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Daniel Davidson CV, 05-27-2016

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Daniel Davidson CV, 05-27-2016

  1. 1. Dr. Daniel Davidson CV & List of Skills 1 Cultivating Ties with Leaders, Boards, Executives, Customers, Regulators, Employees, & Community D. SHANE S. DAVIDSON PROGRESSIVE C-LEVEL EXECTUTIVE WITH EXPERTISE IN BUSINESS OPTIMIZATION & LEADERSHIP Implementing the Strategy & Operational Performance That Deliver the Metrics of Exceptional Business Growth
  2. 2. Dr. Daniel Davidson CV & List of Skills 2  PURPOSEFULL BUSINESS ENGINEER with decades of experience in building and growing highly profitable businesses.  Meticulous P&L expert closely working with CFO to reduce over-time by 80%, reduce overhead by 20% and manage capital improvements of $550,000.00 per location for expansion purposes.  Strategic business leader recognized for sweeping improvements to efficiency, product development increasing gross revenues by 400% and improving marketing from ROI of 1:4 to 1:12, reducing expenses by 30% with $10M revenue growth in three years. Committed to returning at least 10 folds on personal annual expense.  Trusted Board advisor conceptualizing creative growth strategies and creating revenue opportunities by leveraging competitive advantages and organizational strengths utilizing the objective business metrics, P&L and Dash Board indicators.  Impeccable collaborator working closely with the CFO/COO/the BOD, with immense skills in attracting & recruiting top professional talent in order to peak business performance and optimize profitability.  Increaser of share-holder value with extraordinary ability to increase revenues and increase profitability while developing a solid brand identity in the market place.  Minimizer of liability exposure from workers compensation to business liability and employer liability through careful analysis of risks coupled with identification and implementation of solutions that reduce these risks in an efficient, effective manner.  Human-Asset Engineer with keen skill and decades of experience in recruiting highly competent team- members. “A gifted leader of people…Dr. Davidson always faced any situation, no matter how difficult, with openness, honesty & integrity.” __ Attorney K. Drake, Thermofischer Scientific “Dr. Davidson is in one word a visionary. He has a great mind to devise business strategies that will help the organization to navigate through its various growth processes.” ___ George Schwartz, CEO Esquire, LLC “Shane took the reins of our organization to drive much needed change.” Jennifer Sheibani, CEO, Advanced Healthcare Practice “I have long noted Dr. Davidson’s ability to lead by example and with passion…an individual of great integrity and commitment to community and his clients.” Shahriar Rad, DC, “Dr. Davidson has an open style that creates productivity, yet requires accountability at every level.” __ Dr. Zandi, CEO Good Neighbor Clinics
  3. 3. Dr. Daniel Davidson CV & List of Skills 3 W O R K H I S T O R Y E X P E R I E N C E CEO/COO/CAO | E X PERT P R OFESSIONAL E XECUTIVES & C O N SUL TANTS 08-2012 to Present Fulfilled the leadership role of this management & recruitment consulting firm which: Provided leadership, coaching and feedback to business leaders Provided administrative, management & business leadership support to multitude of clients of the company Recruited various experts and professional executives and consultants to serve the needs of our clients (Physicians, Lawyers, Scientists, Administrators, Nurse Practitioners, Executives, etc.) Helped enhance the business of our clients while providing the clients with the expertise they required for their existence and growth Provided leadership, management and support to the staff of American Elite Global, LLC Marketed the business and expanded the business by 400% Navigated the business growth and expansion utilizing the P&L and other various indicators Selected Achievements:  Established multitude of urgent care clinics & multi-specialty center business operations AREAS OF EXPERTISE 0 2 4 6 Increased Revenues Improve Marketing ROI Reduce Expenses/P&L Mgt. Brand Optimization/ Public Relations Business Growth Expertise
  4. 4. Dr. Daniel Davidson CV & List of Skills 4 from the ground up  Established marketing plan  Facility location identification and take-over negotiation  Contract development and negotiations of terms with all parties  Purchase and financing funding management  Practice Brand name identification (Good Neighbor®) and branding procedure design & implementation  Recruited the management team  Developed a solid referral source of business  MediCare, MediCAL Accreditation for the physicians  IPA/HMO Accreditation and Contract negotiations  Los Angeles County Mental Health, Addiction Medicine & Pain Management Program Design  Personal Injury Program Development & Marketing  Worker’s Compensation Program Development & Marketing  HMO Site Review preparation and successful completion  P&L development & turn around implementation  Procedure & Protocol development and operations automation Short List of Sample Clients:  Good Neighbor Clinics;  One Lambda;  Thermofisher Scientific;  LAX Airport Urgent Care;  Alan Sims Business Consulting;  System451;  Dr. Sharona Drake, QME;  Manchester Healthcare Group;  Ultimate Management, and Collections;  Mahin Zandi, MD;  Forensic Case Management;  Esquire, LLC;  Geoff Berkin JD;  Paralegal Services;  Attorney Nsahlai;
