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Accelerating the AIoT @ the EDGE


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近年來,物聯網(IoT)產業正以驚人的速度成長中,相關的應用與服務也陸續問市,而包含物聯網(IoT)、人工智慧(AI)與機器學習(machine learning)等科技的革新,致使從新創企業乃至傳統產業皆投入這一波新科技的發展,更添產業動能,尤其是在製造業、運輸及物流、公共安全、智慧城市等幾大面向。

據消費及商業企業服務供應商JT Group白皮書預估,到2020年全球物聯網累計裝置量(installed base)將達204.1億台。更多企業也將改變其商業模式,由產品導向轉為服務導向,客戶機構採購的不再只是硬體產品,而是尋求整套完整的解決方案。AWS 即將於3/7 (四) 舉辦『AWS AIoT未來智造高峰論壇』,持續以創新、全球視野帶領您與您的企業一起探索物聯網價值最大化的關鍵。

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Accelerating the AIoT @ the EDGE

  1. 1. Accelerating the AIoT @ the EDGE Revolutionizing the Manufacturing 2019, March Chia-Wei Yang, BDM IoT Solution & Technology Business Unit, ADLINK
  2. 2. Our mission is to deliver robust and reliable hardware, data connectivity and management solutions, and both generic and domain-specific IIoT platforms that drive data-to-decision applications across industries. ADLINK Strategic Vision • Industrial EDGE Intelligent Platform • Real-time Data Connectivity • AI at the EDGE Application Enablement ADLINK Confidential • Industrial EDGE Intelligent Platform • Real-time Data Connectivity • AI at the EDGE Application Enablement
  3. 3. What is … AIoT at the EDGE AI – Data to Decision IoT – Data Sharing between THINGS EDGE – THINGS, OT, Low-Latency, QoS
  4. 4. Real-Time Data to Decision Data Value Chain Data Age Interactive Real-Time Analytic Historical Analytic Exploratory Analytic DataValue OT: Value of Instant Event Data IT: Value of Data in Aggregate Control the EDGE Analytics in the CLOUD
  5. 5. The Steps to Achieve Smart Factory • Connect, Stream, Control Connect, Stream, Control
  6. 6. AIoT at the Edge Heterogeneous Computing Platforms Powerful EDGE, Integrated CPU, VPU, FPGA, GPU Data River Steam the RIGHT INFO to RIGHT Place @ RIGHT Time Data 2 Decision Convert Info to Decision & Action to enhance overall Efficiency AWS
  7. 7. Value Chain & EcoSystem Partners SRiP : System Ready intelligent Platform EDGE Intelligent Gateway, Integrate OS, sensors ORiP : Operational Ready intelligent Platform SRiP + ThingSDK + App μService ESP: EDGE Solutions Partners CSP : Cloud Service Provider IaaS/PaaS/SaaS VSP: Vertical Solutions Partners Co-Creation with ESP, CSP and VSP Enterprise App MySQL AWS
  8. 8. ORiP Solutions  Market Success • Clear Target Customers with Clear ROI • Bundle promotion with ESP solution and PaaS partners • Marketing Sponsorship for ESP creating on-site Seminar • Bridge ESP eco-system to PaaS partner events and create match making opportunities Joint Market Promotion
  9. 9. NEW IT-OT ArchitectureFactory of the Future TCP/IP Factory Existed IT Protocol GW Sensor EDGE AOI EDGE Database PLC PLC PLC AGV Dispatch Service Storage AI Models Backend Server Vortex LINK ™ Vortex LINK ™ Vortex LINK ™ 3rd Party OPEN VINO™ CUDA
  10. 10. Accelerating the journey of Smart Manufacturing • Connect the Unconnected at the Edge in Green & Brown fields (D2I) • Real-time Data Connectivity to stream information to anywhere when needed (I2S) • AI Inference Service to convert the information into decision & action, also accumulate knowhow (I2D) AIOT @ the EDGE for Manufacturing Sensors CPU VPU GPUFPGA D2I Data to Info I2S Info to Stream I2D Info to Decision APP μService Connectivity μService APP μService … LXC / MS EDGESDK™ ADLINK HCP ADLINK Confidential OpenVino™ DataRiver
  11. 11. Smart Manufacturing: Connecting the Unconnected
  12. 12. Case 1: PCB Drilling Machine • Target: Extract Operational message in PC based controller • Challenges: • Legacy operation system: OS2 • No Ethernet port
  13. 13. Case 2: LCD Glue Dispensing Machine • Target: Collect the parameters during operation to improve yield rate • Challenges: • The quotation from machine vendor is too high to accept. • User has tried to put data extraction program in machine, but it resulted in instability of the machine.
  14. 14. Machine Summary Page One Click Pre-defined Machine Page Machine Multiple Pages Controller Display signal KB/Mouse signal Display signal Connecting the Unconnected: DEX-100 KB/Mouse Deep Learning Technology accelerates OCR performance LPRnet to Page OpenVINO ™
  15. 15. Smart Manufacturing: Predictive Maintenance (Machine Condition Monitoring)
  16. 16. ADLINK MCM-100 ADLINK’s MCM-100 machine condition monitoring edge platform enables rotating machinery, tooling, and plant and automation equipment operators to easily overcome challenges inherent in conventional equipment maintenance • Simple connection, configuration, and operation speed setup with no downtime • Complete single-operation data acquisition, analysis and upload • Real-time monitoring, intelligent management Intelligent MCM Edge Platform
