tps power plant simulator boiler efficiency boiler energy conservation steam turbines thermal power plant lp heaters hp heaters cycle efficiency thermal power plants excess air condenser turbine heat rate heat rate tpp faq on turbines hvac boiler loading heat rate improvement turbine performance turbine operation turbine emergencies chp training condenser vacuum boiler lightup heat balance performance improvement afbc boilers afbc boilers maintenance costs maintenance aspects maintenance effectiveness cw system electrical equipment energy audit oracle thermal power station feed water heaters scada instrumentation turbine efficiency condenser and cooling system combustion equations electrical safety conservation of energy soot coal combustion primary air condenser performance coal mill performance activity chart turbine loading generator synchrinising power plant operation starting of boilers power plant operations corrossion of turbine blades. faq on turbine water usages energy saving good building practices green buildings reduction in auxiliary consumption unitwise auxiliary consumption. station auxiliary auxiliary consumption cost of leakage air compressed air system turbine stages impulse turbines reaction turbines ct performance cooling towers reliability safety in tps causes and reporting electrical accidents cost factors job evaluation variable costs fixed costs costing ppms generation cost esp and fabric filters noise levels in tps solid waste in tps pollution environment steps to reduce aux consumption 3 t of combustion moisture in coal hydrogen in coal ash in coal carbon in coal ultimate analysis proximate analysis secondary air water requirement for tps land requirement for tps coal based tps loading of boilers operation of boilers tps operations boiler operations plant emergencies axial shift drifts differential expansions turbine load throw off turbine handling pulverisers and classifires clean air testing dirty pitot tube testing front fired boilers corner fired boilers coal mill system performance coal quality coal molls steam cycle efficiency efficiency of steam turbine heat rate of thermal power plant tpp efficiency lmw 210 mw turbine turbine heat rate calculation energy audit methodology turbine cycle cost effective heat rate reduction boiler heat rate hhv of biomass biomass requirement power plants biomass compititors in business resource gap analysis strategic planning swot analysis swot pressure correction temp correction three element control single element control drum level control supervisory control and data acquisition system traffic signals water treatment plants power generation temp controllers level controllers pid controllers manual process control automatic process control chimney induced draft balanced draft boiler draft best practices key requirements for be approach efqm model business excellence models business excellance vector diag for ct standards for ct and pt power system pt ct instrumentation transformers coal ropeways coal bunkers coal crushers trollys conveyer belts efficiency tests consultancy services performance eveluation tops coal output size minimum pa flow fuel velocity coal to air ratio pulveriser performance grindeability index pa flow coal flow in the mill fuel air ratio esv iv steam turbine turbine side emergencies discussion on major faults malfunctions in tps boiler banking unloading turbogenerator turbogenerator shutting cold rolling warm rolling hot rolling temp matching chart full loading 210 mw bfp coal mill operation static excitation generator synchronising synchronising to the grid 3000rpm hp lp bypass turbine rolling heating of ms pipes steam temp raising hplp bypass prds gland sealing ejector feed pump aux prds charging igniter air scanner air oil handling plant boiler purge simulator air cycle establishment water cycle establishment electrical boards charging maintenance evaluation maintenance strategy power plant maintenance factors affecting afbc boilers performance séquence start permissive blowdown valves pa fans id fans air heater fd fans interlocks turbine blades sludge scales scales formation lpt ipt hpt 210mw turbine turbine cogeneration sugar industry boiler commissioning performance improvement boilers commissioning procedure recommissioning of boiler boiler overhaul fuel properties boiler losses loss method efficiency calculations manohar tatwawadi fluidised bed material air ingress in afbc boilers excess air losses fluidised bed boilers preventive maintenance inventory management stores management stores inventory actual operations in tps operation principles operations bios pc cw system performance energy saving tips auxiliaries boiler feed pump losses performance of pumps feed pump efficiency npsh of pump pumps in tps oracle rdbms security rdbms oracle security general description of boilers. types of boilers power plant boilers reheat coils superheat coils water walls economiser boiler drum boiler pressure parts pg course in power plant engineering boiler fittings boiler mountings liquidity cash flow measures of financial performance profit and loss account balance sheet financial statements total output power solutions oracle architecture introduction to oracle database ttd condensate heaters औष्णिक विद्युत केंद्र कार्यक्षमता तापदर efficiency of tps savings in fuel measurement of ash ash sampler airheater performance air ingress quality of coal boiler preformance losses in turbines turbines in tpp control supervisory system data acquisition data transmission cables controls sensors plc flow controller temperature controller process controllers basics pid controller flow measurement quantity measurement temperature measurement pressure measurement mass balance steam cycle 270 mw regenerative feed heating feed water system air and flue gas system condensing cycle reheat cycle cycle constraints rankine cycle for tpp combustion calculations perfect combustion air requirement pc combustion combustion theory heat transfer rankine cycle steam properties basic thermodynamics basic units of measurements environment aspects overview of tpp power plant requirements 500mw ahp ahp details wet ash dry ash handling system ash handling plants basics of chp 500mw chp capacity of chp coal handling plant power factor improvement energy savings pumps performance boiler design 3 ts of combustion combustion reactions fuel analysis combustion fuels business excellence excellence benchmarking achievements targets raymond coal mill grindibility index capacity of coal mill performance of coal mill coal mill performance test aux consumption air fans performance boiler performance air leakage calculations air-heater performance hr calculations deaerator heaters glands losses tpp turbine hr efficiency tpp
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