  5. 5. Dr. Daniel Davidson CV & List of Skills 5  Attorney Kambiz Drake;  Dr. Jason Nikzad;  Auto-Mechanic;  Mike Antenucci Love & Memmories;  Arlan Berglas Real Estate Development;  Law Offices of Attorney Andre Khansari;  Law Offices of Attorney George Schwartz;  The Medical Offices of Dr. Roya Hassad CEO | A m e rican E lite E n terpr ises 08-2008 to 08-2012 Business Management Consultation Firm Selected Achievements:  ASC establishment from the ground up from construction to accreditation to staffing and business development  Improved the business operations to the state of automation.  Practice Brand name identification (New Me®) and branding procedure design & implementation  Grew the gross revenues of the company by 500%  Recruited and trained the executive team  Developed Skin care products starting from scratch  Negotiated discounts with vendors  Established an in-house finance company  Reduced overtime usage by 80%ƒ  Managed capital improvement projects in excess of $550,000. COO | A d v a nced P r actice M a nagement 01-2000 to 08-2008 Professional Healthcare Practice Management Firm Selected Achievements:  Multi-Specialty Surgical Center management & development  Grew annual gross revenues from $360,000 to almost $15 MM  Developed marketing with ROI average of 8/1  Grew the business to be one of the prominent businesses in the Beverly Hills region
  6. 6. Dr. Daniel Davidson CV & List of Skills 6  Recruited executives, professionals and full staff as the company grew  Managed capital improvement projects for build-out & renovations in excess of $650,000 per location  Developed internet presence and grew this presence so that it became one of the leading sources of leads for the business VP Operations & Business Development | I n te rnational H e alth I n st. 07-1996 to 01-2000 Multi-Specialty Medical Clinic Selected Achievements:  Multi-Specialty Medical Center & Urgent Care Development  Grew revenues by 45% and reduced overhead by 20% overall, increasing profitability in an unprecedented manner for the company  Grew customer base through strategic alliance and marketing by 70%  Increased established customer visits by 30%  Applied for all IPA’s and accredited the facilities as well as the medical staff with the HMOs while negotiating the best contract rates  Reorganized administration, account receivable and account payable departments and their systems, procedures and protocols  Implemented automation and established business operations manual  Reduced overtime usage to save staffing dollars  Recruited and trained sales staff  Established purchasing relations and discounts with vendors who served the company to save an average of 18% on purchases  Worked hand in hand with the management and medical staff in enhancing & managing all the daily operations & business development  Prepared television advertising segments as the company’s broadcast manager and participated as the television host in introducing the services of the business  Recruited paying clients for the television advertising to reduce the cost of the television advertising to subject business  Recruited & scheduling the talent for the advertisements  Added & Established an international magazine for marketing purposes
  7. 7. Dr. Daniel Davidson CV & List of Skills 7 Able to lead businesses in any stage of their existence:  Start-up Entrepreneurial Ventures  Turnaround Businesses  High-Growth Organizations E D U C A T I O N H i gh S c hool D iploma, C a noga P a r k, C a lifor nia Graduated 07-1986 with 3.7 GPA L o s A n geles P ie rce, V a lley a nd S a nta M onica C o lleges, L os A n ge les 07-1986 to 07-1988 Associate of Art Degree, Science & General Studies (AA)- 4.0 Dean’s List GPA- Top 2% R o s s U n iver sity S c hool o f M e dicine 07-1988 to 07-1993 Bachelorate of Science (BSc.) in Healthcare Doctorate of Medicine (MD) Specializations: 1) American Board of Cosmetic Surgery
  8. 8. Dr. Daniel Davidson CV & List of Skills 8 2) American Board of Laser Surgery 3) American Board of Urgent Care 4) American Board of General Medicine & Surgery 5) American Board of Anti-Aging Medicine C l a yton S c hool o f N atur al M e dicine 07-1991 to 07-1993 Doctorate of Natural Medicine (ND) U n i versity o f C a lifor nia, I r vine 07-2002 to 07-2004 Masters of Business Administration (MBA) C o m bination o f U C I r vine’s C h andler T r aining & G r e ndal U . 07-2004 to 07-2007 Advanced CEO Training plus Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) & Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Business Administration (PhD) W e st L os A n geles L aw S c hool & A b r aham L incoln S chool o f L aw, L o s A n geles, C A 07-2010 to 07-2012 (Currently on Leave of Absence) In pursuit of Juris Doctorate Degree (JD) H O B B I E S : Martial Arts (Traditional Karate); Personal Growth & Development Books, CDs and Seminars (reading an average of two books per month via Audible); Self-Help Quotes; Writing (Authored and published 7 self-help small books—working on more); Life & Business Mastery Coaching (I have founded a Self-Help Group on with almost 10,000 members called TRANSFORMATION); exercise with weights/gym; outdoors activities, nature; motorcycles (own two classic motorcycles a 2300 cc Triumph and a Harley-Davidson); Learning on a daily basis on of interest include but are not limited to history,
  9. 9. Dr. Daniel Davidson CV & List of Skills 9 sociology, self-help, business principles, leadership, politics, religion, technical skills); Music (20’s to 60’s, Classics, Soft Rock, Elevator music); Shows; Movies R E F E R E N C E S Excellent references are available upon request. G E N E R A L B U S I N E S S L E A D E R S H I P S K I L L S
