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I was reminded recently of a quote by John F Kennedy:
"Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other"
As a leader and a trainer, you can see why I would appreciate this one!
I fully believe that as a leader my job is not just to develop my team, but also to recognise the potential in them, leverage their existing talents, to encourage them to see themselves for who they are and give them the confidence they need to become the people that they can be.
I also think that no matter how much we learn there is still infinitely more that we could learn, but also because when I train someone I want to inspire them to push the boundary of the subject, to learn more than I could ever teach them.
Then I was reminded of another quote, this time by Socrates:
Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel
Since my post a few weeks back on Leadership Quotes, I have received a few requests for quotes on training, development and learning so here goes...
Hope you find them as inspiring as I do! As usual, the presentation is available for download on my blog:

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Training, learning and development quotes

  1. 1. Training, Learning andDevelopment Quotes
  2. 2. Throughothers webecomeourselves
  3. 3. Everything can be explained to the people,on the single condition that you want them tounderstand
  4. 4. Mans mind, oncestretched by a newidea, never regainsits originaldimensions
  5. 5. Development isabout transformingthe lives of people,not just transformingeconomies
  6. 6. Consistencyrequires you to beas ignorant todayas you were a yearago
  7. 7. Feedback is the breakfast ofchampions
  8. 8. Practice is the hardest part oflearning, and training is the essenceof transformation
  9. 9. The essence of training is toallow error withoutconsequence
  10. 10. If you want to teach people a new way ofthinking, dont bother trying to teach themInstead, givethem a tool,the use ofwhich willlead to newways ofthinking
  11. 11. In learningyou will teach,and inteaching youwill learn
  12. 12. The mediocreteacher tells.The goodteacherexplains. Thesuperiorteacherdemonstrates.The greatteacher inspires
  13. 13. You cannot teach aman anything, you canonly help him find itwithin himself
  14. 14. True teachers arethose who usethemselves asbridges over whichthey invite theirstudents to cross;then, havingfacilitated theircrossing, joyfullycollapse,encouragingthem tocreatetheir own
  15. 15. We never know which lives weinfluence, or when, or why
  16. 16. We cannot hold a torch tolight anothers path withoutbrightening our own
  17. 17. Im not a teacher: only afellow traveller of whom youasked the way. I pointedahead - ahead of myself aswell as you
  18. 18. Share your knowledge.It is a way to achieveimmortality
  19. 19. Teachers havethree loves:love of learning,love of learners,and the love ofbringing the firsttwo lovestogether
  20. 20. But the purpose of a story is to teach and toplease at once, and what it teaches is howto recognize the snares of the world
  21. 21. The bestway tolearn isto do;theworstway toteach isto talk
  22. 22. The more that youread, the morethings you will know.The more that youlearn, the moreplaces youll go
  23. 23. Live as if you were to dietomorrow. Learn as if you wereto live forever
  24. 24. Any fool can knowThe point is to understand
  25. 25. Tell me and I forget, teach meand I may remember, involve meand I learn
  26. 26. Education is thekindling of a flame, notthe filling of a vessel
  27. 27. Leadership andlearning areindispensableto each other
  28. 28. Wisdom is not a product ofschooling but of the lifelongattempt to acquire it
  29. 29. A man, thoughwise, should neverbe ashamed oflearning more,and must unbendhis mind
  30. 30. learn and not to do is really notto learn. To know and not to do isreally not to know
  31. 31. There are three kindsof men. The onesthat learn by readin’.The few who learnby observation.The rest of themhave to pee on theelectric fence forthemselves
  32. 32. Alesandra