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Watson IOT Platform


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IoT is driving Digital Disruption of the Physical World

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Watson IOT Platform

  1. 1. IBM Watson IoT Platform 1 MAY 2016
  2. 2. IoT is driving Digital Disruption of the Physical World Accelerating advances in technology And transforming every part of business Advanced analytics Creating new products and business models Improving operations and lowering costs Driving engagement and customer experience Pervasive connectivity Embedded sensors Cloud computing Product Lifecycle Management
  3. 3. What’s next ? Cognitive IoT that infuses new intelligence into products, services and processes Automotive Suppliers have developed intelligent, interconnected automotive products that help proactively manage vehicle service and deliver enhanced entertainment, navigation and communication experiences to drivers Airlines can now check service and performance levels of hundreds of thousands of parts on each aircraft in real time and adjust maintenance schedules to keep more planes, and more passengers moving on time. Transform the customer experience and relationship Be the disruptor, not the disrupted Transportation companies can optimize routes by tapping weather and traffic data, bringing products to market more efficiently; they can monitor position and performance in real time to get cargo and drivers to the right place at the right time Boost operational efficiency
  4. 4. 4 Cognitive systems aren’t programmed. They learn from virtually every interaction and the surrounding context to unleash the potential of the IoT. At the Intersection of the Internet of Things with the internet of people Cognitive IoT enables us to learn from, and infuse intelligence into, the physical world to transform business and enhance the human experience.
  5. 5. 5 Outthink the limits of what’s possible …  Applies cognitive technologies to help change how we approach and understand the world’s information  Leverages data driven industries and economies to bring cognition to everything and everyone  Reason and learns from data IoT • Platform of Platforms – IBM is committed to integrating with other leading platforms so customers are not forced to chose proprietary tech stacks • IoT specific security – security micro-services built specifically for IoT-based solutions • Rich integration of contextual data sources – leading the industry at partnering with outside data providers (e.g. Weather Company) • Deep, industry-specific analytics models  Connects devices, gateways and endpoints  Secures and integrates device data and contextual data  Scales via cloud-based services  Analyzes performance and utilization data IBM Watson IBM Watson IoT Platform
  6. 6. 101 010 101 Platform Everything you need to innovate with IoT Weather Data Social Sentiment Performance Business TransformationConnecting the data that matters Ready your business for cognitive IoT Start by deploying a highly secure, scalable, and open platform that lets you start small, and grow quickly Applications Optimizing Operations for Business Impact Solutions New business models for industry Device Utilization
  7. 7. IBM Watson IoT Platform - Connect Connect and manage devices, networks, and gateways IBM Watson IoT Platform - Information Management Integrating information, structured and unstructured, from devices, people, and the world around us IBM Watson IoT Platform - Analytics Gaining insights from information using Realtime, Predictive and Cognitive analytics IBM Watson IoT Platform - Risk Management Ensuring you leverage the right information from the right sources, and the right software runs where you need it The IBM Watson IoT Platform Offerings Everything you need to transform with IoT
  8. 8. Uniquely IBM IBM Bluemix environment for IoT development Composable services development, runtime and operations for your IoT apps, running on IBM SoftLayer global cloud Integrate enterprise, device, and 3rd party data Combining weather data with traditional business data and rich data from an unprecedented number of Internet of Things (IoT) enabled systems and devices will fundamentally transform enterprise decision-making. Out think the competition with Watson Gain competitive advantage with Cognitive and Advanced Analytics services, such as natural language processing, machine learning, textual analytics, and video/image analytics.
  9. 9. 9 Putting it all together – IoT from Chip to Cloud to App The IBM IoT ecosystem helps companies build and deploy IoT end to end Your silicon, embedded OS & Recipes Connectivity & Security technology Silicon Your IoT devices & recipes for connecting them Connectivity & Security technology IoT Devices Your network Relationships & reach Networks Customer solutions built on IBM IoT technology Solution & Applications Oil & Gas Smarter Cities Connected Vehicle Life Science & Healthcare Energy & Utilities Consumer Electronics Transport & Rail Industrial Manufacturing IBM IoT Industry solutions IBM GBS services Industry sales & distribution expertise Additional value add cloud services Cloud SoftLayer Cloud platform Bluemix innovation platform IoT services End-end IoT solution Gateways Your gateway and recipes for connecting them Connectivity, Security and edge analytics IBMPartners
  10. 10. IBM Watson IoT and Industry Innovation Enabling new business models with integrated solutions Automotive Retail Electronics Industrial Products Insurance Aviation Energy & Utilities Chemical & Petroleum Transport Healthcare Transform traditional business with the capabilities of IoT • Drive customer relationships & experiences • Improve operational efficiency & reduce costs • Deliver new product and business models • Drive better customer engagement • Leverage Watson for cognitive solutions
  11. 11. Less talking, More doing Get started today Learn more about IBM’s point of view on the Internet of Things Explore Watson IoT Platform with easy demos and free trial Sit in on a weekly IoT Webinar things/iot-news.html Join us in our IoT conversations @WatsonIoT
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  14. 14. IBM Watson IoT Platform - Connect Connect what matters…. Connect and manage your IoT devices, Gateways and Networks from a broad and growing ecosystem Open standards based communications (MQTT, HTTPS) Secure communication and management Globally scalable, starting with a single device The Hub for IoT Data
  15. 15. IBM Watson IoT Platform - Information Management Combine contextual data, such weather, with analytics and Internet of Things to deliver better outcomes Improve visibility of IoT systems through dashboard and console reporting Integrate critical data from other information platforms such as Weather and social sentiment Leverage advanced capabilities for data storage, caching and transformation Operate and analyze data from millions of devices continuously in the cloud
  16. 16. Cognitive capabilities in IoT apps IBM Watson IoT Platform - Analytics Add cognitive capabilities to IoT data to produce new insights and intelligence Monitor device behaviors in real-time Drive automation to take appropriate, prescribed actions Forecast usage an operating conditions based on environmental conditions Gain insights from devices in context; adjusting designs and manufacturing processes Become smarter about operating conditions
  17. 17. IBM Watson IoT Platform - Risk Management Address privacy and manage risk through security and Blockchain capabilities Enforce the appropriate level of security and privacy to your IoT solution from the device through the network to the cloud and beyond End to end core security features for devices, data and connections Gain system wide confidence via Security Analytics Provide support for secure decentralized systems such as Blockchain Leading Security Capabilities