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近年來,物聯網(IoT)產業正以驚人的速度成長中,相關的應用與服務也陸續問市,而包含物聯網(IoT)、人工智慧(AI)與機器學習(machine learning)等科技的革新,致使從新創企業乃至傳統產業皆投入這一波新科技的發展,更添產業動能,尤其是在製造業、運輸及物流、公共安全、智慧城市等幾大面向。

據消費及商業企業服務供應商JT Group白皮書預估,到2020年全球物聯網累計裝置量(installed base)將達204.1億台。更多企業也將改變其商業模式,由產品導向轉為服務導向,客戶機構採購的不再只是硬體產品,而是尋求整套完整的解決方案。AWS 即將於3/7 (四) 舉辦『AWS AIoT未來智造高峰論壇』,持續以創新、全球視野帶領您與您的企業一起探索物聯網價值最大化的關鍵。

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  1. 1. ADLINK “AIoT at the EDGE” Chia-Wei Yang Business Development Manager ADLINK Technology
  2. 2. ADLINK Overview Over 20 Years of Embedded Experience >1900 Employees Established August Publicly Traded Since Taiwan Stock Exchange Listing USA Canada France India Korea Israel Chairman Jim Liu President Daniel Yang Revenue (USD) Capital (USD) $73M Headquarters in Germany UK Singapore China Japan ● ● ● ● 1995 Taipei, Taiwan 2002 TAIEX: 6166 $297M (Y2016) $350M (Y2017) Market Cap (USD) $468M ●
  3. 3. AIoT at the Edge Data 2 Decision Convert Info to Decision & Action to enhance overall Efficiency Data River Steam the RIGHT INFO to RIGHT Place @ RIGHT Time Heterogeneous Computing Platforms Powerful EDGE, Integrated CPU, VPU, FPGA, GPU Industrial Automation Telecom & Networking Test & Measurement TransportationMedical / Healthcare Infotainment & Vending Military & Aerospace AWS
  4. 4. Source: Engineering Collaboration Accelerating IoT - EDGE Development • Collaborating in certificating AWS IoT Green Grass with ADLINK EDGE Devices • Enabling 3rd party DL / ML modeling builds on AWS • Integration of AWS RobotMaker Service and ADLINK ROS2.0 Robotic Platform
  5. 5. Synergy for Factory of the Future AI Machine Vision Industrial IoT Robotic (Mobile)
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