  10. 10. Dr. Daniel Davidson CV & List of Skills 10  Able to quickly adapt to a rapidly changing business environment to remain in control of constantly evolving work environment and job requirements to maintain excellence of personal performance  Soliciting advice and guidance, when appropriate, from the Board of Directors and the other leading executives in the leadership team as well as creating strategic alliance with the extra-organizational leaders in the field  Formulating and implementing the strategic plan that guides the direction of the business or organization.  Strategize with the leadership of the organization to determine the short term (one year), medium term (five year) and long term (ten years or more) future of the organization.  Creating, communicating, and implementing the organization's vision, mission, and overall direction. Leading the development and implementation of the overall organization's strategy.  Overseeing the complete operation of an organization in accordance with the direction established in the strategic plans.  Identifying the identity of the organization and what the external world would know the organization as.  Brand establishment and growth with a clear strategy within a specific market position to grow market share  Identify and capitalize on new growth opportunities through market analysis, product / brand development expertise, and keen business instincts.  Develop and implement strategies that increase product awareness, market share and profitability.  Leading, guiding, directing, and evaluating the work of other executive leaders including presidents, vice presidents, and directors, depending on the organization's reporting structure.  Lead cross-functional teams that collaborate as a focused unit to achieve aggressive business goals and drive the evolution of concepts into achievable business strategies.  Effectively manage service & manufacturing processes with close attention to budgets, timeframes, quality, and product specifications.
  11. 11. Dr. Daniel Davidson CV & List of Skills 11  Expert in building productive sourcing relationships across North America, South America and Asia.  Evaluating the success of the organization and objectively looking at the opportunities for improvement in various aspects of the entity by breaking it down to specific contributory factors  Maintaining constant vigilance and awareness of both the external and internal competitive landscape, opportunities for expansion, customers, markets, new industry developments and standards, and so forth.  Representing the organization at civic, professional associations and various events or activities in the local community where media are present, as well as at the state, and at the national level.  Demonstrating the leadership necessary to make the organization's mission a success. This leadership includes providing leadership vision, leadership that attracts followers, and all other aspects of successful leadership. HEALTHCARE ADMINISTRATION & LEADERSHIP SKILLS  Over twenty years of basic science education in medicine & surgery with the completion of medical school, two years of surgical residency training, 6 years of primary care practice & 8 years of hospitalist physician experience in addition to emergency room practice as well as three years of cosmetic plastic surgery fellowship with seventeen additional years of cosmetic surgery practice as the lead surgeon in Beverly Hills  Proficient in team building, leading medical groups of various sizes, recruiting medical professionals and aligning the goals of the team, resolving inter-personalissues, identifying and managing organizational needs  Designing the outpatient clinics’ procedure & protocols, address staffing issues and liability reduction issues along with optimizing patient satisfaction
  12. 12. Dr. Daniel Davidson CV & List of Skills 12  Expertise to improve efficiency of health care facilities and the quality of the care provided to patients while preventing and addressing patient dissatisfaction issues  Ambulatory surgical center design lay-out, build-out and accreditation, managing staffing, bylaws, scheduling, developing procedure and protocols while optimizing patient satisfaction  Prepared to deal with the integration of health care delivery systems, technological innovations, the increasingly complex regulatory environment, while assuring an increased focus on preventive care.  Proficient in handling daily operations and daily decisions to direct activities in all clinical areas such as nursing, surgery, therapy, medical records, or health information as well as non-clinical areas wherein he could manage personnel, finances, facility operations, and admissions.  Can implement and assure the appropriate functioning of electronic patient records and assure that these records be secure and ensure that databases are complete, accurate, and available only to authorized personnel.  Oversee personnelmatters, billing and collection, budgeting, planning, equipment outlays, and patient flow.  Implement community outreach and preventive care programs to enhance the growth of the business and the brand recognition in the immediate community served by the organization  Expand the organization by creating functional and efficient satellite locations and travel to attend meetings or inspect satellite facilities.  Responsibility for managing other Physicians, physician assistants and nurse practitioners, medical care personnel, and/or other professional staff. The employee works within  Exercise considerable independent judgment in the planning, developing, implementing, and administrating of health care programs.  Possess knowledge of the policies, procedures, and regulations of various medical services, and supervisory techniques, personnel policies, and procedures.