  17. 17. ADLINK SMT Factory MCM • Problem: To address noise generation, air compressors are installed in soundproofed structures, inhibiting conventional preventative inspection. • Solution: Automatic online monitoring provides continuous 24/7 condition monitoring • Result: Successful early detection of compressor part damage twice in 2017, based on ISO10816, with no compressor vendor involvement required Alert
  18. 18. Effective Asset Protection Coupler wear and tear between motor and rotor joint Production line expense and compressor downtime can total losses up to US$ 150K or more
  19. 19. ADLINK Confidential ORiP Solution #1 – Dry Pump • GoodTech @ Semicon
  20. 20. ADLINK Confidential ORiP Solution #2 – Dry/ Water Pump • Semicon/ Power Plant/ Refinery, ITRI
  21. 21. ADLINK Confidential ORiP Solution #3 – Bearing/ Turbine/ Robot Semicon/ Power Plant, OnePredict GuardiOne Bearing GuardiOne Turbine GuardiOne Gearbox GuardiOne Robot
  22. 22. Smart Manufacturing: Machine Vision & AI-AOI (Automated Optical Inspection)
  23. 23. Machine Vision Solar Textile / Wood Classification Food Metal Surface Manufacturing AOI Algorithms / Deep Learning Based Solutions Location/ Guide Inspection/ Classification Measurement Identification ADLINK Confidential
  24. 24. Rule-based & Deep Learning Machine Vision is NOT Deep Learning only Measurement/Gauge Identification/ OCR Alignment/ Guidance Complex Inspection Classification Count Detect & Inspect Challenging OCR Rule Based Deep Learning
  25. 25. Smart Pallet Solution • The Pallet which knows what’s wrong and proactive communicates ADLINK Confidential The Pallet which knows what’s wrong and proactive communicates
  26. 26. ADLINK AI PnP + Data River™ AI on IoT : AIoT Implementation Right Data Available at Right Time at Right Place (3R)
  27. 27. Solution offering from ADLINK Embedded Platforms & Modules GPU chip-down solutions / ODM MXM Embedded Graphic Modules MXM modular platforms PCIe graphics platforms with x86 NVIDIA Quadro Graphic PCIe cards (*) NVIDIA Quadro Embedded GPU (*) Jetson Embedded Systems NVIDIA Jetson modules (*) (*) cannot redistribute as is, must do value added
  28. 28. Solution Oriented Systems General Embedded Platforms Multi-Access Edge Computing Servers Application Specific DLA / IO m/c vision enhanced from AGV to AMR AMEC / AR In Smart City AI in BOX System Level Offering from Training Server to Inference EDGE ADLINK Confidential
  29. 29. PCIe-GIENVQ, GigE vision w/ nvidia Quadro PCIe-GIEIMX, GigE vision w/ Movidius + + Nvidia QuadroPCIe-GIE74 Intel Myriad XPCIe-GIE74 AI with Cards Enable the AI power easily and directly
  30. 30. + …  Update the module in the incumbent application to enable inference capability MIPI / U3 / PoE AI in Machine Vision Enable AI, Plug & Play Scenario #3: AI on Module ADLINK Confidential
  31. 31. Express-CF-AI Express-CF-AI • INTEL® Movidius Myriad • INTEL® OPEN VINO™ Supported • PICMG COM.0 R3.0 Type 6 module with Hexacore i7/Xeon and Quadcore i5 • Up to 48GB Dual Channel DDR4 at 2133/2400MHz • Three DDI channels, one LVDS (or 4 lanes eDP), supports up to 3 independent displays • One PCIe x16 Gen3, eight PCIe x1 Gen3 (NVMe SSD & Intel® Optane™ Memory Technology support) • GbE, four SATA 6 Gb/s, four USB 3.1 and four USB 2.0 • Supports Smart Embedded Management Agent (SEMA) functions • Maximum Package power 55W • 5-years longevity support Environmental • Operating Temperature: CT 0~60C INTEL® Coffee Lake + INTEL® Myriad X
  32. 32. ADLINK Edge AI Vision Decoupling APP Architecture Video Capture App config video stream Video Config App config Video Viewer App video stream AI App video stream config inference TensorFlow Inference OpenVino Inference OpenCV
  33. 33. Future Factory ROS2.0 empowers Connectivity among ALL Mobile Equipment in the future Factory
  34. 34. -Simulation of Robots -Cognition API (voice) -Image recognition -Fleet management Sensors 2D/3DLidar, ultrasound, depth camera chemical sensor, etc. CPU VPU GPUTPU CUDA/INTEL® OPEN VINO™ @Linux, Windows … EDGESDK™ ADLINK HCP ROS2SDK™ DDS Technology Actuator Motor, button, PLC, etc. ROS 2 Inner Data River Real-time ADLINK Data River™ Navigation Collision avoidance Pick & Place 3D-object recognition AI services Sensor fusion FPGA Real-Time Robotics Developer Suite
  35. 35. Summary Date to Decision in Real-Time
  36. 36. AIoT at the Edge Heterogeneous Computing Platforms Powerful EDGE, Integrated CPU, VPU, FPGA, GPU Data River Steam the RIGHT INFO to RIGHT Place @ RIGHT Time Data 2 Decision Convert Info to Decision & Action to enhance overall Efficiency ADLINK Confidential AWS
  37. 37. Thank you.