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C white cisco_livecancun_nov_press


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Cisco Live Cancun, Chris White, SVP IOE Sales, preso

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C white cisco_livecancun_nov_press

  1. 1. The Internet of Everything: BIG. Different. Now. Chris White SVP, IoT/IoE Global Sales
  2. 2. Great IoE Opportunity Among Top LATAM Brands
  3. 3. The Internet of Everything is BIG …and ACCELERATING! Growing Total Value Market Sectors
  4. 4. 2012 2013 2014 Dec Jan Feb Oct Jan Feb Mar Oct Cisco’s 1st IoE PoV 1st IoTWF Barcelona 832 participants Cisco Releases $4.6T Value at Stake for Public Sector 45K media articles YTD (12x spike from 2012) 1500 attend 2nd IoTWF in Chicago Cisco’s $14.4T Value at Stake for Private Sector Cisco Announces IOx Industrial Internet Consortium formed 23B sensors shipped YTD (6x jump from 2012) IoE Acceleration Gartner Introduces IoE John Chambers Delivers IoT Keynote at CES IoE #3 in Gartner’s Top Technology Trends for 2014 “IoT could be the next industrial revolution” “IoE is the next big thing for tech” Cisco Introduces IoE at Partner Summit “IoE can make Cisco the #1 IT vendor” 189 IoT start-ups YTD (4x increase from 2012)
  5. 5. Total LATAM IoE Market Value Is $870B A Closer Look at Top LATAM IoE Verticals Financial Services $226B $163B $58B $38B $15B Transportation Energy Public Sector Manufacturing
  6. 6. The Internet of Everything is DIFFEЯENT Go to Market Partnerships Data and Analytics Role of IT
  7. 7. 2014 Internet of Things World Forum Highlights § 1601 attendees (2X increase) § Industry and customer keynotes § 29 event sponsors (81% increase) § 21 Startup Showcase sponsors/exhibitors § 140 unique articles in top-tier global publications § Chicago walking tour § Next year’s venue: Dubai § Internet of Things Reference Model
  8. 8. What Will It Take to Converge Operational Technology and Information Technology? From basic connectivity... …to a critical part of the enterprise infrastructure From proprietary standards... …to open standards IT/OT Convergence set up slide or the next From disparate IT and OT networks… …to converged, secure, managed, and collaborative operations one?
  9. 9. Internet of Everything Requires IT and OT Convergence Disparate Ecosystems Disconnected, legacy systems Proliferation of devices Big, siloed Data Rich and engaging experiences RESILIENCE AT SCALE SECURITY DISTRIBUTED INTELLIGENCE CONVERGED, MANAGED NETWORK Business Continuity Business Insights Business Process Agility APPLICATION ENABLEMENT Today IT/OT Convergence IoE Digital Business IT/OT Convergence set up slide or the previous one?
  10. 10. Internet of Things Reference Model Collaboration and Processes (Involving People and Business Processes) Application (Reporting, Analytics, Control) Data Abstraction (Aggregation and Access) Data Accumulation (Storage) Edge Computing (Data Element Analysis and Transformation) Connectivity (Communication and Processing Units) Physical Devices and Controllers (The “Things” in IoT) 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 IT OT Query Based Event Based Data at Rest Data in Motion Non-Real Time Real Time Technology Drivers • Asset modernization • Cloud-based technology • Pervasive multi-service networks Business Drivers • Business automation • Customer experience • Accelerating innovation
  11. 11. Big Data - The New Norm Big Data Doubling Every 2 Years • 90% of world’s data created in last 2 years • More new data generated in 2012 than prior 5,000 years • Nearly 40% say data will be processed at the network edge 4 Wisdom (Scenario Planning) 3 Knowledge 2 Information 1 Data
  12. 12. IoE: Connecting Data with Business Outcomes Business Outcomes Process | People | Wisdom Improve Experiences Increase Efficiencies Big Data and Analytics Analytics | Knowledge Cloud Fog Distributed Compute New Business Models Minimize Risk Data in Motion Analytics Connecting Assets Sensing | Control | Raw Data Automation Jet Engine Wheelchair Lamp Post
