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Hr policies at coca cola

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Hr policies at coca cola

  2. 2. •Coca-Cola was founded in May 1886 by Dr. John Pemberton. •Coca-Cola was first sold to the public in Atlanta at Jacob’s Pharmacy. •Only 9 servings of the soft drink were sold each day. COCA COLA
  3. 3. •Special training is given to employees, New employees also are placed with old ones to learn work and the values prevalent in the company. •Two cups tea are free for every employee daily this represents the hospitable nature of the company, This factor keeps the employees motivated as they are taken well care this fact is clear by the physical actions took by the company. •The company working environment is really a good blend of Asian and western values. COMPANY CULTURE
  5. 5. •Coca-cola is providing smart wages to its employees , which are competitive and really satisfactory .With wages lot of facilities and amenities are provided according to the policy. • Structure of wages can be described as: • Blue collar workers are offered wages along with commission salesman are offered wages plus commission pursuing certain criteria. • White collar workers who are the officers and the executives draw a handsome amount salary with incentives. WAGES
  6. 6. • All over the world they are involved in innovative programs that give hard-working, knowledge- hungry students books, supplies, places to study and scholarships.. Staffing and training
  7. 7. Coca-cola international has different leaves structures in different regions and countries of the world where they have their company Annual Leaves Designation Allowed leaves supervisor 26 leaves per annum Above than supervisor 26 leaves per annum Below supervisor 24 leaves per annum
  8. 8. TIME MANAGEMENT • 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. (all departments other then technical departments), •4 p.m. to 12 p.m. (Technical department) •
  9. 9. • Treatments are provided to employees as per their designations. • The medical facilities are also provided to supervisors as well as the officers in the Company. MEDICAL FACILITES
  10. 10. Creating a system of mentoring programs that include, One-on-one mentoring Group mentoring Mentoring self-study tools. MENTORING PROGRAMS
  11. 11. • Coca-Cola North America and The Minute Maid Company have one-on-one mentoring programs designed to foster professional growth and development. • These programs promote trusting relationships for networking, coaching, career counseling and life lessons.
  12. 12. Job description and job analysis in which they get the information about Employees work activities Human behavior Performance standard Job context Human requirements Job analysis and designinG
  13. 13. • Coca cola HR department involves in company strategic planning and they also make sufficient planning for hiring new employees in the future. • They forecast for the expected employees needs in the organization. They forecast of employees on the change technology and increasing in productivity. Planning and Forecasting
  14. 14. • First of all HR Department give ads in news papers, company website, institutions etc. Then application form, from candidates with required documents and CV is asked for and then analyzed. • Recruitment is both-Internal recruitment External recruitment Recruitment process at coca cola.
  15. 15. • After recruiting the fresh employee ,they are trained for three months and also pay them salaries after three months they become part of a firm. • Coca Cola also give training to existing employee depending upon the condition for example if new technology is introduced first of all ,full training is given about new technology then they are allowed to start their new job. TRAINING POLICIES OF COCA COLA
  16. 16. Coca cola performance appraisal is on the annual basis. Hr manger says “we appraise our employee on their performance. Performance appraisal
  17. 17. •Basic salary •Bonus •Medical facility •Gratuity fund •Social security COMPENSTION BENEFITS
  18. 18. • Open door policies is the best policy for the employees EMPLOYEE RELATIONSHIP
  19. 19. • Protect the employees and ensure public safety extending throughout the organization. • Integrated approach of innovation for the safety of employees at all operation levels. • Establish mechanisms to communicate effectively with the employee’s consumers and government on the safety performance SAFETY POLICY
  20. 20. THANK YOU
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