  13. 13. Dr. Daniel Davidson CV & List of Skills 13  Selects and assigns staff, ensuring equal employment opportunity in hiring and promotion.  Coordinates activities by scheduling work assignments, setting priorities, and directing the work of subordinate employees.  Evaluates and verifies employee performance through the review of completed work assignments and work techniques.  Identifies staff development and training needs and ensures that training is obtained.  Ensures proper labor relations and conditions of employment are maintained.  Maintains records, prepares reports, and composes correspondence relative to the work.  Monitors, directs, and participates in the work unit’s practices, as performed by subordinate employees.  Reviews and interprets goals and objectives of the work area in order to resolve problems, make recommendations for changes in instructions and/or guidelines, and assure the adequacy of work products.  Serves as a working supervisor of a total medical care program or division.  Supervises the medical services provided for residents in the medical care program such as medicine, nursing, paramedical support services and medical consultations.  Examines patients using all types of medical knowledge, equipment, instruments, and tests following standard medical procedures.  Prepares and supervises the preparation by staff of resident care histories.  Performs physical examinations, medical consultations, and professional medical services for program/division residents.  Participates in the development of new policies involving clinical me thods and practices.  Provides consultation and technical assistance to staff members in program related areas.
  14. 14. Dr. Daniel Davidson CV & List of Skills 14  Studies and analyzes legislation, statutes, and regulations that affect the medical components of the plans and policies of the program.  Meets with department heads to discuss programs, problems, and solutions related to residents, staff, equipment, and coordination of support.  Directs specialized evaluative and treatment services such as x-ray, clinical laboratory, physical therapy, audio-visual, dental, and pharmacy services  Serves on an interdisciplinary team to provide medical input.  Develops effective working relationships with professional groups in the community being served by the facility.  Approves requests for purchase of necessary drugs, medical supplies, laboratory equipment, and medical support equipment.  Represents the department in dealings with the executive and legislative branches of state government, federal, local health agencies, and professional voluntary health organizations.  Develops procedures for meeting the requirements of program responsibilities; formulates and maintains standards for quality of services; evaluates the scope, availability, accessibility, and acceptability of services.  Knowledge of labor relations.  Knowledge of training and supervisory techniques.  Knowledge of employment policies and practices.  Knowledge of equal employment opportunity policies and procedures.  Knowledge of federal, state, and departmental laws, rules, practices, methods, and procedures related to the work.  Knowledge of the current developments in the field of medicine.  Knowledge of administrative methods and procedures.  Knowledge of the organization and administration of state and local health agencies.  Knowledge of the biological and epidemiological aspects of the developmentally disabled.
  15. 15. Dr. Daniel Davidson CV & List of Skills 15  Knowledge of principles and practices of public health medicine.  Knowledge of the programs of professional and voluntary health organizations.  Ability to assume responsibility for a treatment program in a state facility.  Ability to direct professional and non-professional medical, nursing, and support staff in the delivery of medical program care.  Ability to obtain medical histories, perform physical examinations, and formulate diagnoses and clinical management plans.  Ability to coordinate residentialtreatment programs.  Ability to maintain a favorable working relationship with a variety of professional and voluntary groups.  Establishes work procedures and standards to improve efficiency and effectiveness in the organization.  Supervises medical, nursing and clerical staff to ensure quality patient care.  Relies on his own extensive experience and judgment to plan and accomplish goals.  Manages the daily operations of the organization by creating and implementing policies and procedures.  Directs operation of the organization and supervise all staff.  Develop organizational strategic plans and objectives based upon identified needs of patients.


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