  13. 13. IoE Improves Shopper Experience and Staff Utilization in Big Box Retail § 25-50% reduction in average checkout wait time § Improvement in queue length SLAs § Accurate shelf stock out predictions for 3 products (pilot scope) § Staff optimization – generate true picks, avoid false picks
  14. 14. IoE Delivers Robust Infrastructure and Platform for All City Services in Cuiaba, Brazil § Very Light Train (VLT) system utilization improved by 15% § Reduced ticket fraud by 40% for US$4M annual savings § Location-based services projected to generate US$3M yearly advertising revenue
  15. 15. IoE Reduces Congestion and Improves Citizen Security in Hamburg, Germany § Manage 12,000 ships, 83 railroads, 1800 workers, thousands of vehicles § Reduced congestion by 15% § Doubling throughput in next 10 years § 75% Opex savings § Reduced servers from 242 to 48 for 20% reduction in capital costs
  16. 16. Partnering for New Industry Solutions Toronto London Berlin Barcelona Rio Songdo IoE Innovation Centers Customers and solutions IoE Partners Partnering for industry solutions IoE Investment Fund Entrepreneurs and start-ups IoE Applications Developers and communities
  17. 17. The Internet of Everything is NOW Value IoE Journey Your Opportunity
  18. 18. IoE Enables… All IT Market Transitions Big Data and Analytics Social Collaboration Security Internet of Things Mobility Cloud
  19. 19. How Companies Are Capturing Their Portion of the $19T 4X $40M 30% 21% Increased Production Scrap Avoidance Less Traffic Congestion Lower Capital Costs Barcelona
  20. 20. IoE Journey to Value Connectivity and Compute Standardization on Ethernet and IP • Sensors • Gateways • Infrastructure Fast IT IT/OT Convergence • Streamlined operations • Remote control • Visibility and security Data and Analytics Connecting Data with Decisions • Edgeware • Data in motion • Business insights Internet of Everything Business Transformation • Platform for innovation • Business process agility • Connected and integrated interactions • ROI of $19T Business Impact Level of Adoption
  21. 21. Partnering to Accelerate the Opportunity IE 2000 IE2000 IP67 IE 3000 IE 3010 CGS 2500 Vertical Solutions Services Retail Transportation Health Care Education Data and Analytics Manufacturing Government Energy Financial Process Automation and API App Integration Wireless Video Surveillance 5915 + 5921 + 5940 Rugged Embedded Services Routers ESS2020 Rugged Switch Video Surveillance Manager and IP Cameras Experiences and Engagement Switching Routing Embedded CGR 1000 819H M2M ISR 1552 Gateway Router Rugged Wireless CGR 2000 ASR 903 IPICS Physical Access Manager Hardware Products Support Services Managed Services Professional Services Consulting Services IoE Software Suite Data Virtualization (Composite) Connected Analytics Prime Analytics ServiceGrid (SolveDirect) Integration Platform Services Exchange Platform Enterprise Mobility Solutions Platform Remote Expert Platform Interactive Services Platform IP Interoperability and Collaboration System
  22. 22. How IoE Can Accelerate Mexico’s Transformation Journey IoE Economic Value (10-year NPV) Alignment to Government Agenda Economy: growth and jobs creation National security: reduce violence Telecom reform: competition, universal broadband access, and national connectivity Smart Cities Smart Manufacturing Smart Border National infrastructure development Country Digitalization Energy reform: Reduce government budget dependence in oil revenues $75B $80B $25B (WIP) $200B Total Mexico “We want to realize the dream of transforming Mexico” John Chambers. Davos, Jan. 24, 2014
  23. 23. What Is Your Portion of the $19T? Asset Utilization Employee Productivity Supply Chain Logistics/Efficiency Improved Customer Experience Energy Savings Safety Improvements Innovation