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A unique, talent management & development tool, providing objective, non-biased review of your human potential.

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  • New Pharma commercial engagement model (multi-disciplinary/cross-functional teams- sales/marketing/medical/finance)New customers -  hospital managers, PCTs, HIQA etcProtocol driven treatmentsHIQA and Health Technology AssessmentsNew paradigm is ‘effectiveness both economically and clinically”New USP is the ‘QUALY’ (quality adjusted life year)  Key issue is flux, change and uncertainty . Need for adaptability and creativity.It is now generally accepted that the organisational model in Healthcare companies need to change to meet new market conditionsComplexities arise from the fact there is no single “new model solution”Pharma companies are facing one if not three common issues that trigger a need for change1. Country environments are undergoing radical changes2. Major changes in market access & potential changes from predominanlty selling in primary care to selling in specialist marketsA need to change the companies cost base to maintain profitabilitynot all these issues are relevant to the generics business eg HIQA and HTA’s. What is important to generics is;Proposed introduction of reference pricing and co-payments. This means that the focus will need to be more on  value proposition aimed at customers, rather than traditional wheeling and dealing with distributors and pharmacistsAlso quality of product and continuity of supply is becoming more and more of an issue for generics.  
  • What can you control?What can you influence?How can you be better prepared?
  • While your new business model might not be clear now, your human talent can be prepared for the change coming.The Talent Gym is a business tool that takes a snapshot of the potential of your people Aligns your People with the Companies business requirements
  • An objective and independent review of your peopleIt is evidence based, utilising a proven structured programme of Group exercises with structured interviews to assess the capabilities, strengths and weakenesses of your people.
  • Identify the key components required for the new environment2. Assesss your people and benchmark them against these new components – “The Talent Gym”3.Identify the gaps, develop the training and have your people ready for change4. Aligning your People with the Companies business requirements
  • Talent Gym

    1. 1. Fitness for the Future<br />
    2. 2. Current Pressures on Business<br /><ul><li>Value Propositions
    3. 3. Pricing
    4. 4. Product Quality
    5. 5. Continuity of Supply
    6. 6. New types of customers
    7. 7. Changing needs, demands and expectations
    8. 8. Mergers & Acquisitions
    9. 9. Organisational Structure
    10. 10. Capabilities, Processes & Systems
    11. 11. Resources & Investment
    12. 12. Reducing stress at work
    13. 13. Legislation
    14. 14. Sales Cycle
    15. 15. Access to Market
    16. 16. Access to Finance</li></li></ul><li>What Can You Do?<br />What can you control?<br />What can you influence?<br />How can you be better<br /> prepared?<br />
    17. 17. What can be Done Now?<br />A unique, talent management & development tool, providing objective, non-biased review of your human potential.<br />
    18. 18. What is <br />?<br />Objective Review<br />Evidence Based <br />Proven Structured Programme<br />Emotional Intelligence<br />Group Exercises<br />Skilled Assessors/Observers<br />
    19. 19.
    20. 20. Keys for Successful Change<br />
    21. 21. Key to Future Organisational Success<br />Key to Future Organisational Success<br />Measures <br />Talent Pool <br />Enables <br />Management Align <br />Training to Business Objectives <br />Results <br />Individuals Capabilities & <br />Competencies match<br />Current & future <br />Business Needs<br />Helps<br />Maximise<br />Training & Development<br />Budgets<br />
    22. 22. Applications<br /><ul><li>Talent Management
    23. 23. Recruitment & Selection
    24. 24. Succession Planning tool
    25. 25. Industry Consolidation M&A
    26. 26. Personal Development tool
    27. 27. Preparation for change</li></li></ul><li>Benefits <br /><ul><li> Identification of fast trackpotential
    28. 28. Greater employee engagement
    29. 29. Increase productivity and performance
    30. 30. Greater retention of staff
    31. 31. Right people in the right roles
    32. 32. ROI for Training spend
    33. 33. Aligns peoples capabilities to those of the organisation</li></li></ul><li>What is your No.1 Priority?<br /><ul><li>Identification of fast track potential
    34. 34. Identification of management and leadershippotential
    35. 35. Greater employee engagement
    36. 36. Increase productivity and performance
    37. 37. Greater retention of staff
    38. 38. Structured Focus Training spend
    39. 39. Personal development tool
    40. 40. Careerpath decisions
    41. 41. Identification of strengths &weaknesses
    42. 42. Succession Planning tool
    43. 43. Identification of skills for possible use in other parts of the organisation and elsewhere</li></li></ul><li>
    44. 44. Team<br />Cathryn Brady<br />M.Sc., Dip.Mgmt., Dip. Life & Business Coaching <br />Qualified Coach and Trainer<br />Science background (Pharmacology)<br />Over 15 years experience Pharmaceuticals/Healthcare<br />Sales/Marketing/Communications/General Management/Director<br />Focus areas include<br />- Executive coaching<br />- Career Coaching, <br />- Outplacement <br />- Psychometric testing<br />- Emotional Intelligence Assessment and Development <br />Client list includes Bristol-Myers Squibb, Intel, Bank of Ireland, Accenture, DBM Global Outplacement.<br />Alan Jordan<br />M.Sc., HRM & Training<br />CEO, Operations, Sales, Security, HR background <br />Over 20 years experience Sales/Marketing/Communications/GM/Director/Consultant<br />Quality ISO 9000 auditor<br />Focus areas include<br />- Change Management specilaist<br />-Operations<br />-Sales & Business Development<br />-People &Process improvement -<br />Client list includes Roche, Bewleys Group, Evode Ireland, McCann Erricson<br />
    45. 45. Team<br />Pat O’Loughlin<br />Bachelor of Business Studies Trinity College<br /> <br />Managing Partner OLP Life Sciences ( Est. 1990)<br />Director of Life Sciences Irish Exporters Association<br />25 Years Executive Search & Selection Consultant<br />Specialised in Healthcare & Life Science Sector<br />Pan European Search Expertise<br />Established Regulatory Training Division 2003<br />Focused areas :<br />Talent Acquisition<br />Business Development<br />Service Product Innovation<br />Career Advisory Expert<br />Pharmaceutical Supply Chain <br />Clients include all major Life Science Companies<br />Eric Furey<br />B.Sc. Biochemistry MRSC B.Sc. Psychology<br /> <br />Training Partner – OLP Life Sciences<br />20 years Commercial and Industrial Experience in the Pharmaceutical Sector:<br />Scientist<br />Quality Manager<br />Production Manager<br />Human Resources Manager<br />15 Years Independent Training Consultant & Interim Manager to leading Healthcare Institutions & Pharmaceutical Companies<br />GE Healthcare - Elan plc - Irish Blood Transfusion Board - Wyeth Biopharmaceuticals – Schering Plough etc…<br />Expert in Training Product Innovation – Design -Delivery <br />