as Performance is a key to mitigate risk for long-term Plants can be monitored effectively Enhancement Programs and optimi- service contracts. Based on several Power by Power Diagnostics Centers and zation of Operational Reliability and Diagnostics Centers worldwide Siemens OEM experts, e.g., of forced outages Availability Programs provides the Service of daily Online Remote or emerging damages by detection Diagnostics exclusively for Customers of possible engine failures before they Your benefits include: with long-term service agreements. occur can be avoided Improved performance in terms of Currently more than 300 advanced frame Risk mitigation through service support availability, reliability, efficiency and gas turbines, as well as heat recovery for O&M and LTP during gas turbine flexibility boilers, steam turbines and generators life cycle, e.g., condition based outage Reduced maintenance costs by extended are monitored via those centers by planning by Siemens with the strong maintenance intervals, condition based Siemens experts to ensure the most support of Siemens experts from all maintenance and shorter outages trouble-free operation. disciplines Detailed information on plant’s history, The WIN_TS diagnostic system including long term trends, and optimization of a broadband connection for unlimited operational reliability and availability remote access has to be installed for online remote diagnostic services. The connection of a phone line exclusively assigned for the use of WIN_TS or an internet link is required as a contractual obligation of the customer already before commissioning starts.16 |
  17. 17. Service and SupportCorrective & preventive maintenance Service agreements Training & Consulting Siemens PowerExpecting a reliable high output from To plan well ahead a service agreement Academy (SPA)your plant, we set the goal to help you for your plant can best support your long- Training courses and programs designedcut downtimes to a minimum. With our term goals. We can help proactively boost to provide you essential knowledge ofdiagnostic services we can even identify your plant’s performance through various equipment and systems ensure your safe,faults before they become failures. From service options. From operating plant reliable operation and routine mainte-installation and commissioning, sched- service agreements to full-scope operation, nance for your assets.uled overhauls, on-site/factory repairs maintenance contracts and remote moni-to spare parts, we are ready to serve you. toring – Siemens Energy’s service solu-With our remote monitoring & diagnostics tions can be adapted to your exact needs:capabilities we can help you instantly. scheduled inspections, preventive main-Our global team of more than 3,000 highly tenance, remote monitoring, replace-qualified Siemens service specialists is ment parts programs and incentives.dedicated to providing sound, reliable In addition, we offer on-site operation &and continuing support. Anywhere, any maintenance contracts for power plants.time. Benefits include: Optimized return on investment Optimized performance Optimized strategic planning for operating assets Reduced maintenance costs | 17
  18. 18. SGT5-4000F Steam Production Steam production [kg/s] 150 145 Saturated 204 °C 140 260 °C 135 316 °C 130 125 371 °C 120 115 427 °C 110 482 °C 105 538 °C 100 95 90 5 15 25 35 45 55 65 75 Steam pressure [bar] Cogeneration or Combined Heat and Power General description and steam turbine-generator, to use the The heat recovery system chosen has Owners and operators of industrial and maximum amount of available energy. one pressure level, a 8.3 K pinch point, commercial facilities are actively looking The steam turbine can be selected from 5.5 K approach temperature and no for ways to use energy more efficiently. extraction, condensing or backpressure supplementary firing. Although steam One option is cogeneration, also known styles to best match the customer’s pro- production varies depending on site as combined heat and power (CHP). cess steam and electricity requirements. conditions and gas turbine loading, Cogeneration/CHP consists of simulta- the figure provides an estimate of what neous production of electricity and useful Steam production calculation can be achieved with a SGT5-PAC 4000F. heat from the same fuel or energy. The figure above shows the typical The owner of a SGT5-PAC 4000F cogen steam production capability of the system can use it to produce their own SGT5-PAC 4000F for a range of steam electricity, produce electricity for sale pressures and temperatures. to others, or use the excess (waste) heat The referenced results are for for process steam, hot water heating, Base load operation at sea level, space heating and other thermal needs. 15 °C compressor inlet temperature, 60 % relative humidity of the air and The excess heat also can be used to Natural gas fuel. produce steam that can drive a steam turbine-generator to produce additional electricity. A SGT5-PAC 4000F-based cogen system can be designed, with the addition of the appropriate heat recovery boiler18 |
  19. 19. ReferencesHamm-Uentrop, GermanyTrianel Power Kraftwerk Hamm-UentropGmbH & Co. KG operates the combined cyclepower plant with a total capacity of 850 MW.Included in the scope are two gas turbinepackages SGT5-PAC 4000F.Al Taweelah,United Arab EmiratesAl Taweelah A2 is the first IPP project in theMiddle East. The project with an output of 780 MWrepresents the first combination of a combinedcycle power plant with a desalination plant.The scope included three gas turbine packagesSGT5-PAC 4000F and two steam turbines.Panglima, MalaysiaPanglima Power Sdn Bhd operates the combinedcycle power plant with a multi-shaft 2 x 1 unit thathas a total capacity of 780 MW, including two gasturbine packages SGT5-PAC 4000F.Antalya, TurkeyThe Ali Metin Kazanci Power Plant in Antalya,Turkey consists of two gas turbine packagesSGT5-PAC 4000F. The power plant is built andoperated by the Turkish company AKSA andcovers a major part of the high energy demandin Antalya – one of the major tourist areas inTurkey. The 520 MW Open Cycle plant was builtby AKSA in world record time. In a second phasethis plant will be completed by AKSA to an780 MW Combined Cycle Power Plant withone Siemens Steam Turbine Package SST-5000. | 19
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