snist s.vijaya bhaskar s. vijaya bhaskar vijaya bhaskar power plant engineering renewable energy hydrogen cell open cycle gas turbine power plant closed cycle gas turbine power plant gas turbine biofuel renewable energy systems res management 4-stroke petrol engine biodiesel sirivella vijaya bhaskar nuclear power plant gas turbine power plant introduction to ipr ipr introduction to intellectual property rights introduction to property rights eoq jit abc analysis quality control techniques inventory control techniques material management material management: inventory control & qc techni cooling towers and heat rejection. corrosion and f dust collectors design and construction cyclone furnace combustion needs and draught system pulverized fuel burning system and its components retort stokers spreader stokers travelling grate stokers properties of coal – overfeed and underfeed fuel b management science hr hr management functions of marketing management marketing marketing management biofuel in ic engines biofuel applications bio fuel applications bio-fuels bio-ethanol biofuels (incl. biodiesel) solar car hybrid car electric car alternate energy sources for vehicles uses of alternative fules types of alternative fuels need of alternative fuels lpg lng hydrogen fuel cell hydrogen fuel cng application of alternative fules basics of gas turbine power plant diesel engine working of diesel power plant ic engine power plant diesel power plant resources of power in india energy sources sources of energy combustion equipment ash handling and dust collectors fuel handling modern coal fired steam power plant thermal power plant steam power plant power plants s.vijaya bhaskar snist s. vijaya bhas energy sources in india recent developments direct energy conversion introduction to solar energy solar energy biomethane removal of co2 and h2o biogas bio-hydrogen biohydrogen biomethanation project management pert network analysis (cpm & pert) cpm types of production systems introduction to operations management biomass b.teh management introduction to management 4-stroke diesel sengine four stroke si and ci engine 2-stroke petrol engine two stroke si and ci engines ignition systems in si engines ic engine cooling system ic engines lubrication system octane number factors affecting flame speed combustion stages combustion si engines comparision of ideal and actual cycles unit-i actual cycles fuel-air cycles ideal cycle air-standard cycles (thermal engg) nuclear power plant safety - nuclear power plant safety seminar template seminar presentation vijaya bhhaskar model seminar presentation thermal engineering sreenidhee nuclearpowerplant nuclear power plant - (te) steam generator steam boiler steam generators feedwater treatment feedwater feed water treatment cooling tower hydro power plant hydro electric power plants snitst ppe environmental consider power plant economics feed water heater svb feedwater heaters
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